100+ Shoulder Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

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Funny Shoulder Puns

Shoulder Puns
  • My shoulder’s favorite dessert? Shoulder-berrie pie!
  • Why are shoulders eco-friendly? Because they always recycle.
  • What message can a shoulder provide Monday blues sufferers? “Shrug it off!”
  • Want some incredible shoulder bands? Try Shoulderplay and Shouldern Roses.
  • Have you seen a shoulder book called, “Keep on Shouldering?” It contains useful and inspiring messages like, “Kill Your Fear and Keep Shouldering!.”
  • My shoulder’s quite eye-catching, as it boasts its very own boulder holder!
  • Why did Tommy join Rugrats? Because its shoulder felt it could hold his weight.
  • My shoulder gave swimming a try recently and found it surprising good, without needing to add additional water sources for support.
  • My shoulder always manages to find sanctuary within a shoulder bag whenever it engages in games of hide-and-seek.
  • What should a shoulder say when they see litter? Allow me to shoulder that load and clean up!
  • Are You Engaged In Politics? I’ve taken an interest and can often be seen taking either an left or right stance!
  • Shoulder friendship is truly worth cherishing! Never doubt its support!
  • What did the shoulder tell the doctor? “I can manage any joint discomfort.”
  • My shoulder dreamt of becoming famous, but its shoulders might not be strong enough for that pressure.
  • Did you know that shoulders have their own favorite sports team? Typically they favor the Chargers!
  • Have you encountered an arrogant shoulder? When asked how it’s doing, its response may include something along the lines of “jointly awesome!”
  • My shoulder would rather remain single; its nerve endings couldn’t handle all those pick-up lines!
  • My shoulder asked for coffee; it felt cold-shouldered.
  • Why does my shoulder disapprove of cleaning? Because it cannot carry the broom!
  • My shoulder has an unexpected talent: It excels in shoulder surfing.
  • I advised my shoulder to adopt a more positive outlook; its response? “That won’t work.”
  • Why did the shoulder leave for space? Because it wanted to carry the moon.
  • Shoulder snakes make great pets!
  • Should it indicate shoulder shake?
  • I originally intended to form a team of shoulders, but decided against doing so due to fear they could collapse under pressure.
  • What does a shoulder tell a tissue? Unfortunately I can’t contain all tissues.
  • Do not criticize someone’s shoulder – it simply cannot take an insult on its own.
  • My shoulder recently launched a collection of self-help books. Their messages are quite encouraging!
  • My shoulder always wins at poker; it excels at keeping up an intimidating poker face.
  • Did the shoulder wear a seat belt? In an effort to increase safety for her own wellbeing.

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Funny Shoulder Jokes

  • Asking anyone else to keep secrets will only embarrass them! They won’t keep silent!
  • How does one greet friends on his/her shoulder? By giving them a pat.
  • My shoulder puns had begun to weaken over the years.
  • Do not feel sorry for your shoulder; it always knows how to tackle its problems on its own.
  • My shoulder’s favorite movie? “The Cold Shoulder Mountain”.
  • Shoulders can’t stand opera. Soprano notes give off too high of an pitch; those are too scary!
  • Why don’t shoulders get caught in traffic? They seem to always find ways of passing safely by them.
  • My shoulder truly appreciates being near the ocean, especially its fishy inhabitants! It enjoys every opportunity it gets to go fishing!
  • My shoulder was looking peckish so I asked it out for lunch.
  • Have you heard about an overworked shoulder? It carries much weight.
  • Sometimes my shoulders tire of gardening; on those occasions, I carry a hoe around on my shoulder for use.
  • My shoulders can handle it all…unless it involves weightlifting!
  • My shoulder sought guidance in the form of a fortune cookie which read, “Shoulder Your Dreams.
  • My shoulder doesn’t like dressed-up clothing – it always feels undershouldered!
  • My shoulder can drive me absolutely insane when it starts blushing–the sheer sight is enough to cause severe distress! Especially when it turns pink.
  • I attempted to emulate one of the world’s iconic shoulders, but that proved futile.
  • I asked the shoulder if it liked basketball; its response: “No.”
  • My shoulders prevent me from running; they keep pulling on my leg!
  • What can signal that something’s amiss with our shoulders? Shoulder flares.
  • What do we call shoulders that move with excellent rhythm? Shoulder-shakingly good.
  • Have you seen the shoulder bodybuilding contest? It was quite impressive and impressively packed.
  • Why don’t shoulders ever become embroiled in arguments? Because they know exactly how to deal with it all.
  • My shoulder can no longer take the strain of academia and has fallen out of grace with academic life.
  • Shoulders are essential body components. They serve as natural hangers.
  • Do not mislead those you speak to; their ears can hear what needs to be said. Never lie when speaking directly. A lie could get in its place the truth that can then need be told later on.
  • Do the shoulders receive scholarships? Absolutely, though this was for their shoulders only.
  • Today was not my plan, but when my shoulder shrugged “why not?,” something in me suggested weightlifting as being beneficial to health and vitality.
  • Shoulder jokes do nothing but distract me.
  • Lover is generally one of the least beloved songs from this album.
  • What social media platform should be your go-to spot? For many it might just be Twitter!

