150+ Penguin Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover the funniest penguin puns and jokes that will make you smile! From one-liners to birthday humor, find the perfect laugh for any occasion.

Are You Prepared for the Hilarious World of Penguin Puns? Get set for an epic journey as we waddle our way through an imaginary winter wonderland filled with hilarious jokes sure to have you quacking… (sorry… quacking) up. Penguins may be known for their cute waddle and fancy tuxedos, but did you know they also possess an exceptional sense of humor? Get set for an unpredictable journey through some of nature’s coolest puns as we discover some hilariously hilarious puns within these animals’ ranks!

From playful one-liners and jokes about penguins to hilarious one-liners that break the ice, we offer just the right blend of humor to keep you laughing! Imagine this: what would a group of penguins playing music together be called? “Waddle of Rock.” Similarly, have you heard about that lucky penguin who won the lottery who became known as a “million-flapper?” Our selection is sure to get your funny bone tingling with delight! These puns will surely get everyone laughing out.

Who knew penguin puns could bring so much laughter?! Join us as we embark on this icy journey full of laughs, smiles and plenty of penguin puns – it will definitely have you flippin’ out! Get set for an unforgettable flippin’ good time!

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Top Ten Penguins Puns

Penguins Puns
  • The penguins often toss a coin when they want to decide!
  • What song do penguins perform at birthday parties? Freeze the Jolly Good fellow.
  • Play on the words “freeze” (play) and “sing”)
  • Loss (playing on the idea of being “lost in the desert” without any natural habitat).
  • What is the name of a penguin without eyes? Pengun.
  • The penguins watch movies at Dive-In.
  • Where do penguins go to dance? Snow ball.
  • What is the name of fifty penguins that live at the North Pole? You’re really lost because penguins are in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Play on the words “penguins’ feet” (playing off “cold foot”) and “penguins’ feet”.
  • What do penguins use to communicate? Their penpals!

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Best Penguin Puns

  • Ice-burgers
  • What is the process of building a house for a penguin? Igloos are a great way to get together.
  • What do penguins eat for their birthdays? Fish Cakes.
  • How do penguins make their beds? With “flurry” sheets!
  • Why did the penguin decide to become a chef? He wanted to showcase some “ice cuisine”.
  • The penguining looks a bit like Christmas.
  • What is the penguin’s favorite place to keep his money? The snow bank.
  • How do penguins keep their cars clean? By visiting the “snow car wash”.
  • What song do penguins play at their birthday celebrations? Freeze yourself a good-natured fellow.
  • What makes it difficult to write about penguins in a book? They squirm and are slippery. Writing on paper is much easier.
  • What do penguins sing on their birthday? Freeze, you jolly good fellow!
  • What’s smarter than even a penguin that talks? The spelling bee.
  • How do penguins drink their tea? With their beak-ers!
  • What is the name of a penguin that’s cold? What do you call a cold penguin?
  • Peng-queen is the wife of a King Penguin.
  • When penguins want to relax, what do they do? Relax and net fish.
  • Flipper coin (playing on the words “flip” and “flipper”, a penguin wing).
  • When I talk to new people I often mention my giant penguin. It’s an icebreaker.
  • Iceberg-ers: What penguins drink with coke and fries.
  • Why do penguins use pen-guins to write messages? Because pen-guins!
  • What is the headgear worn by penguins? What are the ice caps?
  • What’s a penguins favourite family member? Aunt Artica.
  • Why did the penguin bring a ladder with him into the library? Because it wanted to reach for that top shelf!
  • The penguin ordered the Iceberg-er Combo at McDonald’s.
  • How do penguins order their food at restaurants? By saying, “Ice-berg, please!”
  • Why don’t penguins enjoy discussing politics? Because they think it is all “snow-nonsense”.
  • What is the best way for a group to make a tough decision? Flipper coin.
  • The other day, I had a coffee with a penguin. He told me he’d have liked a fish.
  • What is the penguin’s money bank? Snow banks.
  • Play on the phrase “cold shoulder”, with penguins giving one another the cold shoulder.
  • Have no pockets
  • How do penguins stay fit? With “ice-ometrics!”
  • The penguin says that he is not the kind of penguin who would go to a pharmacy and buy condoms.
  • Enjoy an Ice Day.
  • How do penguins communicate among themselves? By “tele-skyping!”
  • What is penguins’ breakfast like? Frosties.
  • What would you call a penguin lost in the desert? No idea!
  • What is a penguins favourite pasta? Penguini.
  • Why did the penguin cross twice the road? He did it to prove that he was not a chicken.
  • The penguin is the winner!

