100 Funny Arms Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

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Welcome to the world of arms puns! Laughter and fun come alive here as arms puns showcase what kind of humor our arms can spark! Arms may seem mundane or overlooked at first, but have you considered all their potential sources of humor? Whether looking for body part-focused humor or to amuse friends and coworkers by cracking puns involving arms, our collection of arm jokes would surely do the trick!

Our collection of arms one-liners and funny arm lines is a delightfully humorous way to embrace body humor’s oddly charming side. When it comes to puns, arms often take center stage – and so arm jokes become irresistibly hilarious! When looking to lighten someone’s mood or provide lighthearted entertainment for others, an arm joke could do just the trick!

Here, we present an assortment of hilarious arm puns ranging from subtly clever to outright funny-all related to arms! Never before were arms such a source of mirthful comedy! So curl up, stretch those humorous muscles, and prepare to laugh out loud as we immerse you into an arms-pun-filled laughter gym–an unforgettable laughter workout experience that packs quite the punchline (punpunpun?).

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Funny Arms Puns

  • Arms is known to always be around, creating an inviting and social atmosphere for anyone to hangout in.
  • Are those arm sell-outs showing off in the gym showcasing themselves, struggling to put weight behind their status.
  • My arms were hired for an upcoming movie – however they requested stand-ins to perform heavy lifting scenes!
  • Clapping is simply high-fiving between arms.
  • Two arms walked into a bar searching for something substantial to lift.
  • My arm wrote a best-seller in the self-help genre!
  • My arms decided to open a restaurant featuring finger foods as their specialty!
  • Are your arms your movie genre of choice? Arm-action might just be it!
  • My arm insists on giving everyone one last high-five; it refuses to wave goodbye.
  • Wristle move: an arm’s favorite chess move
  • My arm has recently discovered yoga! It mastered extended side angle pose with ease and now enjoys showing it off – trust me; all this movement and flexibility-related action has been excitingly stimulating!
  • My arm laughed with delight upon feeling a tickle on its surface – now THAT was truly funny!
  • Your shoulders must carry weapons proudly!
  • Arms can help solve a Rubik’s Cube; after all, they come in handy!
  • Arms are so self-indulgent, always thinking about themselves.
  • My arms seem to always be having arguments with each other over their position! They constantly argue over which arm should go where!
  • Arms tend to make quite the impactful statement in any gym setting they visit, often creating spectacular scenes when creating havoc in there.
  • Arms-wielders make excellent lawyers. They know exactly how to present a strong argument against any case presented them.
  • Arms is an avid enthusiast for nature. He or she enjoys hugging trees… and dumbbells!
  • My weight-lifting journey has been amazing and satisfying so far.
  • Two arms met at a library. It was love at first sight!
  • Why was an arm the star of the party? Because it knew just how to move its muscles on the dance floor.
  • Arm-gebra! Arms have always loved math topics – this term refers to arm math.
  • My arms workout so often that they have become gym arms-ters!
  • Why do arms love circuses so much? All those amazing circus tricks! Juggling!
  • Arms never bend the rules to gain advantage. They refuse to force their way in through unlawful methods.
  • Why does an arm make such an effective motivator? Because it always keeps things in its grasp.
  • If your arms could fly, they would make great partners in flight.
  • An arm’s favorite workout song? “Eye of the T-iger curl.”
  • Friends who join my arms are true allies – not merely distant acquaintances!
  • My arms created their own workout regimen called arm-nastics!
  • Right and left arms agreed to compete and answered the summons to arms.
  • Discuss arm motives – mine just want to cuddle and lounge around!
  • What happens if arms hold a party? That would surely be one hell-of-an arm-raiser!
  • My arms wrote an amazing brace song! They call it, “Amazing Brace”.