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Funny Shoulder One-Liners

  • Why did the vegetarian turn down eating shoulder steak? Because its joints were too jointed.
  • I tried dating my shoulder but it refused due to already possessing an irreparable chip on its shoulder.
  • My shoulder suffers from anxiety. It’s constantly on edge.
  • Why don’t shoulders ever become disoriented? They always know which direction they need to travel in.
  • My shoulder wanted to explore a career in natural healing; it has an affinity for herbal shoulder remedies.
  • Avoid inviting anyone with an injured shoulder into your yoga class; they tend to keep moving around!
  • Shoulders make great detectives because they excel at carrying evidence.
  • “Whether I am shoulder to the wheel or not, it is always a relief when my car starts itself on its own.
  • Why didn’t the shoulder get promoted? Because it couldn’t fulfill all its responsibilities.
  • Why are shoulders the sweetest part of our bodies? Because they carry so much love!
  • My shoulder’s favorite cartoon character? Shoulder-man from Spiderman.
  • My shoulder absolutely adores cooking – its favorite dish being shoulder chops.
  • My shoulder had twins. Now it has double the responsibility!
  • Why doesn’t my shoulder date often? Because they fear getting dumped.
  • Why do shoulders hate hair salons? Because their shoulders don’t want the extra weight from carrying around their locks of hair.
  • My shoulder loves math; it is always trying to calculate its sum.
  • Dinner tonight features shoulders. Joints will also be on the menu.
  • My shoulder’s an avid reader; it loves reading up on shoulder history!
  • My friend and I had an intense shoulder-off, the results being equal on both ends.
  • My shoulder doesn’t like ice cream – it often complains of frostbite!
  • Shoulders make for great models for artists. It keeps portraits upright.
  • What luxury brand is most beloved among shoulders? Louis Vuitton.
  • My shoulder wants a hamburger. Told it not to hold onto their buns!
  • My shoulder tends to take an aggressive stance.
  • Cold Shoulder Blues is one of my shoulders’ favorite songs!
  • My shoulder had started to smell of shoulder stick. So, I advised it to maintain good hygiene practices in order to remain fresh-smelling.
  • Shoulder left acting. No longer could it support drama’s weight.
  • My shoulder keeps a diary! In reality it’s my shoulder pad!
  • Why did the shoulder become an effective goalkeeper? Because it could absorb impacts easily.
  • If shoulders had an official motto, it may well be:
  • My massage therapist touched a nerve on my shoulder! That prompted us to part ways.
  • I decided not to attend the shoulder union meeting after hearing reports it was packed’shoulder-to-shoulder’ with people.
  • Shoulder couldn’t enjoy party, couldn’t participate.
  • My shoulder becomes the superhero cape each evening – it’s super awesome.
  • “Nope,” was its answer.
  • My favorite shoulder puns are ones that leave me smiling without making my joint hurt!
  • My shoulder laughed it off when asked whether or not they liked poetry: they shrugged their shoulders dismissively and replied that, since “they weren’t shouldery”, they don’t much enjoy poetry either.
  • Shoulder Sunday! My shoulder loves Shoulder Sundays.
  • My shoulder’s favorite snack? Shoulder chips!
  • Laugh out loud with shoulder jokes; they would certainly make us all chuckle.

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