100+ Lizard Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover hilarious lizard puns and jokes that will keep you laughing. From gecko wordplay to reptile humor, find the perfect punchline. Start grinning now!

Donning your green, get ready to enter a world of reptilian humor with our collection of lizard puns sure to have you giggling until it hurts! These humorous puns won’t fail to please; from quick one-liners and jokes about reptiles all the way to one-liners about geckos we promise these puns won’t fail you in amusing you to your core! Get set for an irreverent reptile-fueled laughter fest.

Lizard puns are sure to tickle your funny bone, and we have plenty of them just for you. Whether or not lizards are part of your collection or not, these jokes will leave you reptile-ing with laughter!

Why did the lizard bring a ladder to the party? Because he wanted to become a high-climbing social lizard! And have you heard of the rock music-loving “lizard-star”?! These puns will brighten any day no matter which way up it goes!

So whether you want to share some laughs with your friends, impress your classmates or simply add some reptilian fun into your day, our lizard puns have just what it takes! Prepare yourself for an explosion of reptile humor as we introduce a world full of reptile-themed jokes for maximum laughter!

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Top Ten Lizard Puns

Now let’s get to what everyone’s been waiting for: puns that will leave you hissing with laughter:

Lizard Puns
  •  I am creating numerous lists and won’t stop until all lizards have finished eating their dinner.
  •  What did the excited lizard say as soon as he exited his ride? “Iguana do it again!”
  •  Which species of lizard loves bat poop in particular? An Iguano!
  • How do lizards stay fit? Through “reptile-robics!”!
  •  What term describes an issue between mating lizards? Reptile dysfunction.
  •  Are we going out tonight, there’s an exceptional stand-up comedian playing?
  •  On their first day of school, what did mum chameleon tell their nervous kid? “Don’t worry; you’ll fit right in.”
  • What do you call a lizard that always shows up at work on time? A “chronolizard!”
  •  I am overjoyed to meet you again! It makes my day! I can hardly contain myself with excitement!
  •  What do you call a lizard who investigates crimes? An investi-gator.

