100 Skull Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Skull Puns: Discover the most ‘Humerus’ Skull Puns and Jokes in that will tickle your funny bone. Get ready to laugh!

Unleash your bone-tickling humor with our collection of skull puns! Sure to add an exciting dose of fun into any day. Our jokes hit right to the bone – with clever one-liners or hilarious skull lines sure to bring laughter your way – our collection has something funny waiting! So dive right in & allow humor and skulls come together! Get ready to share these pun-tastic pieces with all your friends as good humor (and puns) should never die out!

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Funny Skull Puns

Skull Puns
  • What type of music resonates most strongly with skulls? Anything that induces head banging.
  • Why do skulls make such effective detectives? Their keen senses allow them to see right through people.
  • When asked by police how he broke the window, the skull responded that “it slipped from my hands as soon as my hand touched it. No doubt it must be kept somewhere within.”
  • Why did the skull never lie? He had nobody with whom to share his falsehoods.
  • Why don’t skulls play cricket? Because they fear bats!
  • Why did a skull become an intellectual? He always lived inside of himself!
  • Why can’t skulls play poker? They always bluff to win!
  • “Don’t lower your head,” is his mantra.
  • Why did the skull visit the crepe shop? He wanted something sweet with his pancakes.
  • Why did the skull ride his bike off of a cliff? He wanted a headstart in life.
  • Barbers tend to avoid working on skulls because of fears they’ll cut something important off during their work, leading them to risk injury and potential litigation.
  • Skull’s fear is of long drives: that they might lead him away from reality and lead to him turning mad on his journey home.
  • What would you call someone with their head full of beer? A foamy thinker!
  • Why did the skull choose to become an astronaut? They had always lived within their own world!
  • Why did the skull win every argument with his wife? Because he would always claim, “My mind has already been made up.”
  • “Game of Bones” is his favourite TV program.
  • Expect lots of “head” jokes from skulls because their sense of humor tends to be dry.
  • Why are skulls always peaceful? Because they maintain their heads.
  • Why was a Skull the best dancer? He knew bone-dancing.
  • Why did the skull refuse to play chess? He was afraid he’d lose his king!
  • What instrument is the skull’s favorite instrument? A trombone!
  • Why can skulls so effectively convey history? Because everything stored therein.
  • What was said between them? “I stand far and above everyone here!”
  • Why did these skulls always show up at band practice? Because they understood its significance.
  • Why are skulls suffering hump day blues? Because they cannot get over that particular hurdle in their journeys.
  • What should you say in praise of someone with such an attractive skull? Congratulations on having an eye-catching cranium!
  • “I’m bone-tired”, “I have an issue with you”, and “Oh skull, kill me!.” These are among the skull’s favorite catch phrases.
  • While dining, he always gave an exhortation of “Good appetite!”
  • What did the skull say after losing his keys? “This could lead to my demise!”
  • Why do skulls fail at playing hide and seek? Too easy! Headcount!
  • What do skulls say before eating? Bone-appetit!
  • What’s a skull’s favorite game? “I-Spy”, since they excel at looking through cracks!
  • Why did the skull study philosophy? His head had always been in the clouds.
  • Why was the skull always positive? Because it kept saying: “You have an edge!”.
  • Where does a skull keep his shoes? In a headcase!

