70+ Dental Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover dental puns and jokes that’ll make you smile. Enjoy a dose of dental humor with our collection of funny dental jokes and puns.

Filled with humor and wit, Dental Puns’ hilarious dental puns are guaranteed to lighten the mood on any dull appointment! At Dental Puns, we believe in laughter’s transformative power; that it can turn any dull visit into something enjoyable! That is why we have assembled such an amusing selection of jokes, one-liners and funny lines about dentistry which will guarantee smiles all around! So dive right in – our mirthful mix of toothy humor will quickly send all your worries packing with laughter!

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Funny Dental Puns

Dental Puns
  • Do you know where a dentist’s favorite play takes place? Molar Lago!
  • What can a dentist provide at a basketball game? Root canals!
  • How can a dentist become detective? By engaging in some bite-mark analysis!
  • What exactly is a dentist office? An ATM!
  • Why don’t dentists ever get locked out? Because they always carry around an appropriate “key-nine!”
  • Why are root canals an effective place for keeping secrets a secret? Only dentists will visit that far.
  • Why did the deer require braces? He had protruding teeth!
  • My experience visiting Dr. Fang as my dentist was rather intimidating and upsetting.
  • What do dentists do on roller coasters? They fasten themselves securely!
  • What should the award for best dental X-ray be? Plaque!
  • How does a dentist end a relationship? By building a bridge!
  • Why don’t dentists play hide and seek? Because they always find cavities!
  • How does a dentist bet? By placing his money where his mouth is!
  • Why did the cookie visit the dentist? Simply because he/she felt sick!
  • Be true to yourself and they won’t let you down.
  • Why did the computer visit a dentist? Because its Windows bite had fallen out!
  • Do you remember hearing about the artist-turned-dentist with his unique toothbrush filled with teeth!? He even created his own set of tools!
  • What do you call a bear without teeth? A “gummy bear!”
  • What should you do to maintain good oral health? Brush and floss!
  • What do we call a dentist who does not enjoy tea? Denis!
  • Why was a toothbrush so adept at making decisions? Because it quickly finds the source of issues!
  • What do you call it when one or more teeth decides to take a vacation? A molar eclipse!
  • What do a dentist and tennis coach share in common? Both use drills!
  • What do dentists call their X-rays? Tooth-pics!
  • Only brush the ones you wish to maintain! No one should feel forced into brushing all their teeth every day!
  • My dentist seems compelled to floss nonstop! He clearly has an oral fixation!
  • What car do dentists prefer? A crown Victoria!
  • What kind of tree do dentists most adore? A toothbrush tree!
  • What would a dentist call a pirate’s cavity? An underground treasure!
  • How can you tell that a vampire is sick? By the size of its coffin!
  • Why was my broom late? Because it over-swept!
  • Why are dentists such accomplished fishermen? Because they specialize in fishing the canal root system!
  • An exhilarating experience: hearing that dental drill in action.
  • My dentist said it wouldn’t hurt, but that was all lies – he just pulled my tooth!
  • What musical band do dentists enjoy listening to? The Plaque Eyed Peas!