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Best Lizard Puns

  •  What type of lizard cannot wake itself up in the morning? A coma chameleon.
  •  What do Japanese refer to lizards by? Kimono Dragon.
  • Why did the lizard decide to consume a light bulb for dinner? Perhaps its bright idea gave its dinner plan some “light.”
  •  Japan has their own version of dragon, known as kimono dragons.
  •  What do we call news reports which incorrectly portray lizards? Fake Newts.
  •  Gila had previously been charged with serial killings.
  •  Shopping malls love lizards; many residents spend time and effort browsing retail stores for new tails for them.
  •  What do you call an animal that spreads damaging rumors about others? A “slandermander”.
  • What would you call a lizard who possesses a black belt in karate? A “kung-fu” reptile!
  • How do lizards celebrate their birthdays? With “scale-tacular” parties!
  •  I enhanced our chemistry.
  •  Imagine this scene…a group of lizards haven’t washed themselves for days…you could only imagine their skink!
  •  That lizard has no fear when it comes to free-skinking.
  •  What can you do to transform a snake into an amphibious reptile without legs? Provide it with antihisstamine medication.
  •  Salvatore Ferr-agama is an exclusive brand for lizards.
  • What game are lizards’ favorites when attending parties? “Reptile Charades!”
  •  Have you heard about the lizard who enjoyed meditation? He was known as an adept meditator – even soothing himself during intensely stressful moments by keeping calm!
  • How do you invite a lizard to a party? With an offer like, ‘Come over, it will be “herp”n fun!”.
  •  What results from crossing a lizard with an English textbook is an amazingly punctual chameleon!
  •  Anoles play scrabble using rep-tiles as playing pieces.
  • Why did the lizard bring its pencil with him into the desert? Because it wanted to draw “sandy” pictures!
  •  What unit of measurement do all lizards employ when inspecting their eggs? Scales.
  •  Reptiles love watching The Lizard of Oz movie.
  • Why did a lizard become a painter? Because he or she had an incredible gift for creating “tails!”
  •  Learning all about lizards wasn’t too hard – thanks to Gec-ko!
  •  What did the Lizard Boy say to Lizard Girl? Let Iguana Be Your Valentine
  •  In the interim I plan to play some Agama.
  •  Have you heard about the story about the rich lizard who’s an arsenic millionaire?
  •  What do you call an extinct reptile who’s overdone their exercise regimen? Dino-sore.
  •  What type of lizard do I receive back in return? A Karma Chameleon.
  •  She accomplished what many thought impossible.
  •  Have you heard about the rep-tile selling kitchens? He was known as Lizard Man.
  •  How can a Chameleon be confused? By surrounding him with objects of various colors.
  • Why did the lizard form a band? He wanted to rock out on “herp” charts!
  •  Why did I go see the principal? Well, it had something to do with money!
  •  Reptiles love watching The Lizard Of Oz DVD.
  •  Which reptile makes an excellent detective? An investi-gator!
  •  What do we call a lizard who enjoys swimming in water? An aqua-na.
  •  What reptile dislikes being exposed to low temperatures? A b-lizard.
  •  What device can be used to weigh lizards? A scale.
  •  How do lizards decorate the floors in their home? By covering it with rep-tiles!
  •  Are you aware of the story about the rep-tile who sold kitchens? He was known as The Lizard Man!
  •  Hagrid famously exclaimed when first meeting Harry: Yerp! A Lizard Harry!
  • How does a lizard communicate with its friends? Through herp-to-herp conversations!
  •  Have you heard about the man who brutally slaughtered lizards? He was an unscrupulous individual with no scruples about killing.
  • Why did the lizard visit a hair salon? He wanted a “reptile-makeover!”
  •  Hello there. It was so lovely meeting you, I think you are lovely.
  • What do you call a flying lizard that has wings? A “dino-soar”.
  •  Let’s celebrate in style this holiday, shall we?