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Funny Skull Jokes

  • What was the skull telling the brain? Basically: you are no-brainers!
  • Why did the skull lose his job? Because he’s bone idle.
  • Why did the skull break up with his girlfriend? According to him, it wasn’t her – rather it was his head in the clouds that caused their separation.
  • How should a skull say farewell to their host? “I had an enjoyable visit; time for head to go!”
  • One of a skull’s favorite tools in the kitchen? His or her Skullet!
  • Why was there a skull sitting atop of my pumpkin? Because it was trying to carve itself a headache!
  • How can you spot a psycho skull analyst? He or she will overanalyze your head!
  • Why don’t skulls argue with zombies? Because they simply prefer head-banging discussions over heated debates.
  • Why did the skull refuse to play hide and seek? He didn’t believe anyone would find him!
  • Why do skulls always seem to make the cut at parties? Because they represent life in a boneyard.
  • What did the skull tell his Valentine on Valentine’s Day? “I am completely in love with you!”
  • What do skulls say when it rains? – it’s going over our heads!
  • What do you call an intrusive mind reader?
  • What do you call a skull in a pan? A bonehead.
  • Why don’t skulls fight each other? Because they tend to avoid conflicts.
  • Why did the skull order salad as its dinner course? Because it didn’t want to put too much in its head.
  • Why can skulls not make good secretaries? Because their skulls cannot store any important information within themselves.
  • Tennis can be an intense game; players often become discomfited over it.
  • A skull’s favorite beverage? Anything sans spirits!
  • Why are skulls great at art? Because of their keen sense of detail.
  • What can a burning skull tell me? I have many burning questions.
  • Why couldn’t the skull become a judge? It couldn’t make an impartial and informed judgment.
  • Why do skulls always tell the truth? Because they have nothing to hide.
  • Skull: “I am your true master!”
  • What exercise are skulls’ favorites? Headstands.
  • Why does winter tickle my skull so much? Perhaps due to its bone-chilling temperatures.
  • What was his response when accused of lying? “You need only look directly into my eye socket to know I’m telling the truth!”
  • What do you call a skull with a map inside it? A head case.
  • Why can’t skulls exist alone? Because they always need someone with them!
  • What do you call an empty skull without its home? A “numb-skull.”
  • Why can’t skulls get bank loans without collateral?
  • How do skull restaurateurs make decisions? By consulting their mummy.
  • Why did he lose his skull? Because of what transpired!
  • Have you heard who Skeletor Keanu Reeves loves best as his favorite actor?
  • Why are skulls such adept swimmers? Their shape keeps the head above water.

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Funny Skull One-Liners

  • Why did the skull refrain from eating spicy food? He didn’t want to lose his head over it!
  • Why don’t you engage in a staring contest using only skulls as prizes? No one could possibly come out victorious from such an contest!
  • How did a skull climb to the top of his company? He really got ahead!
  • I never enjoyed being around this skull… He always had something critical to say!
  • What does a skull’s favorite bean taste like? Human beans!
  • What street do skulls prefer most often? One that ends in death.
  • Why did the skull fail its final exams? Simply, because its head had too much on its shoulders.
  • What did the two skulls tell each other at the disco? “You crack me up!!”
  • Where did the skull go on vacation? He went into his mind!
  • Which shampoo do skulls prefer the most? Head and Shoulders!
  • What do you call an invisible skull-case? An undercover brain-case!
  • Why did the skull prevail in this duel? He was ahead from the outset.
  • Why did the skull go alone to the party? Simply because no one was around!
  • What should a construction worker wear when going onto site? A hard hat.
  • Why are skulls the ideal cheerleaders? Because they possess spirit!
  • What room in your house does a skull like best? Perhaps ironically enough, the living room.
  • Only your skull could truly express all your thoughts; after all, isn’t everything within our minds?
  • How can a Skull Laugh? – Tell a Bone Joke
  • What vegetable do skulls like best? Head of lettuce!
  • Why was the skull visiting the psychologist? He felt empty inside.
  • Why did the skull leave school? He felt overwhelmed.
  • How is a skull’s vision achieved? Through their eye sockets!
  • Why don’t skulls ever get promoted? Without any body to move up in, their promotions remain stagnant.
  • Why did the skull seek therapy? He felt overwhelmed.
  • The skull likes keeping his workout regimen simple; no need for strenuous sweat sessions here!
  • Did you hear about the skull who joined a circus? He made quite an impression!
  • Why don’t skulls like rain? Because it goes directly through their skulls!
  • Skulls detest magic tricks; it always causes them to lose their heads over it.
  • Have you seen the house of a vampire, all skulls with nothing underneath them but dust?
  • Why is a session called a skull session? Simply because they’re familiarizing themselves with the subject material.

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