100 Funny Forehead Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

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Welcome to Forehead Puns! Where creativity meets laughter in equal measure! Featuring everything from cheeky one-liners and laugh out loud jokes about foreheads, our excellent collection will have your brows rising with laughter! Each pun carefully designed will ensure an entertaining forehead-slapping good time proving once and for all that laughter comes in all sizes and forms – not only at dinner tables! So whether you enjoy lighthearted banter, or prefer serious comedy pieces; our funny forehead lines promise laugh-provoking fun that won’t disappoint – get ready for some laugh-starter humor aimed squarely at foreheads!

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Funny Forehead Puns

Forehead Puns
  • Are foreheads the only parts of our bodies which don’t function quite so adeptly when it comes to hiding?
  • My forehead taught me an important lesson about peer pressure; often times it feels underbrowed.
  • My forehead and eyebrows seem to have come apart over time; perhaps due to some hard times.
  • Never judge a forehead by its eyebrow coverage alone.
  • My thoughts were kept hidden, but my forehead wrinkles gave away my secret thoughts.
  • Nowhere will you find a forehead’s favorite letter; its home can only be found under “brow.”
  • Why was this man covering his forehead? Because he wanted to prevent any additional costs.
  • Foreheads seem to have minds of their own; always looking ahead!
  • My forehead hosted such an unforgettable party! It was such an eye-opener!
  • My forehead serves as an accurate barometer of my emotional wellbeing.
  • People with large foreheads typically possess strong, forward thinking qualities.
  • Brow-dy is my pet forehead snail.
  • My forehead’s not too large; it’s just…advanced!
  • Did the forehead go to school of hard knocks? No sign!
  • Life marks can serve as valuable markers, including forehead lines.
  • “There Is No Mountain High Enough…” is The Forehead’s favourite song.
  • My forehead visited a motivational speaker to learn to stay ahead.
  • My forehead could do magical feats if only!
  • My current method for protecting my forehead is wearing my cap backwards.
  • My forehead sees me as its point of reference.
  • Cracked foreheads must feel trapped!
  • While playing tennis, a ball hit my forehead. Perhaps the universe wanted a word with my brain!
  • Life without a forehead can be quite unnerving.
  • Are You Saying the Forehead Is Hijinks-Operant With Hairline?? I’ve always found it amusing how the forehead plays peekaboo with its surrounding hairline – seems as though its main player.
  • The forehead wanted to take center stage, but the nose had already made itself known!
  • Does a forehead with an indented sun-ray outline signify an approaching hairline?
  • My forehead had dark lines on it that needed brightening up; now they seem almost fluorescent!
  • Botox dreams include smooth foreheads that rival unmarked highways.
  • Hope I didn’t offend your sensibilities with all these puns!
  • “My hand wouldn’t fit to cover my forehead! Now I have an awful handache!”

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Funny Forehead Puns And Jokes

  • Foreheads are always honest about themselves; they never bend around the bushy eyebrows to hide invisibly.
  • Foreheads speak volumes through shines, flushes and frowns.
  • My stress wrinkles look like Braille that spells “please help.”
  • Headline wrinkles are only temporary tattoos for the wise.
  • Foreheads are master weather predictors; they know when you are about to burst out in sweat!
  • My experience was both unique and eye-opening! After getting my forehead sunburnt, it proved an eye-opening one!
  • I don’t trust foreheads – they always appear above you!
  • Thought I might make a funny forehead pun, but then realized it may just pass over your head.
  • My forehead has always been very levelheaded.
  • Why did my forehead take a nap? Because it felt “brow-beaten”.
  • Why did the forehead win against its nose in this race? Because they were head to head.
  • Instead of having crow’s feet, I now sport crow’s brows on my forehead.
  • Foreheads are always ahead of the trend!
  • My forehead’s still learning, so it can’t quite predict frowns yet!
  • My forehead serves as the backdrop to all my thoughts – except mine which always appear flawless!
  • My cap wasn’t big enough to help keep me cool… so why bother!? Forget it!
  • My forehead decided it needed some space behind my hairline; perhaps it felt shy?
  • My forehead always shows its wrinkles with pride!
  • Your forehead is said to be the window to your mind; my windows need cleaning!
  • Should I consider your forehead to be hot? If I think your forehead has too much heat, should it be considered five-headed?
  • My forehead has begun expanding its real estate holdings…it could soon be used as a billboard!
  • Why can’t foreheads seem to like poker? They just can’t keep a straight face!
  • My forehead developed a wrinkle; perhaps this is trying to convey something!
  • My forehead always boasts of its good nature; any negative thoughts simply do not pass by it unheeded.
  • Why do foreheads hate secrets? Because their thin fabric cannot keep any such secrets buried between their brows!
  • My forehead lamp has become my go-to headlight!
  • My forehead laughed out loud at a joke I told, and immediately became red with laughter!
  • My band, Frowning Forehead is instrumental.
  • My hair keeps falling onto my forehead…they must want somewhere comfortable!
  • Imagine having an unsightly forehead! How depressing!