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Funny Puns About Penguin

  • Play on the words “black and White” with a rolling penguin
  • Play on the words “Igloos” (the word “glues”) and “igloos together”.
  • What would I do without your help?
  • Why can’t you ever trust a penguin with your secrets? They always reveal them!
  • Why did the penguin wear a raincoat? Just in case it started pouring!
  • When a penguin places an egg in a hill, what do you get? An eggroll.
  • Penguins in caps (playing on the word “ice cap” and penguins with caps).
  • What type of dance is the penguin most fond of? Pole dancing.
  • What is penguins’ lunch like? Ice-burgers.
  • What is the preferred way for penguins to drink their Whiskey? How do penguins drink their Whiskey?
  • What kind of vacation do penguins like best? A South Pole adventure!
  • “Frrrr-eeeezz” (For him) is a jolly, good fellow.
  • What is the best way to contact a Penguin? Give him an wing.
  • What was the reason for their first encounter? The two penguins were breaking the ice.
  • What’s your favorite penguin aunt? Aunt-Arctica.
  • What side has the largest number of feathers on a penguin? Outside.
  • What is the favorite pop singer of a penguin? Seal.
  • What makes penguins such good race car drivers? They are in the pole position.
  • What’s black and white, and keeps going around and round? The penguin is stuck inside a rotating door.
  • The penguins often toss a coin when they want to decide.
  • How do penguins pass exams? The penguins wing it.
  • Why did the penguin join the band? Because its “beak” rhythm suited it so perfectly!
  • Why don’t you ever see a Penguin in the UK? The penguins don’t want to get too close.
  • Why don’t penguins like amusement park rides? Because they find them too “whirl-fish”.
  • Why did the penguin bring an umbrella to its party? He heard there would be “flock-tails!”
  • What do penguins love to snack on for dessert? Ice cream served in a waddle cone!
  • What is the best way for a penguin to cook hamburgers? He uses his flippers.
  • Why did the penguin bring a spoon to the party? Because he wanted to go clubbing!
  • What is the best way to get off of a penguin? No, you don’t. You get off a duck.
  • Why did the penguin turn detective? He wanted to solve “cold cases!”
  • What can you do for a sick penguin? Tweets about medical conditions.
  • The word “penguin-win” is a play on the words “penguin” (penguin) and “win”.
  • What did Morgan Freeman tell penguins when they told him that he is a good narrator. What was I doing when penguins could speak?
  • What is a penguins favourite vegetable? Iceberg lettuce.
  • Play on Polar Bears and Polar Opposites
  • The favorite aunt of penguins.
  • Penguini – Penguin’s favorite pasta!
  • What do penguins love best about Aunt Arctica?
  • What movie theaters do penguins visit? The dive-in.
  • The penguin’s ear-to-ear smile (wait… penguins do have ears? )!

