60+ Cinco de Mayo Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Cinco de Mayo Puns: Discover the Funniest Cinco De Mayo Puns and Jokes. Make this Cinco De Mayo unforgettable with humor.

Searching for some laugh-inducing Cinco De Mayo puns? Look no further – we have you covered! At the heart of any memorable celebration lies fun and laughter; that is why we curated some hilarious Cinco de Mayo jokes, one-liners and humorous quips so your celebration will go off without a hitch!
These hilarious puns and jokes will delight anyone looking for a good laugh, from one-liners that tickle to hilarious puns on Cinco de Mayo itself, we guarantee they’ll leave everyone at your fiesta cracking up and smiling from ear-to-ear – as well as including some side-splitting humor to keep laughter bubbling over!
Let the laughter commence on May 5, with some great Cinco de Mayo puns that will have us laughing ’till we hurt!

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Funny Cinco De Mayo Puns

Cinco de Mayo Puns
  • How will Cinco de Mayo bring joy this year? Prepare some “lettuce romaine” and see!
  • If you are giving a speech on Cinco de Mayo, be sure to bring along an “nacho-l” business card!
  • Do not become one this Cinco de Mayo. Don’t give in to panic-que-sadilla syndrome!
  • “Taco bell” has started ringing, marking Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate it like never before this May 5th!
  • Why not celebrate Cinco de Mayo by tossing some tortilla chips into the air for Cinco de Mayo? Here’s to hoping so!
  • Are peppers fast? No. But their “jalapeno-faced” appearance certainly can be!
  • Celebrate and revel in all things Cinco de Mayo by eating lots of lettuce! Lettuce celebrate and rejoice this historic holiday!
  • Let’s create the ultimate fiesta! Join me as I bring out salsa, guac and more for our fiesta–let’s party like never before!
  • My friends responded negatively when I tried making a Cinco de Mayo-related joke by suggesting it could only mean corn-chips.
  • Stay away from “guac”-out for those Cinco de Mayo parties; they get very lively!
  • “Cinco de Mayo” has long been my favorite holiday, or maybe its the tequila?
  • Are You “Green-y” For Cinco De Mayo Festivals? Cause I am!
  • On Cinco de Mayo, expect nothing but “re-fried” jokes!
  • Why wait until Saturday or Sunday when Cinco de Mayo can bring celebration every Wednesday?! Join in this “week-day affair!” and make this Cinco de Mayo one to remember!
  • Cinco de Mayo marks an occasion to enjoy some refreshing margaritas or, as I like to refer to them – vitamin tequila!
  • Keep calm and “salsa on!” It’s Cinco de Mayo! Don’t lose your nerve! It’s an opportunity for celebration!
  • Cinco de Mayo is my absolute favorite holiday!
  • Nachos for dinner on Cinco de Mayo sound like an excellent idea to me!
  • Cinco de Mayo marks a day when everyone celebrates Mexican cuisine! Everyone will go into overdrive trying new taco combinations or ordering authentic tacos from restaurants around town!
  • Guac may be extra, but so am I! And especially on Cinco De Mayo!

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Funny Cinco De Mayo Puns And Jokes

