100 Knee Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover knee jokes and puns that will make you laugh out loud. From funny knee jokes for kids to knee puns for adults, find humor for all ages.

Welcome to our hilarious knee puns collection! Our goal is to spark laughter by providing humorous knee jokes designed to entertain, from one-liners and hilarious funny lines, all designed to keep you giggling – no matter the sport or surgery genre they cover! Get ready for an endlessly hilarious comedy journey as our knee puns guarantee to bend your humor however they please – get cracking with these knee-slapper!

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Funny Knee Puns

Knee Puns
  • Once your knee starts moving, there is always going to be a knee-jig!
  • If a knee were an artist, would its compositions include pieces like Symphophknee?
  • Know what my knee said after it got hurt? “Kneed help!”
  • What device would make the knee happy? A knee-ndle fire!
  • Do You Administer Medi-Knee When My Knee Complains?
  • What do knees love best to snack on? Mus-knee-tard!
  • Would a knee make its own movie and crowdfund for production costs via Kickstarter camp-knee?
  • When the knee decided to launch its farm, one of its initial crops was knee-napple!
  • Why wouldn’t a knee use a map instead of GPS to navigate their way through life?
  • Do knees use knee bags when going shopping?
  • At art school, Van-knee-goh was always its preferred subject matter.
  • Knee jokes become hilarious!
  • Do You Diagnose Knee Injuries While Exercising? If your knee becomes injured while exercising, are we to call it an “Injury to Knee?”
  • My knee began pilates training and is now so weak I cannot walk; its muscles seem too delicate for it.
  • What tools does a knee use to write? A kneecil and paper.
  • Does Your Knee Bring an Additional Knee to Parties?
  • What do knees love doing most of all? Vac-knee-um cleaning!
  • What should a knee wear for an important meeting? A suit and knee tie!
  • My knee has taken to being an environmental activist… it advocates going green!
  • If a knee were to have an animal companion, it would probably be a “cap-u-chin” monkey.
  • What kind of pet do knees enjoy most? A cap-ibara!
  • What game can knees play that they love the best? Knee-opoloy!
  • Would a knee start blogging under its own name or under an assumed knee-donym?
  • What do knees look like when they’re blushing? Pink-kneed.
  • What would a knee say when they are surprised? Certainly nothing!
  • What do knees love best? A Knee-xer!
  • Does a knee sit comfortably in a pew-knee position in church?
  • What did one knee say to another knee? Here’s looking at you, kid-knee!
  • My knee has an incessant passion; always searching for its other half!
  • What dessert are knees’ favorite at parties? Knee-lairs!
  • When one has issues with their knee, do they visit a knee therapist for assistance?
  • What would a knee enjoy as breakfast? A bowl of knee-atmeal.
  • How much does knee replacement surgery cost? Get knee-free for free or your money back!
  • Why does a knee love unicorn stories? Because they’re delightful!
  • My knee has an affinity for Her-knee Granger from Harry Potter! She has become my go-to character!

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Funny Knee Jokes

  • When written by knee, books become page turners!
  • As soon as a goal was scored in soccer with knee action, it was certainly considered “knee-slapper.”
  • If a knee joined a band, they’d surely play drumstick.
  • Should Your Knee Become an Attorney, Will They Knead an Advanced Degree?
  • Which city takes knees seriously? Knee York!
  • Why does Knee-ats favor “Ode on a Grecian Urn” as their go-to poem for knee care? Because this piece by him was his favorite!
  • What do knees like best as snacks? Chocolate Knee Tos!
  • How does one knee express love? By getting down on one knee – literally!
  • Why did my knee go for therapy? Simply because it felt unstable.
  • Should a knee start singing, would its own auto-tune be activated?
  • Can you hear my knee crying out of intendonitis?! It’s in-tendon-ual!
  • Have you heard the exciting news that one knee is becoming an expert chef and opening its very own Knedery?!?!
  • Are loose knees caused by damage or has their usefulness diminished over time?
  • My knee had its favorite Johnny Depp movie picked out: it was “Knee of the Caribbean”.
  • Why did he bring an umbrella with him? Shelter was required from the rain!
  • Would a knee become an active footballer and become known as an “unsung hero?”
  • What do we call a knee with psychic capabilities? Knee-telepathy!
  • Would your knee be featured on Knee Discovery channel?
  • Would Kneath & Co be appropriate?
  • Should a knee need something expensive, is taking out a loan the answer?
  • If a knee were to write its own novel, it might be entitled “Fifty Shades of Knee”.
  • What type of dress would a knee wear to prom? A knee-hiight dress.
  • Have you heard the tale about the knee who joined the circus? He makes for an awesome acro-bat knee!
  • First and foremost, when joining a kneecap club it is forbidden to speak of it!
  • My knee has an irreverent sense of humor! It really can make for some laugh-inducing situations!
  • Kneester Sunday! Every knee loves this celebration of health!
  • Why does my knee love painting? Simply because its knee-deep in color.
  • What do knees call family get-togethers? A get-toge-knee!
  • What do knees do in the gym? Knee-ups!
  • Do your knees become speaker knees when their chatter increases?
  • Should a knee be President, would it reside at Kneehouse?
  • My knee has grown increasingly fond of Knee-vo’s music! My knee absolutely appreciates their work.
  • My knee answered when asked where it hurt: knee-deep tissue.
  • What should a knee drink in the morning? A cup of knee-spresso!
  • What type of food does a knee enjoy eating most frequently? Chicken Thigh-Knee!

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Funny Knee One-Liners

  • What do knees love best to snack on? Kneetella!
  • What does your knee say if it wants to mock you? “Khee-knee!”
  • Why did the knee decide to enter into a beauty pageant? Because she wanted to become Miss Kneevada!
  • What will a knee do on a beach holiday? Sunknee bathing.
  • Which knee part can foretell our future? The knee-cromancer.
  • Kneelights become part of an actor’s repertoire; always ready to shine its beam of illumination upon their performance.
  • What would happen if knees wrote biographies of themselves and published it for publication? Would it become an all-knee bestseller?
  • Would a kingdom overseen by your knee be known as “The Kneedom”?
  • My knee doesn’t like coffee because it can cause too much knee-jittering.
  • Knees love bananas!
  • Should a knee try selling its home through Knee-alty agent?
  • On a sunny day, knees use knee-sunscreen!
  • What do knees love best as far as seafood goes? Kneel fish!
  • What dance does a knee love to perform? Cha-Knee-Cha!
  • What happens to tired knees when they tire? They turn into knee-gutives!
  • What type of mathematics does your knee enjoy the most? Knee-matics!
  • Why did the knee win an award? For being extraordinary!
  • What Shakespeare play does a knee like best? “Much Ado About Nothing.
  • What do you call a knee that meditates? Knee-ruvana!
  • Would a performance on only one knee count as one-knee-show?
  • What should a knee wear to a cocktail party? A knee-cocktail dress!
  • Why doesn’t my knee get cold in wintertime? Because its always wrapped with a cozy knit scarf!
  • Why did a knee make pasta? Because it kneaded the dough!
  • Why does my knee love Christmas? Due to all of its Christ-knee carols!
  • Do you know why knees never lose direction? They always follow in the desired path.
  • My knee loves watching Game of Knees!
  • Did you know my knee is learning how to cook? She’s trying her hand at creating delicious chicken fricas-knee!
  • Do knees marry priests?
  • My knee enjoys sending mail; they call it e-knee-mail.
  • Knees love AB-knee!

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