100+ Insect Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

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Get ready to be delighted as we plunge headlong into the wonderful world of insect puns! These fun-packed humor gems will have you laughing out loud–with hilarious one-liners to rib tickling jokes–so be ready for some unbelievable insect-inspired amusement! We promise!

Bug puns are sure to get your funny bone going and leave you in stitches of laughter – perfect whether or not you are an insect lover! With clever wordplay that will have you buzzing with delight.

Why did the spider go to the computer? Because it wanted to check its website! And did you hear about the ant that attended a dance party and declared, “I came here for some good old-fashioned bopping, not “ant”agonizing!”? These insect-inspired jokes will give you plenty of laughs! These insect puns provide just a sample of all of the insect-themed fun which await you.

Make an entrance with our collection of insect puns! Perfect for sharing among friends or simply brightening up any day – prepare yourself to laugh uproariously as our collection takes flight with its insect humor! Take an entertaining journey into the fascinating world of tiny critters – get set for an incredible journey and come away smiling from this ride.

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Top Ten Insect Puns

Insect Puns
  • What do you call an insect without wings? A “walkie-talkie”.
  • Why did a spider become an expert web designer? Because he knew all the “bugs” in code!
  • How do bees style their hair? Using honeycombs and “bee-hives”.
  • Why did a mosquito go to school? Because it wanted to become an expert “bug-a-nut”.
  • What would you call a bee that can’t make up its mind? A “maybe”.
  • Why did the ant get promoted? Because she was an “overachiever.”
  • What did the bug say to its windshield? “I’m taking off! Watch me!”
  • How do bees communicate among themselves? Through “buzzwords”.
  • What did one flea say to another flea? “Should we walk or take a ‘dog-a-bus”?”
  • Why was the math book dismal? Simply because there were too many errors!

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Best Insects Puns

  • What term would you use for something without wings or legs, such as an insect that doesn’t fly? “Walk”.
  • Why did the butterfly bring its stopwatch with him/her during a race? Because they wanted to “keep track” of their time!
  • What did the spider tell the fly caught in its web? “Dinner is well-thread!”
  • How do insects stay fit? By attending regular gym-nasium workout sessions!
  • Why don’t ants get sick? Because their bodies contain “ant-ibodies!”
  • What do you call a wasp with frizzy locks on an off day? A “frizz-bee”.
  • Why did the beetle visit its therapist? Because he or she had many “deep-rooted” issues!
  • How do insects exchange messages with one another? Through “beetle mail”.
  • What did daddy longlegs tell his children? You are truly leg-“endary!”
  • Why was the firefly taken down? Simply because its brightness wasn’t up to par!
  • What activity do insects love best to practice? “Cricket-ercise!”
  • Why did the bug go to the dance party? Because he wanted to “bug” everyone out with his moves!
  • How do insects pay for goods and services? With “butterfly currency!”
  • What do you call an angry bee with a bad attitude? A grumble-bee!
  • Why was the mosquito taking a vacation? He needed time off!
  • How do you organize a bug race? By beetling everyone to the finish line!
  • What’s an insect’s favorite board game? “Ants in Pants”.
  • Why did an ant form a rock band? He/she had an extraordinary skill at playing an “ant-acoustic” guitar!
  • How do you invite a mosquito to an event? Simply “buzz” its ears!
  • What term describes an insect which cannot stop eating? Insatiable!
  • Why did a spider take up knitting? Because he or she wanted to “weave” itself a comfortable web!
  • How can insects travel in style? In “bug”-attis!
  • What term best describes an attentive insect? “Bee-nice”.
  • Why did a caterpillar receive an award? Because its “butterfly-esque” performance won it.
  • What did the flea say to its counterpart flea? “Shall we hurry?”
  • Why did the grasshopper start painting? Because he wanted to leave behind his mark with vibrant splashes!
  • How do insects travel about town? By making noise!
  • What movie genre are insects’ favorites? Flicks!
  • Why did the bug receive a ticket? Because it was driving more quickly than allowed!
  • Bees know exactly how to invite their friends over: by pollinating their cell phones!
  • What do you call a spider with great dance moves? A “tap-dancer”.
  • Why did the cricket go to school? Because he wanted to “learn-chirp!”
  • How are insects communicating during winter? “Ant”-arctic Telegraph!
  • What did the bug think when he hit my windshield? “Oh no!” said my windshield! That was one “bummer-fly”!
  • Why did the fly bring a spoon to its picnic? Because it wanted to join in on all the excitement!
  • Bees like to unwind with some soothing “honey tea” and stimulating buzz-ic!
  • What did the moth say to the flame? “Thanks, you light up my life!”
  • Why didn’t the butterfly attend the dance? Because it did not wish to tread upon anyone’s delicate “ant-ennas”!
  • What did the caterpillar say to the butterfly? “Wow! Look how far your wings have spread!”
  • Why did the mosquito visit its dental practitioner? Because he or she experienced severe toothache!
  • What do you get if you cross a rabbit and an insect together? Bugs bunny!
  • What do we call it when someone dies from inhaling insect repellant spray? Insecticide.
  • Ants across the globe live together in their own city known as Atlantic City.
  • My friend asked me to help select an egg of parasitic insects for him to consume; but since I loathe nitpicking I declined this request.
  • My colleague has an insect parasite sucking up his blood because it keeps moving about; perhaps just an anxious tick?
  • Ancient Egyptians considered anyone carrying a bee in their hand attractive; beauty being something determined solely by those viewing her/him as beautiful.
  • My dad recommended I watch the XL-ant film about a giant bug… He mentioned how interesting and entertaining the film would be!
  • What do we refer to female insects as? Lady bugs.
  • Why did the blood-sucking insect learn Latin? Because they wanted to become roman-ticks!
  • I told my sister I needed an insect to assist with my court proceedings and she suggested an Aphid David as my answer.

