55+ Funny Bagel Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Bagel Puns: Discover the most hilarious bagel puns that will have you in stitches. Add some laughter to your day!

Unleash your inner comedian with our collection of popcorn puns that are sure to add a playful twist to your day. We’re ready to butter you up with hearty laughs featuring our main dish, bagel puns! We guarantee they are filled to the brim with cream-cheesy humor. Whether you’re a fan of bagel jokes, bagel one-liners, or just looking for some funny bagel lines to spice up your usual chats, we’ve got you covered! We believe there’s no other way to start your day than with a good laugh, and with our bagel puns, it’s sure to be a whole grain of fun!

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Funny Bagel Puns

Bagel Puns
  • My band, 1023MB, still lacks its signature “Bagel” byte.
  • Garlicky Bagel lives by this motto: “Live and let ‘dye!
  • The bagel applied for a loan, needing money.
  • What sport are bagel enthusiasts interested in playing? “Dough-jitsu! “,
  • What did an undercooked bagel say? “I feel flaky! “, said it with all sincerity.
  • How does a bagel fly? By spreading its wings!
  • Who won? The one with an impressive lead!?
  • “I am the cause of all your difficulties!” announced a bagel with pride.
  • Bagels have long been recognized as an international symbol for delicious, endlessly enjoyable snacking pleasure.
  • A bagel with “dough-pressed” label may look intimidating but is really just made by giving some love and care when mixing the dough together.
  • I recently tried my first vegan bagel… it tasted absolutely fantastic!
  • An overworked bagel… it is feeling “toasted”.
  • A great comedian keeps your laughs coming just like an excellent bagel does!
  • An excited bagel informed gym-goers: “I am absolutely amped!”
  • When a bagel hits a door…it tends to attempt to jam open!
  • An idyllic bagel professes, “I love you whole-heartedly!”
  • Bagels at Halloween parties? Sure way to spook guests!
  • Are You On a Bagel Road Trip? That Is an Amazing Circumferential Adventure
  • Have you heard a bagel joke? These jokes can be hilarious!
  • What did the bossy bagel proclaim? “I am on an upward spiral!”

Cute Bagel Puns

  • Bagel lovers’ go-to movie genre? “Bread-time” tales!
  • After leaving its bakery home, this bagel had an unfortunate smell like new dough.
  • My bagel has become lodged in my toaster; that makes for quite the sticky situation!
  • My history with bagels has taken an unconventional course.
  • My relationship with bagels can only be described as “toasty.”
  • My friend informed me of an interesting rumor: Poppy-seed bagel sales have seen an unprecedented upsurge!
  • What do popcorn bagels enjoy doing most? Watching Netflix and Krust!
  • What’s that bagel up to on the tennis court? He is “serving” up aces!
  • A bagel was confronted by a sandwich. They met head on! It was an epic struggle!
  • Once a bagel entered a toaster…it felt the heat.
  • What’s the new mantra of life–“Roll and Toast!”?
  • An unhappy bagel is known as sob-dough.
  • Are You Worried About Your Weight When Eating Bagels? Not any longer! Bagels provide plenty of calories without adding pounds!
  • Lightbulbs and bagels walked into a cafe promising to “lift and brighten” everyone’s spirits!
  • A bagel was elected class president because it captured everyone’s imagination!
  • Why did the bagel visit its therapist? In order to create its cream cheese filling!
  • A bagel has joined the gym! And it is ready to “roll”.
  • Doing a Roll Call! That bagel ticket qualifies!
  • Are You Starting Off the Day Right With Coffee or Without it? A bagel that seems disgruntled probably hasn’t had time to adjust yet – which may explain its behavior!
  • Smartest bagel ever: the one made up of multiple grains!

Puns About Bagel

  • Lactose-intolerant bagel eaters don’t miss out! A delicious lactose-free bagel still delivers lots of fun!
  • See! The bagel BBQ party was quite lively!
  • “Lookout,” declared the bagel to its sandwich partner, “I’m on a roll!”
  • An electric bagel folding laundry? Now that’s what I call a roll-aide!
  • An angry bagel could not be placated with cream-cheese alone.
  • Watching paint dry? Personally, I much prefer seeing bagels toast!
  • Bagel loves anything that gets their wheels turning!
  • Bagels and Monday mornings go together like peaches and cream!
  • My room suddenly filled with an aroma as an entire bagel flew past before landing perfectly in my toaster!
  • What could possibly be more “bready” than seeing an empty bagel baguette lying prone?
  • Today the bagel had to miss school so instead decided on an “bake-cation”.
  • Dieting Tips : What Should Be Eaten for Effective Workout? A bagels is the vehicle to bring about health.
  • Do not marry me with onion rings – instead choose an onion bagel as my bride!
  • Bagels and computers go together seamlessly because both operate using dough-code.
  • Where do young bagels chill after making the rounds at dough-malls?
  • I tried starting up a bagel business but ultimately couldn’t stick the course! It just ended up becoming too challenging!
  • Bagels at a concert? That means they’re here to “jam!”
  • Bagels are like timepieces; always turning “round and round”.
  • What did one bagel tell another bagel? Stop “loafing!” around!
  • Bagels without cream cheese? That would simply be “loxs”.

Final Words

As I hope these “Bagel Puns”, “Bagel Jokes”, and “Bagel One-liners” have brightened your day like cream cheese does a bagel, spread these funny lines around and keep spreading laughter to keep spirits up high! Signing off, your truly-dedicated “Bagel Pun” enthusiast!

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