90+ Fruit Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover hilarious fruit puns and jokes to brighten your day with juicy humor. Get your daily dose of laughter here!

Are you ready for some of the fruit world’s juiciest humor? Look no further – our orchard of wordplay offers up plenty of laughs that’ll have you splitting a gut, from puns, jokes and one-liners right through to funny lines that’ll have you rolling with laughter! So whether you are an avid fruit enthusiast or looking to add some delicious fruity fun into your daily grind – our orchard of wordplay offers something deliciously fruitful that is guaranteed to leave a berry big smile! Let’s make you go bananas over fruit puns like never before!

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Funny Fruit Puns

Fruit Puns
  • Did you know about the party with fruit? It was a lot of fun with grapes!
  • Let’s be like the banana and then split it!
  • You’re my favourite thing.
  • You are you pleased to be here?
  • It’s time to raise the bar for puns!
  • I’m awestruck by you.
  • It’s grape news!
  • Let’s turn the beet!
  • We can make a fantastic pear.
  • I’m a-peeling at you.
  • It’s not maize-ing It’s a melon!
  • Let’s avocuddle.
  • You’re my favorite mate.
  • Thank you Olive!
  • We create a perfect pear.
  • This joke is hilarious.
  • Let’s discuss fruit puns.
  • Be careful not to be too Melon-choly.
  • You’re a Melon.
  • You’re plum-tastic!
  • Orange you clever?
  • Let’s dance the night away.
  • I’m berry excited!
  • It’s a good time with people who share your interests.
  • It’s a great idea for a grape!
  • I’m coconuts for you.
  • I’m awestruck by these puns!
  • You’re the zing!
  • What are you drinking?
  • We’re a group of sweeties.

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Funny Fruit Jokes

  • This is just so pee-ling.
  • Let’s create a pear-fect recipe!
  • You’re the cherry on top.
  • Love the Pomegranate!
  • You’re my special berry.
  • We’re a wonderful pear, don’t you think?
  • Olive the girls in my life are hilarious!
  • Let’s talk about how wacky this is.
  • I’m bananas for you!
  • You’re the apple in my pie.
  • We’re a group of grapes!
  • Let’s go on an evening.
  • You’re the king of politeness.
  • It’s fruit-tastic!
  • You’re a-peach-able.
  • Orange you glad we’re friends?
  • This is entertainment from grapes!
  • You’re gifted!
  • I’m plum-tifully happy.
  • Let’s come up with some more puns!
  • I’m excited to share with you about this pun.
  • I’m having a good time with grapes.
  • I’m feeling very orange today.
  • I’m plum tired.
  • I’m having a pear-fect time.
  • I’m feeling melon-choly.
  • I’m feeling a bit plum insane.
  • I’m feeling a bit giddy.
  • I’m feeling a bit cantaloupe-y.
  • I’m feeling a bit banana-nas.

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Funny Fruit One-Liners

  • I’m experiencing the banana split persona.
  • I’m feeling slightly sweet.
  • I’m feeling pretty dumb.
  • I’m a bit grape-less.
  • I’m feeling a Melon-collie.
  • I’m feeling a bit cantaloupe-ous.
  • I’m feeling a bit banana-fana fo-fana.
  • I’m feeling a bit apple-y.
  • I’m feeling a bit orange-utan.
  • I’m feeling a tad wi-wi-d out.
  • I’m enjoying a wine time with my buddies.
  • I’m feeling a bit orange with excitement.
  • I’m getting tired of all the puns.
  • I’m feeling incredibly satisfied.
  • I’m feeling melon-choly over the current state of the world.
  • I’m going to be a bit in love with you.
  • I’m feeling a bit giddy for all the wonderful things happening in my life.
  • I’m feeling a touch cantaloupe regarding the future.
  • I’m feeling a bit banana-nas over the traffic.
  • I’m experiencing the banana split persona.
  • I’m feeling pretty eager.
  • I’m a little dumbstruck.
  • I’m a little sour regarding the current situation.
  • I’m feeling melancholy about the weather.
  • I’m feeling a tad cantaloupey about The new place to eat.
  • I’m feeling a bit banana-fana fo-fana after the show.
  • I’m feeling a bit fresh and apple-y.
  • I’m feeling a bit orange-utan over the whole event.
  • I’m feeling a bit down about the event.
  • I’m enjoying a wine time on the beach.
  • I’m feeling a bit orange about the setting sun.
  • I’m getting worn out of sand that’s accumulated in my shoes.
  • I’m feeling incredibly relaxed.
  • I’m feeling melon-choly when I leave the beach.
  • I’m feeling a bit plum obsessed with the waves.
  • I’m a little grape-ful to be enjoying the sun.
  • I’m feeling a touch cantaloupey regarding the Sandcastle.
  • I’m feeling a bit banana-nas with the seagulls.
  • I’m experiencing one of my bananas split personalities on the beach.
  • I’m feeling a bit interested in the waves.

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