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Funny Insect Puns

  • Can bees survive in rainy conditions without their yellow jackets? No way.
  • Why wasn’t a butterfly invited to attend this ball? Because it was actually a moth ball!
  • What insect can outwit a talking parrot? A spelling bee!
  • Why do so few bugs reside on military bases? Due to strict no-fly zones!
  • My landlord responded that they believed this issue lay with my former roommates who lived nearby and refused to move out as quickly. They told me it would take three or more weeks until all ten-ants have moved out again and my apartment will return back into good health.
  • What do we call insects living on the moon? A lunar tick.
  • How do we know insects are so intelligent? Because they always know when people are dining outdoors.
  • Which insect is difficult to comprehend? Mumble-bees!
  • Today I saw an unknown green insect sitting on the window of a car; likely some sort of glasshopper.
  • Are bees capable of flying in the rain without yellow jackets protecting them? Nope.
  • My experience at an insect restaurant was unfavorable: their service was subpar, as fly-tipping wasn’t permitted.
  • Grub Hub is the go-to solution when it comes to providing insects with sustenance.
  • Did you know that most beetles are insects? Interestingly enough, only 10% are actually car models!
  • Why did the fly want to breathe fire? Because they wanted to become dragonflies!
  • Rule of thumb says wingless female insects tend to sink while male insects float – this serves as an easy indicator that their buoyancy remains intact.
  • What could a chatty caterpillar become? A social butterfly.
  • Which insect is the hardest to comprehend? A mumble-bee.
  • What happens if you cross a bee with a dog? A beegle.
  • Why was the bird anxious before entering a bug-eating contest? Because its stomach contained butterflies.
  • Why can’t you trust spiders? Because they weave webs of lies.
  • What do you call a spider with eight eyes? A “spiiiiiiider”.
  • Today I saw a small insect carrying a bottle of Febreeze deodorant spray as they deodorized itself.
  • My brother became quite anxious after eating some insects; he felt as if there were butterflies flitting through his stomach.
  • What do you call an insect with bad hairstyle? A frizz-bee!
  • What do fireflies eat between meals? Light meals!
  • My bank recently hired a scientist specializing in small insects – specifically small ants. She seems very experienced.
  • What goes through a bug’s mind as they hit your windshield? Butt.
  • What social media app do insects prefer? Tick Tok.
  • Why are frogs so joyful? Because they eat everything that bothers them!
  • My sister is an artist; her main subject matter consists of sketching insects that bother her; in particular, she tends to draw lots of mosquitos and mosquitos as subjects for her sketches. My niece also works in art; her work often depicts insects such as mosquitoes.
  • Why did the police want to arrest this spider? She introduced an issue into our global web!
  • Why didn’t the butterflies attend the dance? Because it was held inside of a mothball.
  • How did the spider find his new home? By browsing!
  • Can a cricket jump higher than a building? Absolutely; buildings don’t jump.
  • R. Kelly once responded to an insect who asked, “Can you sing me a song?” by simply replying, “Yes I believe so”. The insect then flew away satisified.
  • Yesterday I thought there was something crawling inside of my pants… only it turned out to be my fly!
  • Where do wasps go when they become sick? To the wasp-ital!
  • Why did the police want to arrest this spider? She intentionally planted an infestation within the worldwide web.
  • Moths flew into my entry door today and crashed to the floor; I used mouth to moth breathing techniques to revive him back to life and bring back its wings.
  • Grub Hub is their go-to food delivery service!

