100 Funny Abs Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Explore the funniest abs puns and jokes to tickle your funny bone! Laugh your way to great abs with hilarious humor.

Welcome to ‘Abs Puns,’ an entertaining collection where humor and fitness intersect. Featuring hilarious Abs Jokes that are sure to tickle your funny bone while inspiring fitness goals on your fitness journey, our carefully curated one-liners combine both comedy and inspiration for fitness fans looking for laughs – from comical six-pack snapshots to absurd ab-stounder punchlines; each pun is designed to amuse and motivate.

Sparking with originality, our hilarious Abs lines add an entertaining spark to the serious world of fitness. Whether you’re seeking lighthearted motivation for weight training or exploring new territories of humor through puns – our Abs puns serve up plenty of giggles and body laughs to make every workout experience funnier than before!

So enter this intriguing realm of quirky humor and explore the lighter side of ab workouts and fitness regimes, whilst discovering laughter as part of shaping those Abs. Remember: the more you laugh, the harder your abs are worked. These puns will keep your spirits high while simultaneously improving fitness – never has fitness been so fun before thanks to such hilarious Abs jokes – read, laugh and repeat for maximum fun and fitness results! Fitness never looked this entertaining before now – have some fun now while working your abs!

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Funny Abs Puns

Abs Puns
  • At first I thought that hanging around at the pull-up bar, relaxing for abdominal exercises, was all there was to it – until it finally dawned on me that this time it really was time for exercises!
  • Exercise-loving cats bring us great pleasure – their enthusiasm makes their promises about purrfection unbreakable!
  • What exercise routine do astronauts practice regularly? Ab-duction!
  • Fitness enthusiasts typically offer this advice: “Ab-shoo!”
  • My house no longer contains mirrors as I find seeing myself too confrontingly present in them.
  • Why was there a scalloped potato at the gym? To help reduce those stubborn spud-abs!
  • “My colleagues refer to my abs as “the library”. Everyone encourages me to book an ab workout!”
  • Are You Seeking Kettlebell Abs? Start Moving Today
  • Why do the elderly attend gym classes? For an ab workout!
  • Carrying an excuses burden is much heavier than transporting six packs.
  • My abs are tight with fat. Their muscles have hardened into rock.
  • What materials comprise tree-abs? Tree-abs are typically constructed out of lumber or bark scrapings.
  • What connects my abs and mystery novels? They both can create intense suspense!
  • My drill sergeant asked for 50 shades of abs, so when my stomach started growling I pointed at myself and said: ‘Here they are! These are your 50 hues of abs!!
  • My abs are like exam results: best kept hidden beneath a carpet or out of sight.
  • How could one identify someone capable of singing with abs? Abs-C Major.
  • Does spiders possess superior abdominals? Only when counting web crunches.
  • What fitness equipment would a pirate prefer? An ab-rrr machine!
  • My relationship with my abdominal muscles is fantastic – we are flab-friends!
  • Have you heard about Sh-abby Chic Style? That is when my abs and wardrobe became one.
  • My abs and I have entered an informal six-pack pact; they have fulfilled their part while I continue working to build one.
  • Since beginning training my abs, every workout has been an uphill struggle; when they don’t show, time seems to stand still!
  • My abs would look truly incredible were they visible.
  • Why did the book take on an appearance of bodybuilding? Because they desired an elegant hardcover with strong abdominals.
  • Are light-abs a reality? Only if they shine through flab!
  • My abs are like puffy clouds – they melt away whenever I eat pizza for lunch!
  • Are sprints beneficial to my abdominals? Absolutely, as they will greatly strengthen them.
  • Why can musicians boast some of the greatest abs? Thanks to their record breaking crunches!
  • Santa is famously infamous for flaunting his abs, although they remain hidden beneath a stack of cookies and milk!
  • How intriguing that two abs from a rock band joined together and now appear as protagonists on “Rolling Scones” covers!

