50 Funny Eyebrows Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Discover hilarious eyebrow puns and jokes that will raise your brows in amusement. Perfect for kids and adults alike.

Searching for humor with an extra dose of eyebrow-raising fun? Look no further – our collection of hilarious eyebrows puns will have you and your friends laughing all day long! With jokes, one-liners, and humorous lines guaranteed to have everyone smiling all the way back home; our hilarious eyebrow puns will keep the laughter rolling all day! So brush up on your wit and dive into our treasure trove of eyebrow puns; step forward into their hilarious world and laugh heartily all the time! The comical brows await!

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Funny Eyebrows Puns

Eyebrows Puns
  • Eyebrows and humor combine beautifully! That combination can only lead to laughs!
  • For maximum beauty, the ideal eyebrows don’t lose their arch easily!
  • Question: “Why are eyebrows considered fashionable?” Answer: Because they frame our eyes!
  • My name is Browyn and we’re madly in love!
  • Don’t be alarmed if your eyebrows start bickering; after all, they are fierce rivals!
  • Have I got your eyebrows’ attention with my joke!? They certainly raised one.
  • Browology: the study of using eyebrows as an instrument of expression of humor or irony.
  • Eyebrows can be like college degrees: the higher they go, the more amazed people become!
  • My eyebrows got inspired after attending a blues concert and now sport blues-influenced brows!
  • Police were faced with an impossible situation: eyebrows that always appeared near the fringe!
  • Poor vision makes us feel down, while having uni-brows is always seen as something positive.
  • Today I tried my first new brow mascara ever – and what an experience! It truly opened up my eyes to its many capabilities!
  • Tony does his eyebrow maintenance in a formal attire to maintain high eyebrows.
  • Think thick brows indicate intelligence? That could be one of the more convincing theories!
  • EE Cummings wrote an iconic poem on eyebrows called The Brow Poem by EECumss.
  • My third eyebrow has an odd, pointed tip!
  • Launch a new religion: Browhism! Where well-groomed eyebrows lead to good fortune!
  • Eyebrow puns? Not too bad at all – in fact they can be pretty hilarious!
  • Are your eyebrows looking their best? Give the gift that keeps on giving: a brochure about “brow-chelor living!”!
  • Eyebrows that meet in the center are indicative of an intensely close browmance!
  • My eyebrows asked for some rest and relaxation; they wanted a break!
  • Following his surgery, he felt transformed. Now with an entirely different outlook on eyebrow-life.
  • Favorite song of eyebrows: You Raise Me Up!
  • Eyebrows can be very social – they’re always spreading gossip!
  • Who else makes jokes about eyebrows but Brow Chaplin?!

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Funny Eyebrows Puns And Jokes

  • “The Rolling Brows” will soon be making their debut! Our musical genre will rock.
  • Browner is his elder brow…brother.
  • Under-brow – this eyebrow’s weak point.
  • Are You Wondering Why There Is An Eyebrow Club Called The Brotherhood of Brows?!? The Brotherhood of the Brows!
  • Advice from an eyebrow professional: Keep an eye out for arch enemies!
  • My eyebrows got the better of me…it is truly astounding what they come up with!
  • James Brownd has become known as an eyebrow specialist! Armed and groomed to perfection with deadly eyebrows!
  • My friend seems rather alarmed at having drawn her eyebrows too high!
  • Looking to have eyebrows that pop? Give Eyebrowhab a go!
  • Remember, too high eyebrows might make it impossible for you to detect low brow humor!
  • How to get your eyebrows into shape: Browlates is an emerging fitness trend!
  • Life Lesson #17: Beauty lies beyond our visual perception!
  • Have you seen “Browback Mountain”? It is truly nerve-wrecking!
  • My eyebrows managed to sneak away last night – without leaving a trace! They just vanished.
  • Threading my eyebrows was quite the experience! AKA tension-inducer!
  • My tweezers seemed to have vanished! Perhaps they have been intimidated into hiding!
  • A barber often threatens his clients when they don’t heed his advice.
  • A barber entered an eyebrow race, winning by just hairsbreadth!
  • Eyebrows: the beauty frames of one’s face. No pressure!
  • What football team should eyebrows support? The Browcelona FC!
  • Power of Brows: Just one arch can make all the difference!
  • If someone criticizes your eyebrows, remember: They may look perfect to them… but to others!
  • Your eyebrows – one of your fastest features!
  • My eyebrows exist because of what I make them do! I’ve made sure they’re pencilled into their position!
  • No one can stand between a lady and her eyebrows – they are her crowning achievement!

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