70+ Lemon Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Lemon Puns: Discover hilarious Lemon Puns to brighten your day and make you smile. Get ready for a zestful laugh!

Looking to add some zesty humor into your day? Look no further than Lemon Puns! Our orchard of humor offers up the freshest selection of lemony humor imaginable – from jokes about Lemons themselves, zesty one-liners and laugh-inducing Lemon quotes – guaranteed to bring out laughter no matter where life leads us! So come explore a citrusy world where laughter reigns supreme! We dare you not wait — dive right in with laughter as laughter reigns supreme here in Lemon Puns! Let’s dive in where laughter reigns supreme!

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Funny Lemon Puns

Lemon Puns
  • Lemon-wheel is the term to apply to lemons that love to spin around on their own.
  • Lemons can also be used to craft various other items, like candles and soap.
  • Why did the lemon stop in its tracks? Because its juice ran dry!
  • Your lemon twist adds the perfect accent to my cocktail!
  • My heart owes you everything it has.
  • Yellow-ellos are crayons resembling lemons.
  • If you want me, squeeze me! If that makes you happy.
  • Lemon puns can be quite amusing; I am just an enthusiastic lemon lover!
  • Lemon puns make life “sweet-taining.”
  • Squeeze out some fun with lemon jokes – they’re often hilarious!
  • Lemon-obsession runs deep! I don’t apologize for it at all – in fact, the more citrus my life contains the happier it makes me!
  • Be like lemons and keep things light!
  • Life can be sweet, but adding some spice makes it even sweeter!
  • Let’s make today a lemony one. Let’s make our day as yellow as an apple pie.
  • Unripe lemons were met with jealousy by more mature citrus fruits; thus causing their hue to change from yellowish green to green with envy.
  • Why did the lemon go to the gym? In order to stay in good condition!
  • What would you call a lemon who can play guitar? A “Lemon Rocker!”!
  • Lemons make incredible musical instruments because their juice lends itself perfectly to writing humorous limericks.
  • Juice Up Your Day. Squeeze Out All That Tartness. And When Life Hands you Lemons… Make Lemonade
  • What game do lemons like best? Lemonopoly!
  • Life gave me lemons; so, instead of taking things seriously, I made an amusing joke out of them!
  • Lemons can only be produced within the boundaries of their own tree.
  • Your presence adds zest to my life! Thank you so much.
  • Thought I might share with you my favorite joke about lemon on bread… But instead I won’t… Because you might spread it around.
  • An entire truck-load of lemons has come crashing onto a motorway and caused significant traffic disruption.

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Funny Lemon Jokes

  • My day would have been dull without you as an important element in my daily schedule. Thank you for being my bright spot.
  • Lemons enjoy enjoying delicious foods, with Lemon-cello being their preferred beverage of choice.
  • “Everything stinks!” lamented a bitter lemon.
  • Life is short; make every moment “sweet-tastic!”
  • When life gets rough, add sugar to make yourself some lemonade! When times get difficult just mix in sugar for some tasty lemonade!
  • Limerick Bank collapsed due to an unusually intense series of lemon jokes during its final quarter.
  • Why do lemons always apply sun lotion? Because their peeling constantly requires it.
  • Lemon puns can add zesty flair.
  • What did one lemon say to another lemon? “Hi Yellow There!”
  • What kind of music would a lemon like best? Lemoncholy!
  • Lemons have an insatiable thirst.
  • Puns are essential in cultivating fruity friendships.
  • Why did the lemon and lime part ways? They couldn’t handle their bitter relationship!
  • Lemons can also be used to craft refreshing lemonade drinks.
  • Lemons are often utilized in both culinary and baking applications.
  • Lemonheads is one of a lemon’s favorite musical groups.
  • Life is short; indulge in something sweet first – especially something lemon-inspired!
  • Why did the lemon go to school? For an educational boost!
  • Squeeze out every last drop!
  • Lemon is an iconic citrus fruit known for its tart taste.
  • No one would ask an expired lemon to attend their prom dance!
  • Only because he could not find anyone suitable, did the lemon end up dating the lime.
  • Let’s add some zest to our conversations. Let’s add an exciting element.
  • Limonade is the go-to spot for citrus lovers! A lemon has long considered it home.
  • Lemon puns can bring joyous laughter.

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Funny Lemon One-Liners

  • What do you call a lemon that has gone bad? A sourseller!
  • “What can make a lemon laugh? A limerick!”
  • What would you call a lemon that has attended gym classes? A “Lemon-pumped”.
  • Lemon puns provide us with just enough humorous relief.
  • What do you call an unhappy lemon? A lime!
  • When life gives you lemons, turn lemon puns into lemonade!
  • Lemons are an extremely versatile fruit, as their many uses make them useful in many different applications.
  • My sunshine couldn’t survive without you. Thank you for being my lemonade stand.
  • What time of year does lemon relish the most? Summer! That is when their fruition peaks!
  • What happens if you ask a lemon for help? Lemon-aid!
  • What do you call a lemon that acts like an intermediary or protector in an emergency situation? A “Lemon-aid”.
  • What show do lemons love watching on television? “Sur”vivor!
  • My pie needs you like lemon meringue does.
  • Why did the lemon visit its doctor? Because its peel was misbehaving!
  • Lemon jokes can provide the right dose of humor.
  • Lemon gobbler is one of the beloved delicacies enjoyed by turkeys as an afternoon treat.
  • Add more lemon whenever necessary.
  • A lemon was brought into see a doctor because its stomach had turned acidic.
  • Life may be harsh, but you have the ability to make it sweeter by your actions.
  • Your contribution can make myade truly delicious! You are mysade’s lemon.
  • Easy lemon squeezy! Clementines were coming alive! My citrus has finally blossomed – you are my primary squeeze and she found herself hers too.
  • Cara Delevingne is one of A Lemon’s favorite celebrities.
  • Be Beyonce when life gives you lemons.
  • When life gives you lemons, give someone else some lemon juice! When life gives you lemons, get out there and strike back at someone!
  • What song would be lemon’s jam? “When Life Gives You Lemons” by Beyonce!
  • Stay cool, make a positive turn around when things seem tough – when youre down make your lemon frown turn upside down!
  • Lemons can be used in making many beverages, from lemon tea and cocktails to other lemon-themed products like honey.
  • Your zest! Your smile makes me zing. So let’s all pucker up like lemons do and do some lip puckering together.
  • Your humor quenches my thirst! Thank you.

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