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Welcome to the world of Durian Puns! As King of Fruits, durian has long been associated with jokes, one-liners, and humorous remarks relating to its smelly but delicious fruitiness – providing ample fodder for Durian Puns! As with its scenty counterparts, durian also offers plenty of comedic opportunities! With our funny durian lines you will peel back fears while turning up humor levels ten-fold! These delightful puns stimulate laughter just as the tasteful fruit itself tantalizingly tantalized your tongue; once tasted you won’t want more – don’t miss this durian Pun feast of fun! Don’t be mistaken; don’t miss this fruit bowl full of fun you don’t want to miss!
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Funny Durian Puns

Durian Puns
  • My durian refused a perfume; rather it said: ‘Why cover my natural charm?”
  • Durians are one of the few fruits to require a warning label: “May cause uncontrollable gagging.
  • How do durians cope with sadness? By letting it all out – smelly odor and all!
  • What fair ride do durians love best? The Scrambler because its name itself describes its effects.
  • Mix a durian with pineapple for an exotic fruit salad!
  • Durians enroll in karate lessons to develop sharpness of mind.
  • Durians are fruits that say: ‘I am here not for friendship; rather I intend to make my presence felt!
  • What do you call an eager durian trying to score dates? A durian player.
  • Durians utilize scent-sible pens when writing.
  • What do you call a durian that always seems cheerful and upbeat? A durian with an infectiously positive disposition!
  • What do you call a durian that strives to look trendy all of the time? A hip-cat.
  • What would you call a durian that can play the guitar? A “rock-n-ree-oll” durian!
  • What would you call an ambitious durian that’s constantly trying to start their own business? A durian entrepreneur.
  • Durians are like fruit versions of bad movies – you just can’t stop yourself from watching (or smelling!!) them!
  • What would you call a durian that’s desperately in love? A bride-to-be.
  • What would you call a durian that enjoys making people laugh? A durian comedian.
  • Do not argue with a Durian; they always have an explanation or justification to back their position up.
  • Durians can often be described as the undesirables in any fruit market – always stirring trouble, they tend to destroy an otherwise fruitful orchard and take pleasure in spoiling all other products within it.
  • My pet refused to eat my durian. Instead, they ran away quickly in panic saying, “That ‘purr’-fume I can’t handle!”
  • Why did durian become such an accomplished musician? Because its compost-ure was outstanding.
  • What term would describe someone constantly striving to advance themselves professionally? A durian career-ladderer.
  • Why don’t durians participate in races? Because they always need “re-peeling.”
  • What movie would a durian recommend watching? “The Smell-By” Kid.
  • What do you call a durian that strives to be the center of attention at every party? A durian social-butterfly.
  • Why are durians the perfect timekeepers? Because their flesh always peels at exactly 2 minutes past.
  • Pierce “Bros-niff.” is their go-to actor when it comes to durian.
  • Durians are fruit that say: ‘Whether you love me or hate me, you just can’t ignore me!”
  • “Why cover such minty-fresh breath with anything?” it replied, when I inquired for one.
  • Just held my first durian and could definitely feel its “tension.”
  • Why was durian the star of our fruit party? Because its peel was truly hilarious!
  • What do you call a durian that always seems to find ways out of trouble? A “durian flimflammer”.
  • What activity can a durian enjoy the most? Smelly dancing because it “cleans out” the dance floor!
  • I asked my durian whether it had any regrets; its answer: Nope, just waiting my turn!”
  • My friend got an unattractive haircut. It resembles that of an overripe durian; close enough, yet unappealing.
  • My durian wasn’t allowed on the bus because they said it didn’t create “scents.”

