100 Mustache Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover hilarious mustache puns and jokes for a fun time with friends. Get ready to laugh with these fan-stache-tic captions!

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Funny Mustache Puns

Mustache Puns
  • My mustache thinks it is The Incredible Hulk!
  • How does a mustache keep order in its kingdom? By trimming its buds at just the right moment!
  • What do we call those responsible for controlling facial hair? ‘Stache-ic directors.
  • Why did the mustache arrive early at its own party? Because it didn’t want to arrive ‘fashionably late!
  • Why doesn’t there seem to be keys on mustaches? Because it is always unlocked!
  • Please allow me to ask you a question… but let’s keep the facial hair for later!
  • My mustache’s favorite author is Harry Potter!
  • Do You Visit the Gym to Maintain your Mustache? Yes. ‘Facial’ training.
  • Why did the mustache join Tinder? Because it was looking for its “trimmest mate!”
  • Tom Selleck’s mustache campaign for president is clear ‘whisker’ politics!
  • Where should a mustache deposit its money? In its “hair” bank.
  • What did the barber tell the mustache-wearing customer? You are becoming more endearing!
  • Why did the mustache break off of my beard? I thought something felt off!
  • My mustache has always been known by its nickname of Upper, because of the lip.
  • Have you heard the latest buzz surrounding mustaches? They have quickly become one of the hottest fashion trends!
  • Why did mustache get promoted? Because it was always honing its skills.
  • What do we refer to an overweight mustache as? A “Fatstache!”
  • Imagine if there were laws specifically protecting mustaches? Incorporating all hair follicles!
  • What did the barber-scissor say to the mustache? You are out of ‘line.’
  • How did Sherlock Holmes mock Watson’s mustache? By calling it an element-hairy one!
  • An established barber with a mustache exudes more trust. They project authority.
  • My primary issue right now is growing my mustache; in fact, this topic of conversation was brought up during last night’s dinner party!
  • How can one avoid having an annoying mustache? By trimming it ‘loose-tache!
  • Why did the mustache seek therapy? Because of separation anxiety.
  • How can you make your mustache popular? Give it curled appeal!
  • My mustache feels left out; all my jokes revolve around it!
  • Why did the mustache visit an amusement park? Because he needed thrills!
  • What can be the worst enemy for mustache-sporters? An embarrassing close shave!
  • Why did the Mustache Attend College? To Get some Hedge-ucation!
  • Which beard stands out in a room full of beards? Certainly the one sporting an attractive mustache will do!
  • Mustaches run strong in our family! Most often seen ‘running from nose to mouth.
  • Your mustache oozes charm! That is when you know you have arrived as an incredible individual!
  • Mustaches are like memories: once established they cannot be erased easily!
  • Mustaches simply highlight your facial structure! They do not cover it up like beards do!
  • Ever heard of the mustache writer? Their book was called, “Hairy Tales.”