  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! Let’s celebrate in style this year by having an awesome party! Let’s “taco” about having an excellent time!
  • Let me “guac” up your world this Cinco De Mayo!
  • Cinco de Mayo brings great happiness! Let our souls sing their joyful song of celebration!
  • To honor Cinco de Mayo, I am offering up some “queso” impressive puns! To celebrate, please find below an entertaining selection.
  • Did you hear about the wrestler who held an unforgettable “taco-down” for Cinco de Mayo celebrations? It truly was impressive.
  • Cinco de Mayo has arrived, let’s make sure we celebrate by having an “a-queso!”
  • Welcome to Cinco de Mayo! Make sure not to hijack the conversation at tonight’s celebration by discussing anything other than Mexican culture!
  • Although temperatures outside might seem “chili”, Cinco de Mayo promises to spice things up!
  • Burritos singing their hearts out at Cinco de Mayo? That is known as Wrap music!
  • Why did the tomato turn red on Cinco de Mayo? Because it saw some delicious guacamole!
  • Trust me; this Cinco de Mayo will be “legume-dary!”
  • Are You Enjoy Spicy Stuff? Because Cinco De Mayo-cayenne will get very spicy!
  • I couldn’t be more enthusiastic for Cinco De Mayo!
  • Do not go all-out this Cinco de Mayo and go without celebrating with any spicy thrills! Don’t let anything spoil the party.
  • Keep an eye out for Cinco de Mayo celebrations; they could become quite the “nacho-style party!!”
  • Do avocados celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Certainly. In fact, they make for the perfect topping on any taco roll or wrap!
  • My original plan for Cinco de Mayo was to throw a ball, but instead decided on hosting an all-out fiesta instead – that’s just my style!
  • On Cinco de Mayo, does Mexico “spring forward” four days?
  • Let’s celebrate Cinco de Mayo together – it will surely bring out our inner Mexican! Come out for our Cinco de Mayo party and have an epic “taco-l” eclipse of your hearts!
  • Will there be fireworks for Cinco de Mayo? No. Only fajita sparklers.

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Funny Cinco De Mayo Puns And One-Liners

  • Are You Excited about Cinco De Mayo?? Are You Serrano-ous of celebrating it this May 5?
  • Cinco de Mayo is an annual fiesta with spicy traditions; this day often draws big crowds of “jalapeno-loving” visitors.
  • My bank unexpectedly hosted an outstanding Cinco de Mayo party… It was quite the delightful event!
  • Do computers celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Yes! They “byte into” this celebration!
  • Are You “Churro” Excited about Cinco de Mayo? Well I certainly am!
  • My cat responded enthusiastically when asked whether they were feeling excited for Cinco de Mayo: it said it would be “feline good!”
  • Cinco de Mayo celebrations without puns would be like eating burritos without salsa – no fun!
  • Aren’t we celebrating Cinco de My-Oh-My?
  • I am creating a special dance for Cinco de Mayo; it will be called the Salsa Shuffle.
  • Cinco de Mayo is like Pi Day but for Mexicans! Celebrate it by having a festive “round of celebration!”
  • Life can be likened to an open burrito: to enjoy maximum satisfaction on Cinco de Mayo! So let’s fill ours up right.
  • Cinco de Mayo has arrived and we should celebrate in style! Let the partying commence like never before. Let the maestro of fiesta show his/her skills!
  • Celebrating Cinco de Mayo without tacos would constitute a crime against humanity!
  • Cinco de Mayo is not about arguing; rather it should be celebrated with joy! No need for any debate here: there should only be fun on Cinco de Mayo!
  • Cinco de Mayo can often turn out to be more like Cinco o Maya! Don’t take that as an invitation not to enjoy yourself – more like “sink-o into fun!
  • Later this evening I will host my annual Cinco de Mayo party, but with an emphasis on Nachos!
  • Thinking ahead to Cinco de Mayo can only mean one thing…it will surely be spicy!
  • On Cinco de Mayo, they say to forget your past by washing away with “burrito-l”!
  • My love of Cinco De Mayo can often be hard to express!
  • Have a fiesta…or is that more like siesta after eating your Cinco de Mayo feast.
  • Cinco de Mayo can bring out many puns. But even if you don’t celebrate it yourself, this holiday offers many “oppor-chimi-tuna-tys.”
  • “Viva la Fiesta! Straight down my Salsa-plexus.”
  • One man’s Cinco de Mayo could be another’s opportunity to finally master creating delicious “enchilad-eals!”
  • Who loves habaneros on Cinco de Mayo-habanero-?
  • “Senor, can you guess my favorite film? It is Mayo on Elm Street!”
  • On Cinco de Mayo, everyone becomes a “jalapeno” business.
  • Are You Overindulging on Cinco de Mayo? Label it Guacward!
  • On Cinco de Mayo, even clocks have something festive to celebrate! Even their tickers should strike up some lively tunes!
  • I wanted to make a joke about Cinco de Mayo but did not want any trouble!

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