100 Teeth Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover toothy humor with our funny teeth puns and jokes. Keep your smile bright as you enjoy these dental quips.

Teeth Puns” are not just the crown jewel of dental humor; they’re guaranteed to put a smile on even the gloomiest faces! Our funny teeth lines will have you laughing out loud! So sit back, brace yourself and get ready to experience laughter like never before with “Teeth Puns.” Laughter like an outbreak – only much better to catch!

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Funny Teeth Puns

Teeth Puns
  • How does a tooth plan its day? By creating an “bite-schedule”.
  • Where do most teeth like to spend most of their time? At the “Molar-Mall.”
  • How does a tooth ask for forgiveness? By telling his or her audience “I apologize from my roots”.
  • How does a tooth make friends? By cracking open some “ice-cream”.
  • What’s the most disorienting element of an un-rooted tooth? It could well be its lack of root.
  • How does a tooth make its decision? By “picking out” the best option.
  • Why are teeth so sharp? Because they always get their point across!
  • What do your teeth say before bedtime? “Sleep tight, you are in for an amazing night!”
  • Why do teeth love banks so much? Because it gives them an easy place to deposit their fillings!
  • Why did the tooth decide to join Parliament? Because it wanted to contribute its expertise on “Enamel-ated bills.”
  • What would a tooth drink at a party? “Brace-lemonade”.
  • What movie would a tooth choose as their favorite film? “Chews-day”.
  • Why did the canine visit the dentist? Due to an aggressive bark, and in need of “braces”.
  • How does a tooth comfort someone? By giving an affectionate “gum-hug”.
  • What do teeth do on dates? They munch and consume.
  • What would a tooth say during an intensive workout session? Let’s “chews” for health!
  • Toothpaste doesn’t like talking, since its presence often gets overlooked or dismissed.
  • Why did my teeth agree to flossing? They were tired of hanging by a thread.
  • How does a tooth achieve success? By targeting its goals at “gum-nets.”
  • What do winning teeth do when they win their match? They host a “cavity celebration”.
  • How can Teeth organize a Party? They hone their abilities and “floss” away.
  • Who are a tooth’s best allies? Tongues! Always know just what to say to break the ice!
  • What makes for the most fashionable smile? One with bracelets!
  • Why did the tooth go to the beach? In search of sustenance: “sand-wiches”.
  • How does a tooth become an instrument of good? By repelling evil.
  • What food are teeth’s favorite treats? “Tooth-paste-ries”.
  • How do teeth enjoy their vacations? By lazing about in the “toothsunlight.”
  • “Chew and Review!” This activity is one of a tooth’s favorite pastimes.
  • Orthodontists make excellent coaches because they always know when it’s necessary to “brace” for impacts.
  • Why was a dentist such an exceptional musician? Because he had perfect pitch for playing dental notes!

