100+ Eye Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover hilarious eye puns and jokes that’ll leave you in stitches! Find witty and cornea humor about eyes in this collection.

Welcome to Eye Puns! A world of laughter and intrigue where every blink brings laughter or intrigue! From hilarious eye puns and jokes, to clever one-liners designed to get laughs out, we cover every corner! Additionally, funny eye lines created just to tickle you into laughter are on tap here as well! So get ready for an irresistibly humorous ride packed full of laugh-worthy jokes – yes – puns galore. Welcome aboard!

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Funny Eye Puns

Eye puns
  • Why did his eyes wander so quickly across the seas? In order to see more “sea-nery!”
  • Why are eyes so good at science? Because they constantly reflect back upon past discoveries!
  • What do we call eyes that always rush their tasks quickly? Eye-rashers!
  • Why don’t eyes play cards? After all, they always put on poker faces when blinking!
  • What would you call an invisible dinosaur? An “i-dont-think-he-saw-us!”!
  • Why did the eyebrows cause conflict? Simply because they couldn’t see eye to eye.
  • What would you call an eye that always wins? An “eye-conqueror!”
  • What do you call a green-eyed monster with one eye that glows red and one that glows yellow? An “eye-gor!”
  • What song would a eye enjoy most? “Eye will always love you!”
  • What was an eye’s reaction when everyone else panicked? Kept an open eyelid!
  • What did your eyes tell you when the going got rough? Eye got this!
  • As an optometrist, my dough-making capabilities have greatly expanded. Before becoming an optometrist, my time as a baker had come and gone; now it seems my dough supply keeps increasing!
  • My friend used to work at the bakery, but was never able to make enough dough for himself there. Now he works as an optometrist and is extremely wealthy!
  • Why did the eyes ask the hands for directions? Because they felt “hand-eye coordination!”
  • Why can eyes make such poor gardeners? Because they tend to see flowers before they bloom!
  • Why did the eye and heart break up? They simply couldn’t handle each other!
  • Why did the eye love road trips so much? Because it enjoyed taking scenic routes!
  • Why did my eye stop watching horror films? Because it did not want any additional “night vision!”
  • Did you hear about the eye that went broke due to being “indebted?” It went out on account.
  • What do you call a fish without eyes? An Fsh.
  • My computer needs a break, yet now it won’t stop blinking at me – must be an “eye”-pad!
  • My income as a tailor wasn’t covering its costs; now that I am an optometrist and increasing my revenue stream!
  • How can eyes avoid becoming disoriented? They follow an “i-Route.”
  • Why don’t eyes ever play hide and seek? Because good luck with hiding when you are the “apple of their eye!”
  • Why do we share secrets about our eyebrows? Because they always want to out-browbeat the competition!
  • My computer won’t stop winking at me after I told it I needed some much-needed rest!
  • Why did the phone hate its eyes so much? Because it couldn’t remove its “contact!”
  • An eye was feeling blue, so it turned on some “tear-jerking” music to lift its mood.
  • Why do eyes love playing hide and seek? Because they enjoy the feeling of being “found!”
  • Eye puns tend to be among the funniest puns available.

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Best Eyes Jokes

  • Why can eyes make poor detectives? Because their responsibility always falls squarely on their “iris”.
  • My computer seems to think I told it it had a bug – now its staring back!
  • Why wouldn’t the eye talk with the mouth? Because they had seen too many frowns!
  • What did they have to say upon arriving at the campground? “Eye love it here!”
  • Did you hear about the optometrist who fell into a lens grinder and made headlines once more? Yes! He caused quite the scandalous spectacle!
  • Eye trouble was created due to constant pupillary dilation during class.
  • My friend got a job at the bakery but could never make enough dough to stay employed there. Now he works as an optometrist and is very wealthy!
  • What exercises does an eye follow to strengthen it? Eyebrow raises!
  • My old career, banking, is no longer my passion – now, however, as an optometrist my business is flourishing!
  • Blink-182! They’re hands-down one of my favorites.
  • My life as an archaeologist fell apart. Now that I am an optometrist and things have finally turned around!
  • Why can’t eyes vote? They can’t read to “pupillicate” a polling card!
  • What genre are eyes captivated by? “Eye-ssays!”
  • Why did the eye refuse to play hide-and-seek? Because it feared being discovered!
  • Why do eyes always seem to get the last laugh? Their jokes tend to remain low-brow.
  • How do eyes do well at school? They always take an “eyes-on approach.”
  • Why did the eye say farewell? Simply because it could no longer project light.
  • I went to a seafood restaurant and ordered “fish eyes.” Their response? A blank stare.
  • Why did the eye go to school? For an “eye”-ducation!
  • “Don’t mistake me for laziness; just take responsibility!” the eye replied.
  • How does an eye become straight A? Eye-lert classes!
  • Maintain healthy eyes with regular “color-eye-scope” updates.
  • What dance can an eye love to perform? Cornea!
  • Why did the Cyclops close his school? Because only one pupil remained.
  • My friend told me I was average. To which, I replied with, “Well see what you have accomplished there!”
  • Why can’t eyes ever give up? They always keep an “eye on success!”
  • Why did the eye visit snow-capped mountains? Simply to enjoy an eye-sicles!
  • Why did the eye and brain form such an alliance? Because the latter offered its help when their troubles surfaced!
  • Have you heard the tale about the eye that became a gardener? It wanted to change reality for good!
  • As soon as it left for its vacation, its eyes packed a pair of extra sunglasses as precaution.

