100 Funny Nose Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover hilarious nose puns and jokes for kids and adults, making your day full of laughter and smiles. Dive into the world of funny noses!

Welcome to the hilarious world of nose puns! Creativity meets humor for an ear-to-ear smile that won’t quit! Our collection of funny nose jokes, one-liners, and funny nose lines promises to put a smile on your face and bring laughter at any party or gathering! Are You Searching the Web For Punchlines That Give Rise To Nose-talgia? Your Search Ends Here! Use any one of these jokes at an upcoming party or informal get together and you are guaranteed to become the Center of Attention.

Not everyone can find an amusing pun, but don’t fret, we have you covered! With our vast collection of nose puns, we guarantee a lot of laughter that will have everyone rolling with laughter – discovering its power can only further highlight one’s sense of humor!

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Funny Nose Puns

Nose Puns
  • Have you heard about the story about the nose who became rich? Yes… he spared no effort in order to accumulate wealth!
  • My nose loves reading about big winners; perhaps because it knows exactly how to choose them.
  • My nose’s favorite circus act is definitely the trapeze; she loves watching them swing and sneeze!
  • I once knew a man who was desperate for nasal spray; no matter how much he tried to quit using it! His only option seemed to be picking his nose more and more often!
  • My nose knows baking well; she enjoys mixing dough.
  • Tonight I can smell many good vibrations coming from you all! Perhaps my nose’s intuition. Remember: there’s no secrets!
  • I tried telling my nose something, but couldn’t do so successfully.
  • Why did my nose need therapy? Too many tissues had built up around its structure.
  • My nose always helped me count. No matter which way I turned, it always nosed the count correctly.
  • My nose made waves in Hollywood! My nostrils really stood out!
  • Why was his nose so proud? It felt as if it was floating high above earth!
  • Why did the nose go to the party? Because it had heard there would be plenty of explosions!
  • Why do noses live on our faces? Because they don’t want any of their plans to come back and bite someone!
  • An attractive spring smell brings pleasure and delight for most noses. Freshly blooming blooms entice their senses with their captivating fragrance, offering their pleasure at this time of year.
  • My nose knows a great deal! He is such a bright-nosed youngster!
  • Noses don’t generally wear footwear; when they do however, slip-sneezers tend to be their preference.
  • My joke was almost offensively crude about my nose.
  • My nose knows gourmet cuisine; it always knows where to sniff out delicious flavors!
  • Why was my nose always running in wintertime? Because its cold temperature wasn’t adapting!
  • How did the nose get into comedy? It always knows when and how to crack a joke!
  • Noses don’t like living near the Equator because their noses always get sunburnt – these scents have serious personality!
  • My nose can’t take winter’s tissues!
  • Why was my nose always late working? Too many nostril-labs to inspect!
  • Nose fruit of choice must surely be the P-NOSE apple!
  • Ladies and gents, keep your noses clear – as no soap without suds!
  • Why don’t noses get lost? Because they always return to their roots.
  • My nose enjoys gardening; its favorite scent is always roses!
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling” must be his favorite song since his nose simply can’t stop sneezing!
  • Why can noses make such poor keepers of secrets? They always spill them.
  • My nose doesn’t possess much musical talent. It only knows one song — “Amazing Nose,” and often plays it off-key!

