30 Uterus Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

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Are You Searching for Hilarious Uterus Puns that Will Leave you Giggleing Through Gynecological Journey? Look No Further. Formerly considered taboo, now’s the time to laugh it all the way out loud with Uterus Jokes and Uterus One-liners tailored specifically for that time of month? From amusing anecdotes to amusing wordplay; our hilarious Uterus Puns will not only lighten your day but give a new and playful perspective! So sit back relax, sit up- and prepare to laugh yourself silly! Welcome to Uterus Puns World: it ovary’ funny!

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Funny Uternus Puns

Uterus Puns
  • As soon as she checked into a hotel, uterus requested “womb service.”
  • As soon as she saw that her uterus had made a soup, she knew it was time for it to become pregnant and be welcomed into her womb.
  • But I don’t trust uteri for an answer… they always appear gestating something!
  • Did you hear about the Uterus that Lost her Job? She got fired for Womb-ful Termination!
  • Have you heard about the woman whose uterus loves painting womb-scapes? Well, now it is all over social media!
  • If the human uterus could use mobile technology like cell phones and WiFi access points for communication, would it offer Womb-Fi?
  • What card game does your uterus prefer to play? Why, it would have to be Go Womb!
  • What did one uterus say to its counterpart during a marathon? “Keep going! Let’s womb-ble on!”
  • What did one uterus tell the other uterus? “There’s always room in here!”
  • What did the Uterus Sing at Karaoke Night? “Womb Uptown Funk You Up!
  • What do you call a hide-and-seek game using a uterus as its object of pursuit? Womb hide!
  • What kind of school do uteri like best? Whombarton!
  • What musical is My Fair Lady Parts’ favourite musical?
  • What tool is used by uteri to clean windows? A “womb-wiper!”
  • What’s a Uterus’ Favorite Type of Bread? Womb-heat!

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Funny Uternus Jokes

  • Why are all uteri such friends? Because each has an open womb for one another.
  • Why did she never lose her uterus? Because she always carried with her an extra pass for it.
  • Why did the Uterus Join the Circus? She needed more excitement in her womb-ba life!
  • Why did the Uterus Love Halloween? Her favorite part was Womb-pkin Carving!
  • Why did the Uterus Purchase a Telescope? So She Can View Her Environment.
  • Why did the Uterus throw Out The Clock From Her Window? She wanted to witness time slip away quickly through its passageway in her womb-door.
  • Why did the Uterus Turn into a Gardener? She wanted to expand upon her plant knowledge.
  • Why did uterus receive a driving permit? So it could drive its own Womb-v!
  • Why does the uterus enjoy her job so much? Because every moment provides something exciting.
  • Why has my uterus turned into an astrophysicist? For my love of algorithm-bryo.
  • Why was the Uterus Attending the Baseball Game? She had an interest in its outcome!
  • Why was the Uterus So Effective At Conjuring Magic? She always had something up her Sleeve!
  • Why were my pregnancy tests negative when looking at the uterus? After all, it does provide room for gestation to take place in that womb!
  • Why were uteri barred from entering the library? She couldn’t keep them under wraps quietly enough.
  • Why wouldn’t women love celebrating indignities of any sort, particularly pregnancy?!? A Womb-Bash!

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