120+ Shark Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover fin-tastic shark puns that will leave you in stitches! Laugh out loud with our collection of hilarious and clever shark jokes.

Dive into our fintastic collection of shark puns for some hilarious laughs that’ll have you smiling ear to ear – guaranteed to leave you smiling from ear-to-ear and filled with giggles! Get out your snorkel gear, because these jawesome jokes will surely send waves of humor rolling across you as we celebrate shark-related humor in all its punny depths!

No matter your taste in humor or fascination with sharks, these puns will surely brighten your day as brightly as a coral reef! From hilarious one-liners to catchphrases — we promise plenty of laughs await.

Imagine this: when the shark devoured a clownfish, what did it say after indulging its cravings? “This tastes a little funny!” And did you hear about that one-eyed shark who won the talent show? Well he certainly made an impression at his “fin”-alist performance! These puns will certainly leave your sides sore like an overworked swimmer on an extended swim.

No matter where the laughs may arise from: joke sharing with your friends or party icebreaking, shark puns are sure to bring smiles a-plenty! So get set for some laugh-inducing reel fun of shark jokes sure to leave your audience grinning like the great white with toothy smile! Let’s dive in and start those laughs rolling!

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Top Ten Shark Puns

Shark Puns
  • What is a sharks favourite sci-fi film? “Jaws” Wars!
  • What do you name a shark who is a math genius? A “fin-omenal” calculator!
  • What did the pilotfish say to the shark? Fin-ally is a great travel companion!
  • Stay Jaws-itive
  • Sharks will spill your secrets of the sea.
  • Why are sharks not sharing? They’re “shell-fish”!
  • What is a sharks favorite word for expressing agreement? De-fin-itely.
  • Stanley Shark was un-sharkable in his faith!
  • What did the shark say after he bit into the fishing line and the fishing line was bitten? “I’m hooked!”
  • Why did the shark blush? It blushed because it saw the bottom of the ocean!

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Best Shark Puns

  • Why is it difficult to trust sharks? They are prone to telling great white lies.
  • How do sharks call each other? The “shell-phones” are used by sharks!
  • What is a shark’s favourite card game? Go fish.
  • What’s the name of it when something in the ocean world causes another thing to happen? Jaws and Effect.
  • What is the name of a shark who sings? A great white vocalist!
  • Why do sharks not like fast food? They can’t catch them!
  • What is a sharks favorite coffeeshop? Shark-bucks.
  • How can you tell whether two sharks are friendly? They are friendly with each other.
  • Don’t worry, the shark is still collecting workers’ chomp.
  • Why was the shark sent to prison? He was in some sort of fishy business.
  • Why did the shark show up with a pencil? It wanted to create some “fin-tastic” memories!
  • Why did the shark take a towel with him to the party? It wanted to leave a “fin-al” impression!
  • What song did the pirate sing with his crew? “Yo-ho-ho and a bottle chum!”
  • What do you call an angry shark? Gills that are grumpy.
  • How do sharks communicate underwater? Fin-mail is what they use!
  • What is a sharks favorite breakfast? Jellyfish-filled donuts.
  • What is a shark’s favourite candy? “Jaw”-breakers!
  • It’s impossible to lose a fin.
  • What’s the name of a shark made out of candy? A jawbreaker.
  • What is a shark’s favourite vegetable? “Kelp”!
  • How do sharks brush their teeth? You can use “fin-tossing” toothpaste to clean your teeth!
  • What is a shark’s favourite song? “Don’t stop be-reefing”
  • What is a baby-shark’s favorite nursery song? Jack and Gill.
  • What is a shark’s favourite sandwich? Peanut butter jellyfish!
  • Why did the shark form a band? It wanted to sing some “fin-tastic” tunes!
  • What’s Iron Mans alter ego in the ocean world? Tony Shark.
  • Why did the shark cross over the reef? Why did the shark cross the reef?
  • What fishes like to dress as for Halloween? Goblin sharks.
  • You are the best, my dear.
  • I bite you.