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Funny Durian Jokes

  • Why can’t durians play hide-and-seek? Because their scent cannot be hidden!
  • If a durian were to become a superhero, their arsenal would surely include some impressive “presents.”
  • What do you call an undercover durian odor-detective?
  • “Sorry,” was its reply when asked if it wanted a ride with me. My car has an “Only one passenger policy!”
  • What do you call a durian that keeps getting into mischief? A durian troublemaker!
  • Durians are fruit that always keep us on our toes – and holding onto our nose!
  • Durians are like fruit celebrities; they always seem to attract an entourage!
  • What do you call someone who strives for realism with every decision made in their durian? A durian realist.
  • What do you get when you mix durian fruit and comedian? A “smelly” funnyman!
  • What do you call a durian that always seems to get lost? A durian with directionality issues!
  • I tried making durian-scented candles but found they were far too “hot”.
  • “Just be yourself!” was his advice if I asked it for dating advice, barring any possibility that one may also be durian-esque!
  • What do you call a durian that constantly steals things from others? A durian pickpocket.
  • Durian fruit creates an unexpected “spike” in air freshener sales when entering any room, prompting people to purchase extra fragranced air fresheners as a response.
  • Durians are fruit world’s infamous bad boys! Playing by their own “stenchy” rules!
  • What would you call a durian that’s constantly striving to appear intelligent? A “durian scientist”.
  • What do you call a durian who always strives for fame? They call him/her an ambitious celebrity durian!
  • What do you call a durian that constantly attempts to impress people? A “durian show-off.”
  • Durians are like rock stars of the fruit world – loud, stinky and everyone knows about them!
  • Durians tend to make terrible comedians; their “offensive” jokes always fall flat.
  • What would you call a durian that’s always trying to retire? A senior durian.
  • Durians are fruit that represent life itself: “Too short to be boring!”
  • What time of the year do durians find most exciting? Fall, as this fruit loves watching its leaves “fall,” just as those eating it do!
  • Durians are so fragrant, even their selfies come out smelling unique!
  • What term refers to someone who strives for social advancement through aggressive networking? Social climber.
  • What would you call a durian that always strives to become the center of attention? A durian drama-queen.
  • Why are durians poor swimmers? They tend to “sink”.
  • What flavor of ice cream are Durians partial to? Vanilla because it remains “un-spiked.”
  • Why can’t Durians play hide and seek? Because you always find them!
  • Durians resemble onions in that they provide layers of flavor and aroma.
  • What song best describes durian fruit? “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, since once tasted, one cannot untaste.
  • What should durians wear to prom? Corsmell-age!
  • What would you call a durian that strives for goodness all of the time? A durian angel.
  • What would you call a durian who constantly cracks jokes? A durian pun-master.
  • Why did the durian bring its fan to a picnic? In order to blow its own cover!

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Best Durian One-Liners

  • What would you call a durian who always attempts to avoid work? A durian slacker.
  • As soon as a durian walks into a bar, everyone leaves. No joke intended here… they simply couldn’t handle its smell!
  • Durians are unique among fruits in that they double up as both an offensive weapon and delectable treat! In their deadly combination, Durians deliver both scent and taste!
  • What would we call an alien durian fruit in space? An “astro-not-very-good!”
  • What do you call a durian that has been training? A “spiked” athlete!
  • My friends didn’t seem interested in trying my durian; instead they said no thanks – we don’t do aroma-ntroductions!”
  • What do we call an investable durian on a finance team? A wise purchase.
  • Why can durians never go missing? Because they always leave behind an unpleasant scent!
  • Why can’t durians make good keep-secrets? Because their secrets always “leak”.
  • When life gives you durians, turn them into air fresheners!
  • What song would a durian listen to most often? “I Will Always Love Poo”!
  • What dance style do durians prefer most often? The twist, because it emphasizes “splits.”
  • What do durians love to do for fun? Taking “stench” lessons!
  • Whoever wanted a durian devil was left disappointed!
  • How does a durian break up with you? By telling you “things between us just stink.
  • Durians are like real-life whoopee cushions in terms of fruit.
  • What do you call a durian that always arrives late? A durian tardy-grad.
  • Why don’t durians make good baseball players? They never seem to advance beyond “baserind.”
  • What do you call a durian that always wants to die? A durian death-seeker.
  • What are a durian’s favorite pickup lines? “Does that durian belong in your pocket, or are you simply glad to see me??”
  • What was written in a durian’s diary? : “Life can be pretty tough sometimes…”
  • Durians are like teargas canisters – you simply cannot help but shed tears whenever they’re around! They will bring on emotional discomfort in all their presence!
  • What holiday is Durian most fond of celebrating? “Stinksgiving!”
  • Durians are like fruit fireworks – their scent brightens any room!
  • As with politics, managing durians requires control and not relinquishing one’s grip on them.
  • Who else are we calling when durians aspire to attain power and become influential figures? A durian politician.
  • Durian exclaimed of Durian: “You are essential in my universe!”
  • Why was a durian invited to a fruit party? In order to enhance its excitement.
  • Durians are one of the few fruits whose aroma speaks for itself! No need for introduction!
  • Why did the Durian bring its Nose Clip to the Party? Because he knew it’d be essential in keeping odor at bay!

