100+ Parrot Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover a flock of hilarious parrot puns and jokes! Quack up with witty one-liners and funny anecdotes about these feathered friends. Fly over for a laugh now!

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself to be delighted by a swirl of feathers and an explosion of laughter as we dive deep into the world of parrot puns! These clever wordplays will have you chirping with delight for more, from one-liners to hilarious jokes; we offer plenty of parrot-related humor sure to send laughs flying your way! So join us as we discover this treasure chest of parrot humor which will have your laughter flying into orbit!

Parrot puns won’t leave your day feeling dull: these humorous bird puns will liven it up in no time. No matter whether or not parrots are your thing, our collection of parrot jokes are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud in no time!

Get ready for some feather-filled laughter as we embark upon this feather-filled journey of humor and mirth; now let’s delve into a beak-tiful collection of parrot puns sure to send “tweets” of laughter our way!

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Top Ten Parrot Puns

Parrot Puns
  • How can one apologize to a parrot? Simple! Just explain that their actions were justified!
  • What did the parrot say to the squirrel? “I am simply crazy about you!”
  • Why did the parrot wear a raincoat? In order to remain both “dry” and “fly!”!
  • Why did the parrot bring its toothbrush? Because he wanted an “attractive” smile!
  • Why did the parrot bring its dictionary with them to a party? In order to expand and polish up its vocabulary!
  • What instrument is a parrot’s favorite instrument? A bird-lin!
  • How do parrots greet each morning? With an animated “cock-a-doodle-loo!”
  • Why did the parrot bring its camera with them to the zoo? Because he wanted to capture some special memories!
  • What do you call a parrot that speaks multiple languages? A “polyglot”.
  • What do you call a parrot that has taken to cooking as its profession? A cordon-bleu!

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Best Parrot Puns

  • What do you call a parrot that flew off into the sky to become an artist? A “pica-soar”.
  • Why did the parrot bring a ladder with them to the bar? So it could reach for “highballs!”
  • How can parrots maintain fitness? They practice “wing-exercise!”
  • What did the parrot say upon landing on a tree? “Talon-ted to meet you!”
  • Why did the parrot get in trouble? Because he kept repeating its own “fowl” language!
  • How do parrots travel over long distances? By “flap-planing!”
  • Why did a parrot become a hairdresser? Because he loved styling fashionable “cock-a-doodle-do’s!”!
  • How do parrots travel? Apparently they “wing it!”
  • Why did the parrot bring its ladder? He wanted to experiment on the dance floor!
  • What would you call a parrot that decided to become an educator? A “profess-feather”.
  • How can a parrot ask for crackers? By tweeting them nicely!
  • Why did the parrot join a comedy club? He wanted to become an entertaining stand-up comic!
  • How do parrots greet each other? With an affectionate “polly” handshake!
  • What would you call a parrot that flew off and decided to become an attorney? A “legal-eagle”.
  • What would you call a parrot that flew away to join a circus? A “ringmaster”.
  • What do parrots enjoy snacking on? “Polly-ato” chips!
  • What did the parrot tell the pirate? “Your “aargh!” needs improvement!”
  • What would you call an escapee parrot from a magic show that flew off? A “beak-a-bration!”
  • How do parrots style their feathers? With an intricate beak-on!
  • How do parrots stay organized? They use something called a “squawk-board”.
  • Why did the parrot bring an umbrella to the beach? So they could provide some “sun-shade”.
  • What game does a parrot like to play most often? Simon Squawks!
  • What do you call a parrot that knows karate? A “sparrow-t”!
  • Why did the parrot form a band? In order to “hone” its musical skills!
  • Why did the parrot visit its veterinarian? Because he or she felt “caged”.
  • How do parrots solve issues? They “squawk” it out!
  • How do parrots answer their phones? “Polly speaking!”
  • What would you call a parrot that has flown off to Hollywood? A “star-gleam”!
  • How do parrots demonstrate their affection? By giving feather kisses!
  • Why did the parrot bring in its ladder to the library? Because he wanted to reach new books!
  • What season do parrots look forward to most of all? Squawktober!
  • How do parrots navigate urban areas? By following “twee-twee” maps!
  • Why did a parrot become a detective? He/She had an exceptional way of uncovering mysteries!
  • Why did the parrot become a pirate? He wanted to “hook” his audience with funny anecdotes!
  • What song do parrots love to listen to? “Fly Like an Eagle”.
  • Why did the parrot join a gym? Because he wanted to remain physically fit!
  • Why did the parrot go to school? Because he wanted to become an “intelligent” cracker!
  • What would you call a parrot that flew over a mountain? A “peak-a-boo!”
  • Have you heard the tale about the parrot who flew off without saying its goodbyes or asking to land back safely?
  • What would you call a parrot that’s adept at math? A polynominal!