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Funny Arms Puns And Jokes

  • Just met up with my arm’s ex at the gym; she told me my arm knew just how to make her feel secure in his grasp.
  • If your arms were running for office, they’d do it under the banner of “Enarmored with Progress”.
  • My arms hate debates; they can’t handle tension!
  • Un Olympic medal has long been the dream of every armlifter! When one finally snags one for themselves it feels incredible – an accomplishment worthy of celebration!
  • My arms have their very own band: It is called The Biceps-e Boys!
  • Meditation helps a body find inner peace – step by step.
  • What show do arms love most of all? Game of Throws!
  • Yoga arm-balancing requires balance, concentration and slightly bent matters.
  • My left arm always seems to be right behind me and so it doesn’t inspire confidence in me.
  • If arms had a favorite town in Indiana, it’d definitely be Elbow Room.
  • My arms can be deceivingly deceptive. They offer plenty of leeway for mischief-making!
  • Are arms in the army? Definitely! They belong there!
  • Arms is passionate about romantic novels. He and his sister always search for captivating narratives to read.
  • Life can be challenging — even for you and those closest to you.
  • Have a tattoo on your muscles! That is truly impressive inking work.
  • Why did my arm get put into timeout? Because it couldn’t stop misbehaving; it has an inherent attitude problem!
  • If arms had their own favorite song, they’d probably go for “Everyone’s Got A Hungry Heart,” while arms might prefer singing about how “Everybody Has An Appetite for Arms!”
  • Arms often make jokes! And sometimes their jokes turn into elbow-slappers!
  • My left arm attempted to overthrow me, but my right arm stood firm to fight against its efforts.
  • Before shaking hands with an arm wrestler, take extra caution not to become involved with their aggressive strategies.
  • If your arms were social media platforms, they’d be known as Arm-stagram.
  • Arms are such clowns. When something becomes difficult for them to manage, they pass it along.
  • My arms usually throw an informal gathering when they feel lonely.
  • Did you hear about the arm who received a promotion, becoming now known as shoulder?
  • Time to bring out the deodorant! No, your gym ain’t no gas chamber!
  • Look at me doing push-ups; call me the arm-bassador of fitness!
  • I found an arms lifting table at a furniture store – this certainly counts as some serious retail therapy!
  • After weightlifting, I inquired of my arm how it felt after weight lifting, to which it responded with “Humerus-ly”.
  • If your bicep were an artist, its name would be Hand-el.
  • Why was that arm at the bakery? Because it kneaded some dough!

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Funny Arms Puns And One-Liners

  • My arms visited a seafood eatery. Their muscles had come hungry.
  • Biographies written by women tend to be riveting stories.
  • If arms had their choice for college major, they’d likely go into Arm-thropology.
  • My arms have asked for an armistice.
  • Meet my right arm: my public relations manager. They know exactly how to take care of things!
  • Which film is an arm’s favorite? “Harry Pot-shoulder and the Prisoner of Azk-arm”.
  • My arms gave an answer for why they were exhausted: we hadn’t completed our workout routine!
  • My arms have gone on strike! They demand better working conditions and less push-ups!
  • Arms….always looking for support.
  • Arms are always there when needed and will offer assistance whenever required.
  • Arms love all seasons; be they winter chilling, spring flexing, autumn waving or even being left exposed during a warm summer night out on the town! Arms make an impressionful statement during any given year!
  • What kind of books would humerus muscles read at a library? Humerus books!
  • My arms have started throwing an epic bicep-fest as I lift!
  • Why are arms so effective at solving issues? Because they excel at handling situations.
  • Why don’t arms ever disappear? They always know where their own arms are!
  • Does Your Arms Play Basketball? They love shooting some elbow hoops!
  • Be careful if trying to wow your crush with a gym selfie! Your arms might get in the way and ruin any attempt at impressing!
  • My workouts usually consist of dumbbell puns.
  • My arms have never felt more sore after working out! They are literally unbearable!
  • Arms has its own talk show called, “Handle with Care”.
  • My arms enjoy writing poetry – they call it arm-ic pentameter!
  • Madonna is often mentioned when talking about arm-candle favorites; especially her performance of “Papa Don’t Preach-er curl.”
  • If an arm hosted a cooking show, it would likely be called Arm Chef: Wrist Mode.”
  • Have you heard about the arm that won an award? It received this distinction.
  • My arms never disappoint on exams – they excel at multiple-choice questions!
  • Rummy is one of the world’s favorite card games because it helps one cope with life.
  • My fitness instructor often told me that arms for weightlifting were like trees – they must branch out in order to grow.
  • Arms and legs started fighting; they couldn’t come to an arm-icable agreement.
  • When arms tire during an exercise session, their natural instinct is to take the path with the least wrist-distance.
  • Arm’s favorite superhero? Arm-in Man!
  • I tried my hardest at arm wrestling but ultimately failed miserably!
  • Though my intention may not be to show off, when I visit the gym I certainly take matters into my own hands.
  • Are You Spiritual and Say “Amen-d”.
  • I once knew an arm who became an instant supermodel due to its impressive body language.
  • Arm-ond butter with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches is one of the ultimate arm snacks!

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