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Funny Dental Jokes

  • What can the dentist of the year expect in return for winning this title? A little plaque!
  • What happens if two professionals — such as a dentist and manicurist — disagree? They end up fighting arduously!
  • Why does the dentist excel at poker? Because they understand every bristle on every card!
  • What would the dentist tell a golfer who just achieved a hole-in-one? “Congratulations!”, they would exclaim.
  • Why did Oreo cookie visit its dentist? Because its filling had disappeared!
  • What can a dentist give out on Halloween? Floss candy!
  • What do dentists love to dance to? Floss!
  • Why was the dentist upset? His patients seemed always dejected!
  • Why did a denture make such an effective actor? Because it had the perfect set of “chews to make!”
  • Why did the toothbrush and paste split apart? Because each needed space for their personal development!
  • Kindly remember your dentist needs fillings too! Be mindful when visiting, because their office could use some TLC.
  • Why was a tooth selected? Because it always knew its way around a drill!
  • Why did a dentist become a baseball coach? He knows the field!
  • Yes! I do have an appointment scheduled… at precisely 12 noon!
  • How does a dentist become an adept sailboat captain? By mastering drill and fill!
  • What were its remarks to the dentist? Give me an update, doctor!
  • Every dentist begins his or her journey with one filling!
  • Why did the dentist visit the beach? In order to work on his tan-filling!
  • What’s the head of any dental team? The floss boss!
  • Why was the dentist considered a magician? He knew how to conjure treasure from thin air!
  • Why did the donut visit the dentist? Because it needed fillings!
  • What do dentists call an astronaut’s cavity? A “black hole.”
  • Did you hear about the world’s wealthiest dentist, worth over one billion? His name is Richard Haggerty and he owns two million-euro practices!
  • Did you hear about the war between a dentist and manicurist? These two fierce competitors went head to head!
  • Why did my smartphone visit the dentist? Because Bluetooth was giving it fits!
  • What did the dentist give out at the parade? Floss floats!
  • How should a dentist welcome its new customers? “Be brave!”
  • Have you heard the tale about the dentist who planted a garden and one month later began collecting his teeth!?
  • Why was this belt arrested? Because it was holding up pants!
  • What time of the day does a dentist enjoy most? Tooth Hurting Time!
  • Why did the tree visit a dentist? Because it required a root canal!
  • What tool is most valuable to a dentist’s practice? His ‘pulley’ system!
  • What carnival ride do dentists love best? The plaque spinner!
  • What do people commonly refer to dental x-rays as? Tooth pics!
  • What event makes dentists smile the most at track and field events? Nothing other than their favorite event – which would likely involve all their favorite participants being teeth!

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Funny Dental One-Liners

  • What type of toothpaste would a marching band member use when brushing their teeth? A tuba toothpaste!
  • What did the tooth say to its outgoing molar? You make me laugh!
  • What do teeth do when taking a break? They relax by biting into something.
  • What do dentists refer to their X-rays as? Toothpics!
  • How does a dentist navigate our universe? Using space flossers!
  • Why do trees resemble troubled teeth so closely? Both contain roots.
  • What did the dentist tell the computer? Byte is killing me!
  • What’s a dentist’s favorite picnic game? Search and Seek!
  • What dinosaur is a dentist’s go-to choice for fun and games? A Flouschiraptor!
  • Why was my dentist poor? He gave away free “fill-osophy”.
  • Why did the termite visit the dentist? He needed a root canal!
  • What do dentists use in the kitchen as their go-to tool for tooth-picks? A tooth-pick!
  • What inspired a dentist to become a baseball coach? By mastering the “plate!”
  • What would you call the advice given by a dentist? His ‘fill-osophy!
  • Why do dentists seem like celebrities? Because they always leave you amazed with a spectacular smile!
  • What casino game does a dentist enjoy most? Gingivitis slot machine!
  • Why did the dentist bring a lamp into work? To bring light into every smile!
  • Who could profit the most by filling gaps? A dentist!
  • What instrument would a dentist play most frequently? A tuba toothpaste!
  • Why did the cookie visit his dentist? Because his filling had come loose!
  • My dentist disagreed when I told her I didn’t require braces! In an eye-opening moment of truth!
  • What clothing do dentists love wearing the most? Plaque-ties!
  • How much does the Tooth Fairy make an hour? One molar an hour!
  • What do dentists do in their free time? They use special paints known as plaque-tic paints!
  • Dentists admire those rulers that rule with an iron fist…and an imperious smile!
  • Why did the King visit a dentist? So they could inspect his crown!
  • Know you’re a dentist when… you too have fillings!
  • How could a dentist become an accomplished golfer? By mastering both swings and fillings!
  • Have you ever tried eating a clock? It can take quite some time, especially if you go back for seconds!

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