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Best Teeth Jokes

  • How can a dentist console an upset child? By giving them a “molar-coaster” ride!
  • Why are molars such good storytellers? Their narratives usually stem from within themselves and run deep, like roots.
  • How does one impress its date with a tooth-tie? By wearing one.
  • How does one become a journalist with their teeth? By “drilling down” into the truth and unearthing its hidden depths.
  • What would a tooth say during an argument? Get ready, I’m coming for you with full force!
  • How does a tooth communicate its needs to us? Through its “cell filament”.
  • What kind of tale would fascinate a tooth the most? One featuring plenty of “gn-tales”.
  • Geometry… as all those angles make up its basis!
  • Which day is a tooth’s favorite? “Toothdays”.
  • How does a tooth invest its savings? By entering into the “tooth market”.
  • Why did my tooth require therapy? Because its enamel couldn’t withstand constant drilling.
  • Why can’t teeth ever win races? Because there’s always some gaping cavity to fill!
  • Why can a tooth be likened to a cloud? Because when one disappears, the day becomes “brighter”.
  • How does a tooth cope after it breaks? Simply by “brushing away the discomfort.”
  • How do teeth like their steak cooked? Well-done; their teeth cannot handle anything rare!
  • What’s a tooth’s favorite game? Hide and “Seek-cay”.
  • How is a tooth used as the centerpiece in a film? By being used as an “enamel-leader.”
  • What better way is there for a tooth to celebrate its birthday than with a “root-cake”.
  • Why did the tooth get into trouble? Because it accused its tongue of having bad breath.
  • What are a tooth’s go-to fashion items? Plaque-tie and braces.
  • How does a tooth write letters? Using “enamel-ink”.
  • Why did coffee date creamer? Because it didn’t want to face its dentist alone!
  • What reality show do teeth watch most often? Keeping up with “Caries.”
  • How can a tooth keep secrets hidden? By “capping” off those secrets!
  • Why did the tooth join the circus? Because he enjoyed “crowning” moments during shows.
  • What do teeth say at game night? “Floss the loser!”!
  • What tune do teeth like best? “Gum-gum Style”.
  • What does an abraded tooth mean? Nothing; it simply indicates its discomfort from “re-tusk-tion”.
  • How does one make their teeth rich? By investing in a “gold crown”.
  • How can a tooth make amends for damage done to its enamel? With an “iridescent-white” smile.
  • What should a tooth wear to a wedding? A “tux-gum” and an elegant dress-dental.
  • Why did their molars break off? Both parties blamed one another’s “grault.”
  • What’s a tooth’s favorite pickup line? “I can’t “resist-ance” your smile!”
  • What song does your tooth love to hear? “Floss” the way that is best suited for them.
  • What dance move do teeth love best? Tooth-step!

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Best Teeth One-Liners

  • How does one play golf using their teeth? By getting an “hole-gum”.
  • What movie would a tooth enjoy watching? “Tooth-nator”.
  • What will teeth say at a punk rock concert? Buckle up! Get set!
  • How does a tooth start running the race? Get set, bite!
  • How can a tooth play a prank? By creating an unexpected “bite scare.”
  • What kind of insurance do dentists rely upon when treating dragon’s teeth? Fire insurance.
  • Why did the tooth become an educator? Because he wanted to empower young minds with knowledge.
  • What would an upper dentary say at the gym? “I practice my “molar-cise” every day!”
  • Why did the tooth buy a boat? Because he or she enjoyed “gum-boat racing.”
  • What can the tooth use to address its internet issues? Brace-band.
  • How does a front tooth communicate with back teeth? Through what’s known as a molar message.
  • Why can teeth never retire? Because their work never ceases.
  • How should a tooth greet its friends? With an eager “hi-giene”.
  • How does a tooth create the illusion of surprise? By hiding everything “beneath the gum”.
  • Which tooth best represents custom software development? One that’s “in-cyst”.
  • What book would a tooth read? A bite-ography!
  • What time of the day does a tooth appreciate most? Tooth Pain Time!
  • What sport are teeth fond of playing? Crown Ball.
  • Why didn’t my tooth attend the party? Because it had an ache that prevented it from grinding as needed.
  • How can teeth stay healthy and remain attractive? With periodic “mouthathons”.
  • How did a tooth receive its award? It was “crowned” for its accomplishments.
  • What would a tooth say at a dance party? Let’s “molar-shake!”
  • What would a tooth say when it’s feeling cold? “Ice cream.”
  • What’s a tooth’s favorite amusement park ride? A “dental-spin”.
  • Why was that tooth on a construction site? Because he or she was an “expert in dental drilling”.
  • Why did a tooth become a farmer? Because he enjoyed cultivating “gum-tatoes”.
  • Why did the King visit a dentist? In order to have his crowns checked.
  • Why do teeth often disagree over what to bite first? They simply can’t agree on an approach for each food item they try to bite on at the same time.
  • How does one make their tooth into an effective leader? By mastering how to “incisor-cise” decisions.
  • What do teeth do on rainy days? They “brush up” on their favorite book!
  • What do teeth tell their dentist when being “drilled?” You are giving me nightmares!
  • Have you heard the one about the dentist who planted a garden to add some vibrancy and colour into his yard? He wanted something fun.
  • Why are teeth amazing artists? Because they know exactly how to add “polish” to their work.
  • What would your teeth’s favorite musical instrument be? A toothbrush.
  • How should a tooth propose to its beloved? Will you “marrow” me?

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