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Best Eyes One-Liners

  • Why hasn’t my eye gone out drinking often at night? Because it doesn’t want any “eye strain!”
  • Why did the eye win the baking contest? They had created the ideal panc-eye-ke recipe!
  • My glasses won’t leave my nose any time soon… just like this book on antigravity! I can’t put down either one!
  • Why did the eye prefer staying indoors? Because it had “see-nery” sensitivity!
  • Eye puns can’t help but catch our gaze; we just can’t look away!
  • Did you hear about the optometrist who got caught in a lens grinder and created quite the spectacle for himself? He created quite an uproar!
  • Why don’t our eyes ever experience trouble? Because they have reliable “pupils.”
  • What type of makeup are eyes fondest of applying to their lids? Mascara-ade!
  • Why did the eye bring its ladder into the bar? Because it learned drinks would be provided free of charge!
  • Why are eyes bad witnesses of crime scenes? Simply because they produce tears at the sight of criminal acts!
  • How do I organize a space party? By recruiting the help of an eyelander.
  • Why did an eye break up with its nose? Because they couldn’t stop looking down upon each other!
  • Why did the eye stay out of sight at parties? Because it didn’t want to draw any unnecessary attention!
  • Why did my eye seek therapy? Because it had too many eye issues!
  • Why was an eye invited to this party? In order to apply “brow-nce!”
  • Why were eyes such a good judge of character? Because they never let anything slip past them unnoticed!
  • Why do eyes enjoy visiting beaches? Because of all that beautiful “see-side” scenery!
  • Why don’t eyes ever tire? Because they have seen everything before and remain vigilant towards new challenges.
  • What happens if an eye is experiencing trouble? It lashes out!
  • My eye joke was so bad it caused cornea damage!
  • My computer seems intent on giving me an excuse not to work; now it keeps “winking” at me!
  • Why do optometrists live long lives? Because they never lose track of what matters!
  • Why do our eyes follow the stars? So as to keep our night vision sharp!
  • Why do eyes love mysteries? Because they enjoy discovering all their own secretes!
  • Why don’t skeletons fight each other? Because they lack either the guts…or eyeballs!

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Best Puns About Eyes

  • Eye in a hurry for their Retina appointment
  • How should the eyes end their day? With beauty “sleep-eye-ness.”
  • Why are eyes so philosophical? Because they always reflect upon the “I-ris” of knowledge!
  • Where should an eye seek refuge when needing restful respite from their daily grind? A “b-row.”
  • What do we call an individual with perfect vision? An “eye-con!”
  • Why did an eye break off their relationship with the nose? Because things were becoming too “nosy!”
  • At a party attended by one eye, everyone thought she was the “apple of its eye.”
  • Why do eyes always come first to class? Because they don’t want to miss an eye-opening lecture!
  • Why do explorers keep an eye out for adventure? Simply because they love keeping tabs on it!
  • What tools do eyes utilize when browsing the internet? Their web “blinkers.”
  • My friend works at an eye doctor office. His clients always seem so pleased! He always keeps busy “pupilling around!”
  • Why don’t eyes ever try diets? For fear of losing their “round vision!”
  • Once, I purchased some shoes from a drug dealer who mysteriously laces them with something I can only assume caused me to trip! (No eye pun intended!) (Just kidding about that one!)
  • Why was my eye uncomfortable around a computer? Too many screen shots!
  • How can eyes apologize? With “puppy eye” treatments!
  • Why don’t eyes ever get married? Because their pupils dislike being adjusted!
  • Why did the eye add cheerleading to its exercise regimen? In order to remain “eye on its game!”
  • My diet currently involves seafood. When I see food, my eyes tell my stomach where to place it for consumption!
  • Why was the picture afraid to be seen by our eyes? Because it didn’t want to be perceived in an undesirable light!
  • Why could the eye not keep its secrets secure? It was always giving out clues!
  • Why did the eye make such an effective detective? Because it always kept its eyes peeled for signs!
  • Why did the eye ask for a pay raise? Because they were feeling under-sapped!
  • What are eyes’ favorite treats? “Eye”-scream!
  • My initial plan was to tell a joke about eyes, but that proved too cornea.
  • My eye doctor said I needed glasses but I immediately replied with, ‘No – I need vision!”
  • Have you heard about the eye that couldn’t stop making jokes? It had an eyeful sense of humor!
  • My wife told me I was irresistibly beautiful; but, then again, they’re married to Iron Man!
  • Why did the eye refuse a date with the nose? Because she didn’t want anyone knowing she had chosen such an inconsiderate partner!

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