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Funny Abs Puns And Jokes

  • Why was there a math book at the gym? For abdominal work!
  • Do medieval soldiers possess abs? Of course they do – that would be expected of any true knight! Their knightly crunches would testify to that.
  • My abs had become lost amongst a labyrinthine web of cheese cubes.
  • My abdominals recently embarked on an exciting roundtrip journey!
  • My abs are like static radio stations; all crunches with no music to keep my abs entertained!
  • My abdominals resemble my hairstyle: layer-by-layer if possible with flab overhang.
  • Pirates love ABS workouts! Pl-ABs may just become their go-to exercise choice!
  • Why do farmers typically possess strong abdominals? Their daily task of crop crunching has contributed immensely towards building them up.
  • Why can toaster be detrimental for my abs? Because it provides me with delicious muffins filled with ab-muffins throughout the day!
  • Are You Keen on Pizza Jokes? Don’t waste my time — that would just melt away my abs!
  • Thank you to the woman who created zero! Your invention provided me an early start toward building abs.
  • Abs are like votes of confidence: every nod or crunch signifies approval and affirmation.
  • Winebelly or abs? My decision was straightforward – wine!
  • My six-pack is personal; therefore its protection requires fat.
  • What do we call painted abs on walls? V-ab-paintings!
  • What could possibly it be?! Not even birds or planes…it is outright bizarre!
  • My abdominals have contracted, making exercising them challenging.
  • Gamers typically boast some of the strongest abs, due to all those critical moments during games that require strength in core muscles.
  • Why did the newspaper visit a gym? In search of new print-abs!
  • What types of exercises does the human skeleton prefer most? Bone-crushing abdominal exercises!
  • Keg is the new six-pack for those of us who prefer beer over abs!
  • My abs history can be summarized with one word – Flat history.
  • My protein shake brings all six-packs into my yard!
  • How does a tortoise get rock-hard abs? Through slow and consistent crunches.
  • People seem surprised when I mention my dog has abs, yet most likely haven’t heard of bark-packs!
  • People at his gym told him laughing wouldn’t help him achieve abs; well he must have laughed his way there! I guess they had it wrong!
  • My abs resemble that of our government: promising progress yet failing in practice.
  • Believe me when I say working out your abs is no simple task.
  • As soon as I was informed that abs are formed in a kitchen, my response was, “Well no!”
  • One key to developing successful abdominals: do not succumb to temptation by indulging in sweet treats.

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Funny Abs Puns And One-Liners

  • How can bright people attain abs? By cutting with acute angles.
  • My abs are like politicians – adept at hiding behind massive promises made at rallies or during election season.
  • Why won’t beers reveal my abs? Out of fear that they could get drunk-shamed.
  • Your abs have requested I convey their distress.
  • Sir Chubs was my pet name for my Abs. It sounds regal doesn’t it?
  • My belly button became known to me as my homebutton; an outlet to direct all ABS-sent messages directly.
  • If your abdominals were an athletic track, they’d surely be running laps on it!
  • My abs are likely saying something along these lines if they could speak: We’ve been living underground too long!
  • Your abs and jelly should never share a sandwich!
  • My abs project will be funded on KickStarcher.
  • What do buff chefs tell their pastries when serving up pastries? “Let’s knead abs!”
  • Abs? More like Crab-crushers as I often feel shocked!
  • Why did the kangaroo begin exercising his or her abdominals? With an aim of developing an impressive six pack!
  • “Whenever I try to locate my abs, they play hide-and-seek with me!
  • How does a donut lose its jelly belly? By being immersed in deep fryer oil.
  • What do you call an absolutely healthy dinosaur? An Absolutoutesaurus!
  • Why did the ghost visit a gym? For intense ab-inspirational workouts.
  • Why can’t snowmen flaunt their abs? Usually it causes chaos!
  • Be cautious before trusting any merman; their attention lies exclusively on their scales and must remain on them alone.
  • My abdominal workouts are much like my budgets – filled with crunches!
  • Does that include baby oil as well? No way! Olive and coconut oils come from their respective fruits; neither would qualify as ingredients in baby lotion formulation!
  • Yes. Mummies train their bodies while living within tomb-bellies to achieve abs.
  • At this barbecue I completely lost my patience – devouring all those ab-burgers!
  • Make lemonade out of life’s lemons; just don’t expect your stomach muscles to improve!
  • What would a vampire recommend as exercise for their abs? Coffin up!
  • My abs are at home but they remain under house arrest!
  • My abs are no longer hidden beneath their tightly curled bra, now proudly showing in their six-pack form.
  • Where would dapper abs eat lunch? Among members from the upper class!
  • My abs are like an empty bakery: all they produce are lumps!
  • Abs are key when playing role-playing games – all those dumb-bellers really help!
  • Why did bread visit the gym? In search of an impressive breader ab!
  • Refrigerator storage of my six-pack is absolutely crucial during abdominal exercises.
  • I tried using bread as part of my fitness regime, and now it has given me loaf-abs!
  • What connect fitness enthusiasts and rice alike? Workouts that sculpt abs!
  • Why are hippos so bad at doing crunches? Because their abs are full of “hippocriticalness.”
  • If an absence certificate needs to be issued for one or more of your employees, don’t delay! Create one now!
  • Lesson from my abs: it is essential for your workouts to include variety.
  • Why don’t muscular cars ever get lost? Because they use an ab-atnav for navigation.
  • My abs are almost unnoticeable now – they seem adept at performing all their duties while I sleep!
  • Why didn’t Rainbow do well at the gym? Because she lacked spectrum-abs.

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