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Best Penguin One-Liners

  • What is an evil penguin’s egg? What are deviled eggs?
  • Slippers
  • What’s the name of the leader of the penguin Navy? Admiral Byrd.
  • It smells fishy. (playing on the word “fishy”, and penguins association with fish.
  • Aunt Arctica is a play on the words “Antarctica”, “aunt”
  • What is the headgear worn by penguins? What are the ice caps?
  • What is a penguin without manners called? An “ice-illiterate!”
  • Why did the penguin travel across the ocean? Why did the penguin cross the ocean?
  • The penguining looks a bit like Christmas.
  • Why do you not see penguins on British soil? They’re scared of Wales.
  • What do penguins use to store their money? Snow banks.
  • What’s black, white and red? What is black, white, and red all over?
  • Why don’t penguins like using telephones? Because it feels too “call-ous!”
  • Play on the words “penguin” (playing with “grin”) and “Pen-grin”.
  • Why haven’t I seen penguins anywhere in the UK? Apparently they fear Wales!
  • Why did the penguin refuse to take a shower? Because he didn’t want anyone touching his flippers!
  • The penguin goes to the ice-cream shop to cool down after his car broke down. He is told by the mechanic that he “blew a seal.” But, the penguin doesn’t understand and thinks it was vanilla ice-cream.
  • What platform is their go-to social media site for posting photos and stories about them? Insta-flap!
  • Why don’t penguins like fighting? Instead they prefer “sliding” out their differences!
  • Starfish
  • Why don’t penguins enjoy playing cards? Because they fear “flip-ping out!”
  • What is penguins’ lunch like? Iceburg-ers.
  • What is black and whit, black and whit, and black & wit? The penguin is rolling down the hill.
  • What genre is the preferred film genre of penguins? Chill-ers!
  • What is the best way for two penguins trapped in a nest? They do not want to be separated.
  • What do penguins call their children? Chill-dren!
  • How do penguins store their savings safely? In a “snow bank.”
  • What do you call a penguin that tells jokes? A stand-up comedian!
  • Why did the penguin not jump off the iceberg when it was there? He was afraid.
  • Why don’t penguins enjoy socializing at parties? They find it hard to strike up conversations!
  • How do penguins organize parties? By sending “ice-vitations”.
  • What did one penguin say to another on a cold winter day? “Stay frosty!”
  • The penguins’ favorite aunt is Aunt-artica.
  • What’s a penguin like to eat for dinner? Iceburgers.
  • What’s a penguin favorite movie? Frozen.
  • How do penguins navigate crowds of people? By waddling their way into position!
  • What is the process of building a house for a penguin? Igloos are a great way to get together.
  • What can you call a penguin who loves dancing? Happy Feet!
  • What kind of clothing do penguins prefer to wear at the beach? What do penguins like to wear on the beach?
  • Police pull over a driver of a bus that has 20 penguins in it. He is told to bring the penguins with him to the zoo. But the following day the bus driver gets pulled over

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Best Jokes About Penguins

  • this time the 20 penguins were wearing sunglasses and heading for the beach.
  • What do you call an irresponsible penguin? An Ice-Berg!
  • Why do penguins always come first in races? They are called peng-winners!
  • The bartender thinks that he has run over a nun when a patron asks him how tall the penguins are.
  • Today I noticed a large smile on the face of a penguin.
  • How do penguins drink? How do penguins drink?
  • Play on the word “burritos”, and “brrrrr”, which is associated with cold.
  • The penguins are too short to be pilots
  • Practice-ice is what penguins use to improve their skills.
  • How do penguins stay cool during summer months? Using their “flip-flops!”
  • Iced tea. What does a penguin drink in the summertime? Iced tea.
  • What is black, red and white all over? The penguin has a sunburn.
  • What is the penguin’s method of making pancakes? It uses its flippers.
  • What is the name of a penguin that’s happy? A pen-grin.
  • What do you call a penguin that flies? A “brrrrd”.
  • What tools are penguins using to patch their clothes? Igloos and thread!
  • The south pool is where penguins go to swim when they want to.
  • Fear of Wales (playing on the words “Wales” and “whales”)
  • What would a magician penguin say to the audience? Choose a cod.
  • What is the favorite music artist of every penguin? Seal. Seal.
  • Why do penguins not like rock music? The only thing they like is sole.
  • What did the penguin mutter when it slipped and fell? “That is too icy!”
  • What is the best way for a penguin to make pancakes? He uses flippers.
  • South Pool is the penguins’ favorite place to swim.
  • How do penguins tell time? With their “ice-watch!”
  • Snowbank (playing on the words “snowbank”, “bank”).
  • What penguin relatives gets the most visits? Uncle Arctica.
  • Why didn’t the penguin jump from the tall iceberg? He was afraid to jump off the iceberg.
  • What do penguins like best? Beak-a-boo!
  • How do penguins shop? They “slide” their credit cards!
  • Why did the penguin bring a ladder with him to the bar? In order to reach new heights!
  • What type of bread do penguins prefer? Ice-bread!
  • What’s a penguins favourite family member? Aunt Artica.
  • What is black, white and black? What is a penguin doing?
  • Why carry penguins their fishes in their beaks They don’t even have pockets.
  • My favorite jokes to tell about penguins was the one I made when I first started. It turns out that they do not really fly here.
  • Pengun is a play on the words “penguin” (played with “pen”) and “pen”.
  • What do penguins wear on their heads? Ice caps!
  • Penguins were the subject of my book. Looking back, I think paper would have worked better.

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