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Funny Forehead Puns And One-Liners

  • People who dislike forehead jokes tend to have very strong personalities!
  • Can slapstick comedy really work when performed directly on the forehead? Obviously it varies.
  • My forehead attempted a circus act once, but the unibrow spoiled any chance at stardom!
  • My forehead remains stress-free because its worries have always been addressed!
  • My forehead seems determined to merge with my eyebrows!
  • My forehead simply refused to bend back over to accommodate me! As much as I tried, no words came pouring out!
  • I asked for an intelligent forehead, but now it insists on getting its own degree!
  • My forehead’s tuned in and can predict my facial expressions! It even works great as an illusion-caster!
  • Foreheads can be eye-catchers! Always evoking curiosity!
  • Have a pimple on my forehead which seems determined to break out!
  • Are forehead spa visits beneficial to overall wellness?
  • As anxiety takes its toll on my forehead, lines begin to form around it.
  • My foreheads always steal the show!
  • My horse appears to have an extensive, flat forehead; I suspect she might be of thoroughbred breeding.
  • Don’t rub my forehead too hard – my brain already has enough on its plate!
  • Thanks you to whoever invented zero! No thanks are due for nothing here, though.
  • My forehead’s probably broken now; any scans should probably have expired long ago.
  • wrinkles run in families! Parents pass them down to their offspring!
  • I recently read an eye-opening book on foreheads!
  • Asking our yoga instructor where our focus should lie, she advised “Fore head.”
  • When foreheads had an off day, it received an unexpected ‘brow beating’.
  • I asked my forehead for advice, and it advised: ‘Keep a calm head’.
  • My forehead used to seem big, but over time it has come into its own and become quite endearing.
  • Your forehead could double as an advertisement! So get ready to be part of something big! When your forehead can act as an effective billboard for business promotion and success!
  • As soon as her forehead made an entrance at an event, it looked incredible from head to toe!
  • Have you heard about the unfortunate incident where an unfortunate individual got hit in the head with a can of soda, and miraculously survived without major consequences? Thankfully it was soft drink.
  • Does my forehead take the full force of an abrupt facepalm?
  • Hope my forehead joke doesn’t raise eyebrows!
  • Your forehead always remains honest in their approach to matters.
  • Your forehead seems so vast it deserves its own postal code!
  • What was the forehead’s response to an eyebrow’s efforts at lifting up their head? “Raise me!”
  • Does carrying your heart on your forehead cause you to become hot-tempered?
  • Use of forehead-themed pickup lines… I was simply trying to gain the upper hand in this game.
  • Never trust people with smooth foreheads as they might be undercover agents!
  • Do potatoes also possess foreheads?
  • Have you heard who the forehead’s favorite Shakespeare character is? Hamlet, for being ahead of everyone.
  • “Rather than frown, as that will leave permanent lines on my forehead; I wear my smile upside-down!”
  • I attempted to read a book about antigravity but failed.
  • Wide foreheads don’t signify an expansive mindset – just more advertising space!
  • At my supermarket I saw forehead soap being sold like hotcakes – they seemed popular enough!

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