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Funny Alcohol Puns

Alcohol Puns
  • Alcoholics have to attend meetings regularly while drunks don’t.
  • Bartending can be thought of as acting like a pharmacist with limited inventory.
  • Saw someone quickly downing eight pints. No question there.
  • Great beers come with great responsibilities.
  • Some would see it as half full; I believe it to be time for another refill.
  • My workday ends around beer time.
  • An occasional beer helps ease the burdens of daily reality.
  • Just another typical day here.
  • One may argue that beer can damage my liver; when sauteed with onions it makes for an unbearably foul taste!
  • Whiskey wins this award for being in “great spirits”.
  • My only dilemma lies in selecting which of these 99 bottles to open first!
  • One day without beer is like…well…who am I kidding. I just don’t have an answer for that one.
  • I stay on a balanced diet with one beer in each hand.
  • Savour some wine; it will help lift your mood!
  • Why don’t grapefruits ever get drunk? Because they never produce wine!
  • Why did my bartender refill my drink? She told me it is better to be full of liquor rather than full of regret!
  • People told me not to mix my drinks at cocktail parties, but it’s hard for me to say no!
  • My diet consisted largely of vodka and ice.
  • Why did the lager and stout part ways? They simply had too many “pint-sized” issues!
  • Tequila might not be your solution to all your woes – but at least give it a shot!

Cute Alcohol Puns

  • Yes, consider me an outdoorsy person! Drinking on my front porch counts.
  • Life is too short to waste your precious moments drinking subpar wine.
  • Continue to pour until your spirit animal appears.
  • I tried my hardest to resist drinking gin, but its 40% stronger potency outshone mine.
  • What do clouds wear beneath their raincoats? Thunderwear and lightning-bolt whiskey!
  • Why doesn’t Scotch ever enjoy playing hide and seek? He always gets caught!
  • An empty bottle of vodka symbolizes our high spirits.
  • Party’s aren’t parties without someone breaking the ice and pouring some wine!
  • Life happens and gin helps. I don’t consider myself to be an alcoholic as they go to meetings while me being drunk goes to parties instead.
  • Why couldn’t the bartender open my wine? This was quite the dilemma! It had caused so much friction!
  • After I told my wife I needed more space, she locked me out of the wine cellar!
  • Wine is like the antidote for everything! It helps people navigate life’s hurdles!
  • Why can’t we play hide and seek with tequila? Because good tequila can often be hard to come by.
  • There are two kinds of people I admire: those who appreciate wine and those who serve it up to others.
  • Wine gets better with age; and so do I.
  • Why don’t ghosts drink alcohol? Because it passes right through them!
  • What gets better with age? Your ability to consume more wine.
  • Notice and Enjoy. Stay awhile. So how does a whiskey say hello? Well… “Hello there rye!”
  • Whiskey is my life companion.
  • Beer should not be counted, but enjoyed!

Cute Alcohol Puns And Jokes

  • Feeling unfit, I decided to treat my bartender to lunch.
  • Wine is the answer. What was your question?
  • Tequila can bring more pleasure than absinthe, yet both make mornings tougher.
  • I intended to quit drinking, but that didn’t last very long.
  • Who needs a therapist when your bartender knows all your stories so well?
  • Why don’t wine glasses ever get lost? Because they know their ‘wine’ way home!
  • Why did a Mexican push his wife off a cliff? Tequila!
  • I know I promised myself I’d stop drinking, but going cold turkey on it won’t do.
  • What math tool would bartenders prefer most for calculations? A protractor, as they love angles.
  • Don’t forget, wine o’clock has already started somewhere!
  • Sipping wine is acceptable! Don’t feel bad for enjoying an occasional sip!
  • When life gives you lemons, make the most of every opportunity with some tequila and salt!
  • My whiskey preference has always been to take it straight up; keeping my liquor cabinet tidy helps my mind be organized too!
  • I wouldn’t put much stock into a cocktail that slides down so smoothly; this might end up as something of a mess!
  • Since our local store ran out of beer, perhaps now is an appropriate time for wine o’clock?
  • What caused this beer to receive such praise is its open communication of feelings.
  • Drink triple, observe double, act single!
  • My friend works in graphic design. His favorite font? San-gria!
  • Age is irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of Scotch!
  • Know when it’s time to stop drinking when the floor feels comfortable beneath you.

Best Puns About Alcohol

  • Trust me; you can dance – vodka.
  • Why did rum and coke split? Theirs was an “on and off” relationship!
  • What drink is their go-to beverage for space exploration? Universal Draft.
  • Labelling their whiskey “Beware!” must have been intended to encourage me to become “whiskey-ful”.
  • My beer thinks you are beautiful.
  • Take time to fully experience life step-by-step, rather than in one great gulp.
  • A short account of The Tequila Incident of 1999.
  • Why was the rum always getting detention? It never knew “when to stop!”!
  • How does Gin laugh at parties? It simply “crackles up!”!
  • What alcohol are ghosts most fond of sipping on? Boos! It definitely perk up their spirits!
  • What did vodka say to its lime companion after an awkward date? “It isn’t you; it is me!”
  • Why did the red wine seem disoriented at the bar? Because it had just been “decantered.”
  • What diary would a bottle of whiskey keep? Well, whiskeypedia!  Get it?
  • Why doesn’t Tequila ever seem to get lost? Because somehow they always end up at the bottom of the bottle!
  • Why did a beer attend its school reunion? Simply because he wanted to see all his old “draughts.”
  • What would you call a group of alcoholic chemists? Solution providers!
  • How does champagne celebrate its successes? By popping bottles!

Final Words

At this point, we hope these “alcohol puns”, “alcohol jokes”, and “alcohol one-liners” brought joy into your day! Remember these should be enjoyed with caution; like your beverage of choice; just shake well first then serve chilled! Until next time – may humor always reign supreme!

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