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Funny Mustache Jokes

  • What could possibly be worse for those sporting mustaches than being mistook as “granite?”
  • What’s the motto behind growing a mustache? Don’t ever have it “trimmed!”
  • What did one mustache say to another mustache? “Let’s put on our mustaches together!”
  • Are you ready for some laughs about mustaches? I am here to “mustache” away your worries with laughter!
  • Please join me in pausing to remember all those mustaches which were shaved today; their mustaches must now rest easy under razor’s edge!
  • Assume you enter a barber’s shop with either beard or mustache: uprising! Or assume you enter with both and it becomes hairrisy!
  • Why did the mustache cross the road? In order to visit its counterpart!
  • An old man’s mustache symbolizes his wisdom emerging.
  • I asked Dad why he didn’t wear mustaches; his response was that it’s up to his discretion as a parent.
  • Tom Selleck without his trademark mustache is like telling an empty joke: no punchline and no payoff!
  • How does a mustache know it is popular? By having many brushes with fame!
  • What connects a thesaurus and mustache? They both serve as “word bristles.”
  • How does a mustache order a drink at a bar? Lip services.
  • Einstein had one of the finest mustaches ever! His mustache was truly majestic!
  • Why do we remember Einstein’s mustache so fondly? Because its presence was rather noticeable.
  • How does a mustache compose pop music? By crafting catchy ‘hooks’ and “curls.”
  • How does a mustache introduce himself? “Let me mustache myself onto your upper lip!”
  • Mustache was in bad spirits after its trim was given up and left looking less-than-spiffing.
  • My girlfriend suggested it could have been me or the mustache… we are both currently single.
  • Who is Rafael “Nose-dal”‘s favorite tennis player?
  • Why wasn’t the mustache chosen to play its part? Perhaps because it wasn’t tailored specifically for it!
  • My handlebar mustache was an unexpected twist of fate.
  • My mustache’s go-to workout? Lip gymnastics.
  • My mustache has grown on me – both literally and metaphorically!
  • So when a guy with an amazing mustache passed by me, I said: “Wow! Now THAT is mustache-tastic!.”
  • What do you call an artificial mustache? A “Sham-stache!”
  • My mustache takes pleasure in fractions, especially the upper half.
  • Mustaches can be more than mere hair on your lip; they represent life-stache-ment!
  • Recently I saw a movie about mustaches… it was fascinating!
  • What results when you cross together mustache and iPad? An “iStache.”
  • My mustache serves as my right arm; it accompanies all my moves!
  • What do you call an enthusiastic Italian mustache? ‘Hair-lo and Goodbye!’
  • Mustachioed man enters a bar; bartender tells them “You’ve just been bar’d!”.
  • Mustaches can sometimes be like jokes; not everyone understands them!
  • Why was the mustache wearing sunglasses? Because he or she wanted to reduce attention on themselves!

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Funny Mustache One-Liners

  • I tried my hardest to grow a mustache, but unfortunately it just wouldn’t grow properly.
  • An effective mustache will get the point across!
  • Mustaches have long been seen as being trendy facial hair styles.
  • Today I heard an absolutely hilarious mustache joke which still gives me chills a day later! I can still feel myself laughing out loud every time I think back on it!
  • Mustache’s are often thought of as facades – in reality they form part of your face’s roof!
  • Razor blades can be the bane of mustaches’ existence: it causes them to bristle!
  • Humane Mustache Removal Solutions’: Cut your mustache with Care!
  • I had considered growing a mustache until I became aware that this trend is in full force.
  • Why did my mustache refuse to move off of my face? Because it had taken root!
  • Remind yourself that wearing a mustache doesn’t make you weird; it’s simply facial expression!
  • Mustaches are the pinnacle of facial hair humor!
  • My mustache and I have shared many fun, sad, ‘trim’-ing, and untrim-ing adventures over the years…
  • What do we call mustaches that grow quickly? Fast-‘tache-ic!
  • Why did the razor contact his mustache? For an intelligent conversation.
  • Once shaved, a mustache becomes stubble – only ever one hair away from being irrelevancy!
  • How can one organize a mustache party? Just comb over!
  • Three Musketeer-staches: “Hair-thos”, ‘Porthos-tache”, and ‘Hair-amis”!
  • What makes Steve Harvey’s mustache unique is its significance in family feud.
  • Music and mustaches share more similarities than you realize…both require rhythm.
  • My friends thought my mustache looked pretty great, yet they began making jokes about its look.
  • Mustaches have always been part of our culture – just ask any barber!
  • My mustache tried to put up resistance when I attempted to cut it, so instead grew in protest against my efforts.
  • Why don’t mustaches like playing hide and seek? Because they always ‘come out on top!’
  • What food would a mustache avoid most often? ‘Slip-soup!’
  • An individual without beard and mustache would seem almost unrecognizable…in other words: unbearlievable!
  • How does a mustache catch its killer? By going “undercover!”
  • My mustache says so much about me… specifically that he loves all things 70s!
  • My mustache held its own against my razor during shaving strike!
  • What dance does a mustache prefer to perform? Lip-Sala!
  • Have you seen the new action flick about mustaches? It was truly riveting!

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