100 Funny Colon Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover over hilarious colon puns that will have you laughing uncontrollably. Get ready for a gut-busting journey!

And “Colon Puns” do not fail to bring on those belly laughs! From medical conference ice-breakers and casual conversations between friends to sharing funny colon one-liners online with your network – our selection of colon jokes brings laughter that lasts. So prepare yourself to laugh out louder than ever!

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Funny Colon Puns

Colon Puns
  • Are these puns inappropriate? Perhaps so; I just call it how I see it.
  • Are You Finding It Difficult To Laugh at Colon Jokes? Well that could be a problem!
  • Are you seeking colon puns? I will need to dig deep for those!
  • Aren’t happy with my colon puns? Well, that may just be personal preference or instinctual reaction at play here.
  • Colon humor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it can certainly be fun!
  • Colon jokes are like an annual convention for buttocks and rectal tissues! With all their good humor, colon jokes ensure an entertaining laugh!
  • Colon puns are like parties – full of semicolons; never knowing when it is best to stop!
  • Colon puns may be hard to take in, but don’t fret: your bowel will always be here!
  • Colon puns may seem silly, but take my word for it–I am the real deal!
  • Colon puns might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when they hit, they make quite an impactful statement!
  • Enjoy colon puns but can sometimes find them hard to overcome?
  • How can a colon halt an argument? By stopping it dead.
  • How does one breakup with its lover? “I believe we need to see other people.”
  • I could offer more colon-related puns, but that would only serve to overwhelm you!
  • I had intended on telling a colon-themed joke, but without proper context it becomes irrele-rectum.
  • I intended on telling a colon pun, but felt it may run too long…
  • If you don’t enjoy colon puns, then you are missing out! They add so much witticism!
  • If your colon could speak, it would tell you that puns should never be taken lightly.
  • My collection of colon puns are simply hilarious!
  • My colon jokes may not be funny for everyone, but they definitely bring smiles.

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Funny Colon Jokes

  • My colon puns may cause offense, but that criticism just passes right through me without even bothering to register as much as one second later.
  • My colon puns may not make waves, but they keep things lively!
  • My colon puns still leave something to be desired, but I am improving. Just consider it part of a process!
  • My colon puns will certainly come in handy! I promise!
  • My doctor advised me to add fiber supplements into my colon.
  • My friend dislikes colon puns. Unfortunately for her, I am an in-dos-copywriter!
  • My friend John doesn’t appreciate colon puns; in fact, John can sometimes be rather anal-retentive!
  • My passion lies within colon comedy because of a comedegment system!
  • One could say I’ve got an endless supply of colon jokes!
  • People say colon jokes are outdated; I disagree! These retro-rectal jokes simply reflect our current cultural climate!
  • Puns about colons can often be as hilarious and offensive at once!
  • Read my funny colon puns – guaranteed to amuse!
  • So I told my girlfriend my colon puns. Relationships involve understanding one another’s issues as much as they’re about being themselves.
  • Some might accuse me of an obsession with colon-puns; I assure you I have my reasons!
  • These colon puns keep piling on like an endless diarrheal discussion!
  • They told me I should stop making colon puns, but I refused to be dis-in-couraged from making jokes with that word in it.
  • Want some colonic relief? Look no further! Laugh out loud at this hilarious, rectum-mended humor!
  • What did the colon say to the semicolon? Stop trying to be me; you are half measures!
  • What genre of literature do colons prefer most often? Digests!
  • What kind of jokes would colons enjoy hearing? Potty humor!

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Funny Colon Puns And One-Liners

  • What musical instrument do colonels commonly perform with? An organ!
  • What was punctuation telling the colon? “You’re an extreme party animal!”
  • Whoever finds colon puns offensive should feel free to let it all out! Don’t keep quiet: let the humor out!
  • Why did my colon go for therapy? Because of underlying issues.
  • Why did the colon always end up losing at chess? Because its pawns moved too fast!
  • Why didn’t the colon gamble? Because he knew losing was too risky!
  • Why haven’t we heard colon puns in politics? Because when any politician opens their mouth they just spew out an endless stream of lies and misleading information.
  • Why was the colon a great teacher? She ensured everything ran smoothly!
  • Why was the colon nervous at a comedy show? Because it couldn’t stomach any bad jokes!
  • Why was the colon promoted? Because they always took great care with their business!

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