50 Funny Mouth Puns: Jokes And One-Liner

Mouth puns: Discover hilarious mouth puns and jokes that will make you smile. Perfect for kids and adults alike.

Come on in, folks who appreciate wordplay and good laughs! Our Mouth Puns will leave you smiling with lightness in your heart – perfect for sharing with family or friends and perfect to lighten any mood! From puns, funny one-liners and comical mouth lines – let our carefully curated list lighten any occasion and bring joyous laughter! So bring out those smiles, prepare your stomachs to laugh along and dive right in – unleash laughter with some hilarious mouth puns; it’s time to create memories one laugh at a time!

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Funny Mouth Puns

Mouth Puns
  • My dentist is also an incredible comedian; he knows his way around an orthodontist’s drill!
  • What do wealthy teeth own? A crown!
  • Why did my mouth turn down this invitation to join in the celebrations? Because it felt tongue-tied.
  • Why was a toothbrush hired? Because it never fails to keep its promise!
  • What instrument is a dentist’s go-to musical tool? A tooth-ba!
  • Why did our mouth exist? To put food onto our tongue.
  • Why did my mouth break apart with its dental braces? Simply, too much pressure was being exerted upon it.
  • Wisdom teeth seem so wise. After all, they come in late so as to bypass a trip to the dentist!
  • Tongue tacos are among the favorite foods of our mouths!
  • What tools can tongues use to cut their food? Their taste-buds!
  • Why did the mouth seek therapy? Because its lips had too much on them.
  • When can a mouth feel creatively empowered? By employing its palette… er, palette!
  • Have you heard about the mouth that could paint? It clearly had an appreciation of art!
  • How can one compliment an exquisite mouth? Say that its beauty enthralls.
  • What did the mouth say after being cleaned by you? Your assistance was revitalizing!
  • What music band do the Rolling Tonsils appeal to a mouth?
  • Why was the Tooth Fairy so upset? Because losing one tooth set her back several molars.
  • Why did the upper lip and lower lip separate? Because they felt they weren’t meeting halfway.
  • What message are we communicating when our mouth yawns? That we are taking on more responsibility than they can handle!
  • What do you call a mouth without any molars? A gaping hole-lar!

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Funny Mouth Puns And Jokes

  • What clothing style makes an impressionable tongue tickle its tastebuds most? Stylish attire.
  • Why did the front tooth turn pirate? Because it longed to become captain-cuspid.
  • Why did a dentist become a baseball coach? He knows all about baseball!
  • Why are mouths such great detectives? Because they always taste the truth.
  • Why did the mouth apply for media work? Because he had outstanding verbal and nonverbal communication abilities – including excellent “swallow-ship.”
  • Why was his mouth always disoriented? Too many canines were floating about.
  • Why has my mouth been caught in an elaborate lie? Because its cheek is too prominent.
  • How does one bid farewell to an old tooth? By bracing itself and wavering.
  • Why did gum make its way into school? In order to remain focused on core fundamentals.
  • Have you heard about the award-winning tongue? It enjoyed great success and had an unforgettable taste!
  • What music are gums’ favorite tunes? Classical gums!
  • Why are teeth the most reliable parts of our bodies? Because they always stay attached to their gums!
  • Why don’t incisors ever lie? Because then they would be accused of biting off more than they can chew!
  • Why did tongue exercises exist? In order to preserve flavour!
  • What would you call someone with an unusually cautious tongue? Somewhat cautious.
  • How should one begin an interview for work? With a firm handshake and warm smile.
  • I knew a tongue which rebelled against its owner – it had quite the sharp tongue!
  • Why did the mouth lose its wallet? Because all lip and no action were taken.
  • Where’s a mouth’s favorite vacation spot? Lip-Sinki!
  • When can incisive teeth be particularly detrimental? When they break through!

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Funny Mouth One-Liners And Jokes

  • What was Mouth’s favorite sitcom? “Full Mouth”.. not to be mistaken with “Full House”.
  • What time does a dentist enjoy the most? Toothache!
  • Why could the mouth act as an expert mathematician? Because there was always something reliable within reach to count on.
  • Why are teeth such smart alecs? They know when it is time for revenge!
  • Why did mouth always lose at poker? Because it couldn’t keep its poker face, always smiling and being friendly towards its adversary.
  • Why doesn’t my mouth forget? Because its tastebuds can easily recall past events.
  • Why would someone choose Iron-Man as their superhero of choice for taste buds? His irresistibly metallic taste!
  • Why can a mouth be such an ineffective secret keeper? Because it reveals too easily.
  • What do molars do when they get bored? They just grind away!
  • Why did the tongue win such an honorable distinction? Because its placement always marks success.

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