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Funny Nose Puns & Jokes

  • Do you have any funny nose jokes to share? Though most likely not very funny, I am open and ready for all.
  • One of a nose’s go-to office tools must be the staple gun; its refill is always coming soon enough!
  • My friend says my nose makes an ideal comedy prop; it always draws the crowd’s eye.
  • Why did the nose break off into pieces with its tissue? Simply because it had had enough of being blown off!
  • Guaca-sneeze. This snack of choice for our noses.
  • Why has the nose never lost in poker? Because they always know when it is best to fold!
  • Why did the nose attend this game? Heard there would be an incredible pitch and fun dogs to chase around?
  • My nose’s favorite movie is “Sneeze-ter Act.”
  • The nose’s favorite basketball move? An alley-achoo!
  • Noses know exactly when there’s something delicious cooking; they can detect it a mile away!
  • My nose insisted on running for office. So I told it – congratulations -you smell like an outstanding candidate!
  • My nose’s favorite subject? Geography! She especially enjoys exploring mountain and valleyscapes!
  • My friends laughed as we looked for jokes related to noses… they replied by ‘not knowing any, but we will search our brains!”
  • Why can’t noses make good detectives? Because they always give away their cover!
  • An Italian nose may feature high nostrils with several nosebags in tow.
  • Re-sniff-erators are an indispensable workout machine for our noses!
  • Why does my nose often lie to me? Because it is constantly sniffing out trouble!
  • One of my friends made an unwise remark about my nose. Instead of responding in any way, I simply let it pass without comment.
  • My nose produced delicious coffee-making results.
  • Why can’t noses work like fast cars? They always bring on the sniffles!
  • Why doesn’t my nose enjoy spicy food? Because its sensors cannot tolerate its affects!
  • Why did the nose never find any peace and privacy? It was always subject to scrutiny!
  • Why did the phone make friends with my nose? Because it took great pleasure in appreciating all my ring-nose features.
  • Noses never take time off! Instead, they always follow a regimentated schedule!
  • My Pho-Nose makes delicious Vietnamese soup!
  • Why was that nose sad at the party? Because it always wanted to run from all of the fun!
  • My nose gave an unexpected response; sneezing loudly while saying: atch-two!”
  • My nose absolutely loves “The Catcher in the Rye.” His favorite plot element is its fragrant aromatics!
  • An unhappy nose walks into a bar but cannot decide on any beverage to order; its beer pressure has become too great!
  • Why can’t you play hide-and-seek with your nose? No matter where it goes, its always there!
  • My nose took it upon itself to go on strike against bacteria accumulating, hoping that by doing so it could put an end to any further attack from viruses and germs.
  • Noses welcome winter as an opportunity to produce mucus.
  • Drama or Action Films? Not my cup of tea; instead I prefer thriller films!
  • My friend recently got a nose ring that certainly grabbed attention – definitely an impressive display of style!
  • What was one nose telling another nose? “We are truly in-snor-egular!”

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Funny Puns About Nose

  • My nose always knew its destiny was as an investigator; always ready and eager to sniff out clues!
  • Are You Feeling Fine Today, as Your Nose Has become Runny?
  • Nose loves Achoo-a! Its scent lingers through the waters like no other creature can.
  • My Arabic nose thoroughly enjoys having its moment of fame: when its Shah-nose-thyself moment arises.
  • Both pianos and noses look their best when their range is extended!
  • Why can’t noses act as knights? Because sometimes even they might struggle with handling scents associated with knighthood!
  • My nose knows no boundaries! Always sniffing out trouble, it has my nose pointed directly in its direction!
  • As part of its campaign for president, a nose pledged snot-blocking action.
  • Have you noticed how tired of being a comedian the nose has become? Everyone keeps laughing at his jokes!
  • My nose seems to be endless – with no clear limits for its expansion! Even it has nostril-limits!
  • My nose enjoyed reading that book so much it could almost smell the storyline!
  • Following your nose is what they tell me; yet every time I glance downward it’s always there!
  • Why did he cross the road? So that he could sneeze on both sides!
  • My nose had become quite congested… poor thing! Everything inside it felt heavy.
  • Noses always make for great puns; their smell for humor makes a lasting impression on readers.
  • Why was he elected best entrepreneur? Due to his invention – an electric drill.
  • Be wary of nose paparazzi; they always follow your nose!
  • I could make an excuse joke… but it might not be very funny.
  • Noses tend to feel safer at night because their companion nose makes an ideal peek-a-sneeze partner.
  • What if your nose went on strike? It might even sign a no-sneez treaty!
  • Noses make great basketball players; they know how to adjust when their nose runs.
  • Be careful with nose bloopers – they could end up blowing up in your face!
  • Dieting requires eating lean-meats and vegetables for best results.
  • Noseberry juice is unquestionably the go-to drink!
  • My nose kept sneezing after laughing at your jokes!
  • My nose loves taking rides – it’s an exhilarating roller-nose-ter!
  • I saw an enormous nose working out at a gym recently – perhaps doing cardio?! I noticed it run around quite frequently!
  • Have you heard about nose-talgia – our nose’s favorite pastime of reflecting back upon all of its experiences with various scents it has encountered over time.
  • Why can’t a nose be twelve inches long? Because then it would cover half a foot!
  • What did the mother nose tell the young nose during dinnertime? Don’t throw away your food!
  • “No I can’t,” was its reply when I told it to slow down, tissue roll in hand.
  • Why don’t noses ever get locked out? They always know exactly where the key can be found.
  • Blowing too often and excessively is an obvious source of irritation and displeasure.
  • My nose loves serving its coffee the classic American way: with milk and sugar!
  • Your nose’s favorite treat? Pie-nostril-dough mode!

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