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Cute Insects Puns

  • Why did the principal dislike insect jokes? She found them irritating!
  • My nightclub had some deter ants hired specifically to prevent suspect individuals from entering it, thus serving to avoid potential troublemakers from entering.
  • What do insects study at school? Mothmatics.
  • While fleeing from police, what did one insect tell another? You are my butterfly!
  • I don’t like bugs of any size; they irritate me greatly.
  • What do we call an insect capable of doing it all? A mantis!
  • One man visited their doctor, complaining of what seemed to be some type of insect buzzing near them, only for him to receive advice that it was probably only something harmless like a bug that kept passing by them. The physician simply advised against worrying too much; it likely just was some bug lingering nearby.
  • Why did a blood-sucking insect learn Latin? Because they wished to become roman-tick.
  • Are you familiar with Tick-Talk!? A new app where ticks perform hilarious dance moves is now available to users!
  • How can bees reach school? Via their buzz.
  • What distinguishes a butterfly from a fly? Only butterflies have wings whereas flies don’t.
  • At first I doubted what a gorgon said when they told me they could turn me into an insect grip; but after looking into her face I believe they made good on their promise and now I am an insect lever!
  • How do bees get to school? By riding on the school buzz!
  • What do caterpillars do on New Year’s Day? They turn over a fresh leaf.
  • My niece recently asked for some insect jokes; let’s just hope they don’t go over her head!
  • What term refers to a butterfly who prefers city living? An urban moth.
  • My mother recently bought a trap to try to help our problem of insect infestation; unfortunately it proved unsuccessful and so I told her we need to find other ANTS-ers instead.
  • My friend who worked for the CIA once arrived at a hotel in Egypt to find dead insects all over its floor, which she spent all day long sweeping.
  • Who hates Christmas more than anyone else? A humbug.
  • Why did the principal dislike insect jokes? She found them irritating.
  • Have you heard about Tick-Talk, an app where ticks perform funny dance moves?
  • Why was that bug carrying an air freshener bottle? He knew what he was up against! That smell-bad would soon dissipate! It was actually carrying deodor-ant!
  • What kind of bug produces the sweetest fragrance? Deodorants.
  • As soon as Bobby saw some insect puns written on the blackboard, his teacher inquired as to their authorship, asking “Did you write it?” Bobby replied that no katydid wrote it instead and that this must have come from somewhere in class.
  • I decided to develop an exercise routine for insects. But so far it’s not going so well – perhaps I need to find ways to tire out these pesky creatures instead?
  • What do spiders and baseball players share in common? Both capture flies!
  • How do bees brush their hair? Using honeycomb!
  • My house is filled with insects who assist me with filing my taxes – they must be account ants!
  • What did the firefly eat at her party? A light snack.

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