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Funny Puns About Parrot

  •  Dear person who stole my lamp, coffee, and parrot: How could you sleep so soundly knowing they have made such an abominable mistake in our world. I don’t understand.
  •  What distinguishes one parrot from two? One cannot carry coconuts while toucans do.
  •  One parrot attended college to study Political Science.
  •  What can a parrot expect at the conclusion of a restaurant meal? A bill.
  •  Nickel was my pet parrot who recently passed away and now her cage remains vacant.
  •  Why can a parrot resemble a shark? Because they both like talking.
  •  What animal surpasses even a talking parrot when it comes to intelligence? A spelling bee.
  •  One parrot asks the other if they smell fish; when neither parrot responds positively, one asks the other whether he/she smells any.
  •  Why are parrots adept at improvisation? Because they know how to be spontaneous.
  •  When does a teacher carry birdseed? Whenever there is a parrot-teacher conference.
  •  What side of a parrot contains the highest concentration of feathers? The outer surface.
  •  What do parrots wear to the beach? A beak-ini.
  •  What result from crossing a parrot and pigeon? Voicemail!
  •  As soon as I buy a talking parrot, the first thing I will teach it to say would be: “They have made me into a parrot!”
  •  Why two parrots are better than one is simple – only two parrots have the capacity of carrying coconuts safely!
  •  My aunt’s parrot can utter over twenty offensive and dismissive phrases at once; more accurately it would be better described as more of a mockingbird.
  •  How does a bird with broken wings land safely? With its parrotchute!
  •  Beak-a-boo. A baby parrot’s favorite game.
  •  If I were given a talking parrot, the first thing I’d teach it to say would be “Help! They have turned me into a parrot!”
  • …we mustn’t forget the old classic: why don’t there any aspirin in the jungle? Because all the parrots eat them up.
  •  What do you get if you combine a pigeon and parrot? Voicemail!
  •  What do you call a group of dead parrots? Polygons.
  •  Polynesia seems to be the term used for forgetting your parrot’s name.
  •  What do parrots like best to play at? Hiding and speaking.
  •  Unfortunately, my obese parrot recently passed away; but, it has lifted a great weight off my shoulders.
  •  What game are parrots’ favorites to play? Beakaboo.
  •  What can you get if you cross a parrot and shark together? A noisy bird that will talk your ear off.
  •  What result from crossing a parrot and centipede together is a walkie-talkie!
  •  Have a parrot speaks volumes about who you are! It reveals much.
  •  Now is an excellent time to purchase a parrot as prices seem to have come down significantly.
  •  I used to work at a parrot training facility but eventually had to leave because the backstabbing became unbearable.
  •  What do you call a parrot that does not eat? A polynomeal.
  •  How can you train a parrot to speak clearly? Send her to polytechnic school.
  •  One parrot says to another, “Can you smell something fishy?”
  •  Why are parrots such adept mimics of other parrot species? Simply because they love mimicking parrot-y noises!
  •  What results when crossing a parrot and pigeon? Voice mail!
  •  What does Mummy Parrot tell Her Young Ones? “Beak-areful”.
  •  Why are parrots so adept at improvisation? Because they know how to go with the flow.
  •  I’m getting frustrated because my parrot keeps making fun of me and laughing at my jokes.
  •  What’s orange and calls itself the parrot’s food source? A carrot.

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Best Parrot Jokes And One-Liners

  •  Where do parrots like to vacation? In their beak.
  •  What do you call a parrot with an umbrella? Polly unabated.
  •  Last time, I sent my friend out for some pollyfila and instead got some parrot seed instead!
  •  Recently I gave my parrot a treat but am unsure whether its shape fits his paper hat properly.
  •  Do you believe you know more parrot jokes than I? Toucan play that game.
  •  My fat parrot passed away this afternoon, which leaves me both sad and relieved of an immense burden.
  •  Why did the parrot cross the road? Simply to beak-cause.
  •  Why was he upset about losing his parrot? Because it gave him cold shoulder.
  •  What type of clothing do parrots typically wear to the beach? A beak-ini.
  •  Which insect outwits even a talking parrot? A spelling bee.
  •  What part of a pirate ship are parrots not welcome in? The crow’s nest.
  •  What’s orange and chirps like a parrot? A carrot.
  •  What do you call a parrot that cannot fly anymore? A walkie talkie.
  •  What has four legs, four eyes and a net? Four pirates on a quest to recover a lost parrot.
  •  Do you know there’s a technical term for when parrots mimic human speech, known as parroty? Well there is! It is called a parroty.
  •  Where do parrots go when they die? Parrot-ise.
  •  Pet shops found great success selling parrots; these birds quickly flew off the shelves!
  •  What animal outwits even a talking parrot? A spelling bee.
  •  What orange vegetable makes the bird sound? A carrot.

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