150 Funny Triceps Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Explore hilarious triceps puns to flex your funny bone. Discover the most flexible muscle jokes and witty one-liners.

Are You Ready for Some Triceps Puns? Our collection of Triceps Jokes will have your armday laughin’! With armday funny one-liners and workout quips guaranteed to lighten the spirits while providing laughs aplenty, these Triceps Jokes are guaranteed to provide plenty of amusement while lightening up routine workouts – and kick start laughter workouts now! Get laughing now with Triceps Puns!

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Funny Triceps Puns

Triceps Puns
  • Why Don’t Triceps Run For Office? They prefer avoiding politics; instead they prefer being part of an intimidating, downtrodden crowd.
  • One tricep came upon an obstacle… it couldn’t handle its grip so had to push-down!
  • When does triceps become “preacher” muscles? When subjected to curls in a gym.
  • My triceps have grown so big they require three bedrooms of space!
  • Triceps’ favorite exercise: Teaching “biceps” how it should be done!
  • What type of award do triceps appreciate most? They like receiving “Armtageous Achievement.”
  • Being the biggest arm muscle isn’t everything for triceps; being arm-bitious!
  • Soldiers appreciate having strong triceps because it means always having access to their arms.
  • Are you available to lend me a helping hand? My triceps seem reluctant to release.
  • He promised he’d join a gym…But unfortunately doesn’t have either the stomach nor triceps for it.
  • As much as I tried to “curl up” with a good book, my triceps refused!
  • My triceps erupted with laughter as soon as I told them a joke; so much so, that they parted into three!
  • Why can’t triceps use cell phones? They tend to “hang-up”.
  • Triceps can sometimes act like teenagers by disobeying orders when pressured.
  • Have you heard about the Tricep that started a charity? This initiative is all about lending someone else a helping hand and spreading happiness!
  • I wanted to join a circus; I think I would fit right in as one of their strong arm “triceratopses!”
  • My triceps’ favorite movie? “The Ex-ercise-ist!”
  • Triceps have difficulty choosing movies. They tend to favor anything with “action”.
  • If triceps could communicate, they’d most likely say: “you have every right to bar us.”
  • Tricep has an inflated sense of itself; always wants to play third wheel!
  • Why can the triceps act like remote controls? A few pushes will have them working wonders!
  • Pythagoras didn’t find my hypotenuse; I did! It had taken up residence within my triceps!
  • My tricep wanted nothing more than to become one of those “strong-men”.
  • Triceps should never be trusted; they always seem to “pull a fast one”.
  • Why are triceps so hard to conceal? Because they stand out!
  • My triceps went on strike, refusing to work until they received an “increase”.
  • Why do triceps hate playing poker? They just can’t seem to keep an arm for it!
  • I wish I had a penny for every time my triceps cried during exercise; then my arms would surely be richly endowed!
  • Why don’t triceps use social media? Simply, they simply are unable to handle its “press”.
  • Triceps are like comedy’s comedic sidekick, always on hand with clever lines to deliver some laughs and entertain us with hilarious comedic material.
  • Why can’t triceps become lawyers? All would likely face charges of contempt of court related to outstanding “press” allegations against them.
  • My triceps remain hidden treasure, so I’ve set off in search of them!
  • Why do triceps tire out while arm wrestling? Apparently it is because too much “pressure”.
  • Why are triceps the laziest muscle group? Because they always want to be “pulled up”.
  • If you want a successful arm wrestling match, step up your “triceps” game!

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Funny Triceps Puns And Jokes

  • Why are triceps such poor secret agents? Because their muscles collapse under tension.
  • My triceps seem to appear out of nowhere! They often surprise me!
  • What drink are triceps’ favorites? A pumpkin spiced latte!
  • Why can triceps never win poker? They lack an effective “poker flex”.
  • Triceps’ favorite TV show? “The Big BANG Theory”.
  • Why don’t triceps write books? Because they prefer performing live “shows”.
  • Ever wondered why your triceps don’t perform as expected at parties? Their thin arms simply can’t take too much “pressure”.
  • Can’t seem to locate my triceps. Perhaps they ran off as I attempted to activate them!
  • Triceps make up the arm’s uppermost layer – just don’t tell that to your biceps; they tend to get reactive!
  • Why do triceps resemble holidays so quickly? Because their time will always pass quickly!
  • My triceps won’t allow it, I can only “bicep” coffee!
  • I knew a tricep who went into baking; now they’re famous for their rolls!
  • Triceps and biceps often seem incapable of reaching an accord, often finding themselves engaged in an ongoing “tug of war.”
  • Ever heard the phrase: “sun is out, guns out”? Well in my case it means: “sun’s out, guns still under construction”.
  • My triceps came straight from above – Gustavo at the gym provided my strength.
  • My triceps definitely take center stage! They show their might whenever possible!
  • Fear for Triceps? Being labeled as an “show muscle”.
  • I tried curling my way into my crush’s heart, but she preferred tricep extensions over curls.
  • Are You Wanting a Pun About Triceps?? Sorry but that joke seems too pushdown.
  • Why did the tricep decline his promotion offer? Because he wanted to avoid excessive pressure.
  • Heard about the tricep left at an altar? Apparently it had too much flexibility and needed to relax!
  • Why did the tricep break up with his partner? Because she no longer allowed him to “flex”.
  • Why did my triceps refuse to hide and seek? Because they dislike being placed under-arm.
  • What should triceps order at a bar? Triple shots!
  • Why did my tricep organize a party? In an effort to “lift” everyone’s spirits.
  • What did one tricep say to another at the gym? “Don’t let those weights drag you down!”
  • Triceps adore geometry; tri-angle is their go-to shape!
  • Reason Why the Tricep Attended A Business Conference: He desired to appear armed and dangerous within corporate circles.
  • Triceps lead the pack when it comes to arm muscles; you could say they possess an aggressive approach!
  • Tricep muscles are known for performing all important lifts.
  • How should a Tricep Pick Up His Prey? “Are You A Dumbbell Because Without You I Cannot Lift My Spirits.”!
  • Remember the guy who put in all that hard work to develop his triceps? Well, now he is armoured up.

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Funny Triceps Puns And One-Liners

  • They told me about this guy with extraordinary arms who trains his triceps too much? Yes, indeed. His personality seems truly arms-traordinary!
  • Rumor has it that triceps can dance! And their favorite move? Arm waving!
  • Why do triceps dislike math? Because they disliked its ratio between effort and gains.
  • Triceps are like royalty: ever ready for their “crown-ing moment”.
  • Tricep’s favorite treat? A bowl of “flexberry” pie!
  • Which country are triceps particularly fond of? “Armenia!”!
  • Why do triceps always complete their meals? Because they hate “wasting” anything.
  • My triceps may not look sharp, but they sure can perform at the gym!
  • Triceps have difficulty reading mystery novels because their minds tend to “skip ahead”.
  • Why can’t triceps be great detectives? Because they never manage to get “inside” of any case they investigate.
  • My Tricep has its favorite song? No “flex” zone.
  • Which superhero do triceps love most of all? “Arm-man!”
  • Why can triceps never lie? They simply can’t keep anything “under arm”.

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