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Funny Puns About Sharks

  • How can a shark ask politely for more? Can I please have more chum?
  • How do sharks celebrate birthdays? They throw a “fin-tastic” party!
  • What is the name of a dapper-looking shark? So-fish-dicated.
  • What is the name of a shark who delivers presents? Santa Jaws!
  • What is a shark’s favourite sport? “Water” polo!
  • What happens when a cow and a shark are crossed? The “seasick moo-sea”!
  • Why do sharks not like fast boats. They are afraid to get “fin’d over”!
  • What do you name a shark who is always making jokes? A “hammerhead” comedian!
  • What happens when you mix a shark and a snowman together? Frostbite!
  • What advice did dad shark give to his son? Take a bite of the life!
  • What did the Shark say after he ate a clownfish? This tastes funny …”
  • What was the final word on the shark film? Fin.
  • What’s the favorite Star Wars character of a shark? Chewbacca.
  • Why do sharks prefer to swim in sea water? They would sneeze if they drank pepper water!
  • Have you heard about the ghost shark? It vanished in fin air!
  • You’re a little bit fin…
  • What is a shark’s favourite type of shoe? “Shark”-skin boots!
  • What do you name a shark who is always lying? A “shark tale”!
  • What happened to the shark when he went to the Arctic Ocean? Frostbite.
  • Why did the shark bring the ladder into the pool? It wanted to dive “fin-st”!
  • Why don’t sharks eat the clowns? They are funny to eat!
  • How can you make a shark-shaped float? How about two scoops of vanilla ice cream with some root beer and a cherry?
  • What do sharks say if something incredible happens? It’s jaw-dropping!
  • What is a shark’s favourite song? What’s a shark’s favorite song?
  • What do you name a shark who is a comedian? A “shark of laughter”!
  • What is a sharks favourite meal? Fish and ships.
  • Why did the shark go to a gym? It wanted “fin-tastic” abs!
  • What is a shark’s favourite candy? Jaw Breakers.
  • How do sharks search the internet? The fin-ternet is where sharks surf.
  • What do you name a shark who is always punctual? “Fin”-ally punctual!

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Sharks Jokes And Puns

  • How can you stop a stinging shark? Take away the “toothbrush”!
  • Why did the shark attend school? The shark went to school in order to improve his “shark counting” skills!
  • Why are sharks good musicians? They have excellent “fin-ger” coordination!
  • What are the two words that a shark loves to hear? Man overboard.
  • You’re skating on fin ice, pal…
  • Have you heard about the psychic sharks? The psychic shark can see into the future.
  • How do sharks place their orders at a restaurant? They order “the “fin” special!”
  • The shark has been practicing his a-gility.
  • Come on the Shark side…
  • Santa Jaws. Santa Jaws.
  • You can count on me to do anything for you.
  • What is a shark’s favourite game to play on the beach? Swish the “sharkball”!
  • What did the boss of the hammerhead say after he performed well? You nailed it!
  • What is a shark’s favorite event? The carnival!
  • It’s no wonder this shark has no friends. It’s a shark who takes out loans.
  • Why did the shark find it so funny? He knew shark-speak like the back of his hand.
  • What do you name a shark who is a detective? An “investigator”!
  • How can you make a Shark laugh? Tell a joke that will make it “jaw drop”!
  • What kind of sharks are popular with carpenters? The hammerhead shark and the saw shark.
  • What is the greeting of sharks? “Fin-tastic at sea you!”
  • How can you throw a party with a shark theme? You can “sea” the chance and make a splash!
  • What is a shark’s favorite musical instrument? The “fin-o”!
  • How do sharks prefer their eggs to be cooked? “Fin”-scrambled!
  • Have you heard about the shark athlete who is a superstar? He led his team in the Chompionship!
  • You’re a jaw-ome, I say!
  • What did the seal say to the shark? “You’re fin-tastic!”
  • What do you name a shark who is a fashionista? A “fin-fluencer”!
  • What was the first place that the shark visited when it arrived in Europe? Finland.
  • How do sharks read books? They “dive in”!
  • Why do sharks not like fast cars? They prefer to “swim in style”!
  • What was the shark’s plea in court? Gill-ty.

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