60+ Ear Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover hilarious ear puns and jokes that will make you laugh out loud. Get ready for a good laugh with these clever wordplay gems.

Start laughing as we enter the delightful world of Ear Puns! Our sense of humor knows no boundaries when it comes to humoring ears; therefore we have collected only the funniest jokes, one-liners, and quotes about ears for your reading enjoyment! Whether looking for some good laughs or seeking some comical ammo for your next social gathering… look no further; our selection of hilarious Ear Puns will definitely have them laughing uncontrollably! With fantastic word play and creativity we welcome you all into a wonderful place where ears meet humor! Welcome aboard!

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Funny Ear Puns

Ear Puns
  • Stay engaged by keeping your ears and mind active; join me as I be-‘ear’ together!
  • My friend once heard an ear pun and was instantly won over! Since then he is constantly finding amusing new puns!
  • Have you heard about the man whose left side was severed during a car crash? While he remains unscathed now, one ear was lost – that constitutes irreparable damage!
  • Why did the ear seek counseling? Because it had enough with all the gossip!
  • When life seems particularly tough, just remember – any joke will fall on deaf ears!
  • What instrument are ears particularly fond of using? Eardrums!
  • Somebody spread false allegations against me being deaf; I didn’t hear a thing!
  • What did the detective’s ear whisper to his companion? Let’s all work together on solving this case!
  • Ear puns make me giggle; don’t you find them amusing?
  • After an exhausting day, my puns may no longer be so sharp; can you lend an “ear”?
  • Unknown comic’s tomb has been discovered – featuring comedic puns etched onto its sides as evidence that comedic life continues after death!
  • Life can be like an exciting box of puns – you never know what surprises lie in wait!
  • Be ‘ear’ not bothered; these hilarious ear puns will put a smile on your face!
  • My words echoed back like poetry moving forward.
  • “No one here has difficulty hearing; instead I am deliberately ignoring you.
  • What was said between ear? For whatever it may concern, anything I hear, I hear better!
  • My friend told me my ear jokes could sometimes be loud, but I know he’s simply hearing aid about it!
  • What did the ear tell the Q-tip? Please be careful; my drum has become extremely sensitive!
  • What did the ear tell the brain? “I can hear what you are thinking!”
  • My friend didn’t believe me when I claimed I could hear the ocean; yet its noise proved it! My ears could barely contain their excitement! My piercingly loud alarm went off!
  • Standup comedians without jokes for ears would certainly leave something missing!
  • Who are ears’ favorite band(s)? Easily, it would have to be The Beatles; their music truly moved our ears!
  • What gets smaller every time it’s repeated? An ear pun!
  • What can an ear tell its physician when it gets sick? “I can’t hear well. “
  • Audiologists received bumper stickers that read: “Ears to you!”
  • Someone said we’ve exhausted all possible ear puns; in truth, however, this is just scratching the surface!
  • Make no mistake about it; for ear puns to work properly, they need to be delivered with precision and timing.
  • If you feel lost, take a second and listen to what your inner ‘ear’ tells you!
  • My wife says I have selective hearing when it comes to matters such as “need-to-mow-the-lawn” and ‘your mother is coming’.
  • What do you call hair on an ear? An “Earticle!”
  • Remarks about ears can be so entertaining, there is simply no room for hearingsay!
  • Cleaning ears was once my job – though far from glamorous it proved extremely useful and educational!
  • Ear puns may take practice to understand, but once heard they become irresistibly humorous!
  • No matter how hard you push it, station-‘ear’ remains appropriate.
  • I don’t just make clever puns; I conduct sound checks!

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Funny Ear Jokes

  • Ear puns always work! And you heard it here first!
  • This joke about an ear was so universally appreciated! People heard about it everywhere!
  • Life would certainly be difficult without ears to chew over!
  • Would an ear have its day in court and receive an official hearing?
  • My friend laughed as I made an ear pun, saying he heard it loud and clear!
  • If a tree falls alone in a forest and no witnesses are around to witness it, its wise decision may be to land on its ear!
  • My friend can’t appreciate ear puns; he can’t grasp their humor in its full form.
  • I asked my friend how his newly pierced ear was feeling; his reply? No complaints at all!
  • My friend laughed when I told her of my latest “ear” pun, noting its similarities with one that existed previously: she commented with, “Here we go again…”
  • Does an injured ear have any sense of “hear’tache?
  • My ears are my favourite sense, apart from common’sense’!
  • Ear puns can be very funny indeed – and often are! But sometimes their jokes go beyond funny to truly impress us all!
  • My desire was to secure some good investments through DJ work!
  • Ear puns make for good entertainment; no one should try and convince me otherwise!
  • My friend laughed heartily as I told him an ear pun, saying, “I have all ears!”
  • Ears need their share of humor too – that makes them eligible for some fun earducation!
  • Ear puns rarely go unheard; instead they send shockwaves!
  • My friend never expected to find such an irresistible ear pun until he met me!
  • What did two ears say to each other when they met and fell in love? “We are all ears!”
  • Why did the ear attend this party? Because he knew there would be lots of exciting sounds!
  • Recently I have come across multiple “ear pun” jokes which do not relate directly to hearing loss and/or hearing aid use – these puns definitely fall outside any reasonable scope!
  • At one party I hosted, my ear pun was the talk of the event!
  • Care should be taken when using ear puns; sometimes they can get quite loud!
  • My puns on ears could be heard across the “earth!”
  • My specialty lies in creating clever ear puns!

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Funny Ear One-Liners

  • I wish that for every time I made an ear pun, I received a dime as payment! What an investment that would be.
  • Bad puns just don’t sound funny to me! I never make them and would much prefer not to.
  • “After taking on my position with the hearing center, it proved to be an intelligent choice.”
  • I don’t believe anything the sea shell tells. Their tales seem rather off-putting to me.
  • What do we call scary tales told to ears? “Earrie” stories!
  • Some find ear puns difficult to stomach; others find them highly entertaining!
  • Why did an ear attend a music concert? Because they heard it would be exciting!
  • Ear puns can be considered sound investments: They generate interest!
  • Why did the ear always lose? Because it couldn’t handle defeat!
  • Ear puns can be unpredictable; sometimes you never even realise when they arrive!
  • Why did a cell phone go to see an ear doctor? Because its ring had gone missing!
  • People who enjoy making puns with their ears are quite intelligent!
  • Have you heard about the inventor of stereo headphones who has received thunderous applause for his hard work? He certainly got our ears popping!
  • Ear puns can be truly hilarious; their success all lies within their execution.
  • Why did the ear get into difficulty at school? Because it refused to ‘listen’!

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