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Best Puns About Durian

  • What can we call someone who strives for positivity all the time? A “durian optimist.”
  • Why did a durian become a stand-up comedian? Because it wanted to “crack” up its audience!
  • What connects durian and suspense novels? Both offer intense stories from start to finish.
  • What do you call a durian that gives motivational speeches? Sir Stinks-a-lot.
  • I attempted to open a durian with a chainsaw, but all it said in reply was, “Don’t you make such jokes!”
  • Why did the durian start a band? Because he wanted to create an “odorous” hit!
  • Durian fruit offers both flavor and fragrance! So when it comes time for lunch or snack time, why not enjoy two experiences for one price!?
  • What would you call a durian who’s always trying to become wealthy? A durian millionaire.
  • What can be described as an individual who strives to produce only top-of-the-line durian fruit? A durian perfectionist.
  • Durians are sneaky fruit ninjas; their aroma and flavor sneak up on you quickly!
  • Why did a durian begin practicing yoga? In order to find his inner “peel.”
  • Why did durian win its boxing match? Because it packed an intense punch.
  • What do you call a durian that keeps trying to have children? A mother-to-be.
  • Why did the durian visit therapy? Because he felt as if his tasty fruit wasn’t being fully enjoyed.
  • Durians are like fruit grenades – they pack plenty of flavor (and scent!) when they explode!
  • “How are durians breaking up with their partners?” “I believe we need to see other fruits.”
  • What did the duck say to the durian? “Don’t quack me up! “.
  • What do you call a durian that often gets into fights? A durian brawler.
  • Where would a durian go on vacation to enhance its air? Perhaps to the British Aisle.
  • Durians generally avoid biking for fear of suffering an “inch puncture.”
  • What would you call a durian that’s constantly seeking reincarnation? A durian Buddhist.
  • I attempted to bring durian onto an airplane but they claimed it exceeded the “odor-luggage” limit.
  • My attempts were futile; no durian could open with just my two hands!
  • What would you call a durian who’s always negative? A “durian pessimist”.
  • What do you call a durian that attempts to remain neutral? A durian Swiss.
  • What remedy has the doctor suggested for a durian-infested house? Aroma-therapy!
  • How are durians so adept at nailing every job interview? Because they always appear prepared.
  • Why did the phone fail with Durian? Because its circuits couldn’t keep up with all his lengthy “airtime.”
  • Durians are like fruit equivalents of skunks; both species possessing unique and offensive odors!
  • Why did the durian cross the road? To prove he wasn’t chicken… even though its scent suggested otherwise.
  • What would you call a durian that’s always getting into mischief? A “durian pun-isher.”
  • Durians are fruit industry divas – demanding attention while receiving it!
  • My friend thought my idea to give them a durian as a present was horrible! “You should really reconsider!” they responded with indignation.
  • I tried making durian perfume but all it gave off was an overwhelming smell of fruit!
  • Folk band idea: The Plucking Durians. Their sound relies heavily on natural “piercing” sounds that produce unique tonality.

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