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Funny Lizard Puns

  •  What time period were lizards first created? Gecko-Roman period.
  •  Lizards tend to favor only certain genres of music: hip hop and rap are their preferred tastes.
  • How do lizards keep their houses cool? With air conditioning! That is how!
  • An unapproved wrestling move known as a Gila-tine is illegal wrestling maneuver.
  • What did the lizard tell the frog? “Come here, let’s have an exciting “herp-frogy adventure!!
  •  Why did the lizard decide to diet? He was too heavy for its scales.
  •  Weather forecast doesn’t look promising and there is an imminent b-lizard warning.
  •  At first I knew it was foolish of me to buy a Chameleon from the pet store; unfortunately it disappeared into the car on its journey home!
  • How does a lizard keep its hair in check? With “reptile gel!”!
  •  Place all of the dishes you will be serving into the skink.
  •  Why do geckos naturally tell tales? Dropping their tail is part of their nature.
  •  What type of lizard is notorious for telling lies about everyone around it? A slandermander.
  • How can you make a lizard laugh? Tell it a “tail” joke!
  •  I wanted to write an in-depth lizard joke, but didn’t want it to become cumbersome and draw out.
  •  Parents: Don’t forget the pros-se-gecko when visiting a bar tonight!
  •  How it Works | Skink
  • Why did the lizard become a chef? Because he enjoyed culinary adventure!
  • What subject is their favorite in school? “Reptile-Reading!”
  •  The court issued a Gila-ty verdict.
  •  Which breed of lizard would make the ideal security patrol at a school? A hallway monitor.
  • What did a lizard boast upon winning its race? “I am the fastest of them all!”
  •  No doubt about it: this dress doesn’t belong in a categorised collection.
  •  Japan has given Lizards an alternative name; Kimono Dragons.
  • What do you call an adept lizard dancer? A “croco-smoother!”
  •  What do we call weather forecasters in Winter? A monitor-b-lizard.
  •  Thank you very much, for being such a dynamic individual and such an expert at changing colors!
  •  What does a lizard smoke? Marijuana.
  •  What term describes when an animal commits murder without provocation or motive? Killing in cold blood.
  •  What species of lizard thrives in snowy regions? A monitor b-lizard.
  •  What do you call an asleep chameleon? A “chameleoff.”
  •  What would you label a lizard that goes around scavenging food from other reptiles? Cold-blooded!
  •  Aru-Gila has always been my go-to green for salads.
  •  Don’t take everything literally.
  • How do lizards manage to remain cool during hot summer days? By finding cool “herp-tacles”.
  •  What do you call an extended break followed by an encounter with a lizard? A “comma chameleon.”
  •  Who keeps track of winter forecasts among reptile species? A monitor b-lizard.
  •  Basilis the better herb over thyme for medicinal applications.
  •  Though you might not believe it, I have the lizard in me all worked up!
  • Why did the lizard bring its compass into the jungle? In order to develop its sense of direction and navigate its own unique route!
  • What did the lizard tell the fly? “I’ll stick my tongue out at you!!”
  • Why did the lizard visit the spa? He or she wanted a scale-treatment!
  •  What is another name for a dead lizard? A die-nosaur.
  •  If you believe that humor is your forte, why not become an adaptable individual and adaptable persona. Become the opposite. Adapt quickly or become vulnerable.
  • Why did the lizard bring its map with him into the desert? Because he wanted to find his way home!
  • What would you call an aquatic creature with exceptional computer knowledge? A “geek-o”.
  •  What happens if two lizards cannot mate? A reptile dysfunction.
  •  What term would you use to refer to an ancient flying reptile with wings that fly through the air? “Dino-soaring.”
  •  Who could possibly match Anole as an exceptional singer! Truly she could become one of today’s rap superstars!
  •  What do you call an extremely wealthy reptile? A Cha-meleon-aire!
  •  How do lizards evaluate an egg? With scales.

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Cute Puns About Lizards

  •  What do you call a reptile who loves meditation? A Calm-eleon!
  •  What metal do chameleons like best? Tungsten.
  • “He’s a volunteer. There are certain rules and re-Gila-tions.”
  •  Anole will always love me.
  • What do you call an ambush predator that excels at impersonation? A “cloak-odile!”
  •  What do you get if you put a Chameleon into a dark room? A Chameleoff!
  •  What type of flooring do lizards utilize? Reptiles.
  •  Skink-ing refers to when a reptile starts getting smaller over time.
  •  That lizard keeps repeating itself so much that you can actually hear his geck-ho.
  • Are you trying to stop a lizard from biting you? Try applying “reptile-ant”!
  •  Have you heard the tale about the lizard sporting an immaculate badge who became an impeccable hall monitor?
  • What type of vehicle would be an lizard’s preferred mode of transport? A “Lambor-geck-i!”
  •  When planning our next decorating endeavor, an art-gecko theme could serve as a good focal point.
  • What dance move do lizards love doing most often? The “reptile shuffle.”
  •  What do lizard rappers call themselves at conventions and functions? Reptile Diss Function.
  •  Have you heard the one about the lizard who went into McDonald’s and ordered french-flies along with his cheeseburger?
  • How does a lizard assess his success? On a scale from 1-10!
  •  What kind of lizard makes an exceptional song artist? An amphibious rapper-tile!
  • What would you call an animal that can sing exquisitely? A “croon-odile”.
  •  There are various approaches to parenting.
  • How do lizards exchange messages? With “reptile-grams”.
  •  How do lizards replace their tail when it falls off? By visiting a retail store.
  •  What metal pays homage to Chameleons? Tungsten.
  •  Lizards can be fierce competitors when competing in Igu-khana events.
  •  Turn on the air conditioning now. Things have gone slowly downhill.
  •  What led the reptile to embark upon his diet is due to broken scales he used when checking his weight.
  •  Tegu, Anole and Caiman – you guys did great! Its Caiman what are we up to these days?
  • Why did the lizard bring a ladder into the library? Because he wanted to reach the highest bookshelf!
  •  What’s another name for a Japanese lizard? A Kimono Dragon!
  •  What do you call an impressive color-changing lizard with its own standup chameleon?
  •  What would you call a lizard wearing headphones? Regardless, as it won’t hear what’s being said to it!
  •  What movie would a reptile watch? The Lizard of Oz.
  •  What would your opinion of this top mother be?
  •  I really liked everything about this movie from start to finish; and will watch it again for sure.
  • Why did the lizard bring a chair? He wanted a “tail-sitting” time!
  • Why did the lizard bring its suitcase with them to the beach? In order to store all its things!
  • What did a lizard exclaim after it lost its tail? “It’s all tail and no body!”
  • What would you call an aquatic investigator-gator? An “investi-gator.”
  •  What kind of lizard would be suitable for working in technology? Monitor lizards!
  • Why did the lizard bring its camera? In order to capture “scale-arious” moments!
  •  Why did the lizard cross the road? In order to visit his flat mate.
  •  Iguana wishes all our readers and clients a Merry Christmas.
  • An Iguana loves playing scale-lextric.
  •  Simba and Pascal decided to attempt transfiguration on themselves and became The Lizard King.
  •  Why was the reptile without tail the ideal proprietor of the new car dealership in town? Because he was de-tailed!
  • How can you catch a lizard? Using “herp-net”.
  •  What did the paleontologist exclaim upon discovering a prehistoric lizard with wings? Look, it’s a Dino-soaring!
  •  What would you call an unpleasant-smelling reptile who hasn’t bathed for weeks? A skinky reptile!
  •  Make Iguana your Valentine. These lizards love theme park rides and often ask to ride again with you!

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Best Lizard Jokes And One-Liners

  •  What type of tea do reptiles prefer with their meals? Chamomile tea!
  •  What are geckoes’ favorite side dish? French flies!
  •  Have you ever witnessed a lizard with no tail at all, looking dismal. It would appear it has gone through severe de-tailing!
  •  Who wants to play Who Wants To Be A Chameleon-aire??, where they should present an engaging quiz show like Who Wants To Be A Chameleon-aire.
  • What did the lizard tell the raindrop? “So you like me too?”
  •  Two reptiles were out searching for food during an especially cold winter night; when one said to another it’s snow fun living inside this big lizard body.
  • Why did the lizard form a gardening club? Because she loved reptiliarizing gardens!
  •  What’s that smell? It stinks.
  • Why did the lizard decide to become a yoga instructor? He wanted to perfect “reptile-axation”.
  • How can you stop a laughing lizard? Tickle its “herp” bone!
  •  Stay away, there is an b-lizard nearby.
  •  What would you call an amphibian that has difficulty awakening each morning? A “coma-eleon!”
  • What do you call a singing lizard? A rock “lizard!”
  •  I keep repeating myself.
  •  Befriend Iguana as soon as you can — she knows all your secrets!
  •  Why did the male lizard feel sad? Because his partner eyerolled when he gave her a card that read, ‘Iguana will be your Valentine.
  •  Lizards prefer rep-tiles as flooring material.
  • What social media platform would lizards prefer? “Snap-tail!”
  • How does a lizard keep up-to-date on current affairs? By reading reptile-ticles!
  • What kind of movie genres does a lizard prefer? “Scale-nific” adventures!
  •  Locate someone that can assist.
  • Why did the lizard decide to become a DJ? He loved “herp-hop” music!
  •  What term would describe someone who only knows how to control lizards? Salamancer.
  •  I found an incredible craft project I want to do; can we go get some supplies together and put this plan into action?

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