60+ Columbus Day Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Explore hilarious Columbus Day puns and jokes. Join the laughter as we celebrate just like Columbus discovering America.

Welcome to Columbus Day Puns! A humorous journey where history meets humor for an eye-opening laugh! Looking for Columbus Day jokes to share at parties or entertaining one-liners to lighten the atmosphere or humorous lines to tickle your funny bone, you have come to the right place. Join us as we navigate uncharted waters of humor and wit; our collection of puns has something suitable for every audience and taste; laughter truly is the best way to honor Columbus’ historic arrival!

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Funny Columbus Puns

Columbus Puns
  • Why did Columbus fail as a poker player? He couldn’t keep his plans under wraps!
  • Why did Columbus start his farm? In order to ‘grow’ new things.
  • Why did Columbus bring coloring books with him to explore a new continent? Because he wanted to “draw” one for himself!
  • Why didn’t Columbus ever become locked out? Because he always carried around a set of keys.
  • Columbus may have mislaid his map but had enough knowledge of where he was heading that he knew exactly where to “sea”.
  • Columbus’ Ship, The Santa Maria or as I prefer to refer to it – The Original Cruise Ship!
  • Why was Columbus unsuccessful at playing cards? Because he felt at sea!
  • What card game was Columbus’ favorite? Bridge.
  • How would Christopher Columbus like his food? ‘Discovered!
  • Columbus first set foot on American shores when his ship encountered land. For him, this moment marked “sands-tification”.
  • Why did Christopher Columbus seek therapy following his voyage? Because he couldn’t process what was unfolding around him.
  • Columbus found America by using his “Explorer Internet Explorer.” He truly broke through to discover America!
  • Why did Columbus decide to become a baseball player? He understood how to hit.
  • If Columbus were alive today, dating apps would likely pose difficulties for him. He wouldn’t know whether to swipe left or right; his only choice would always be West.
  • How did Christopher Columbus stay calm throughout his voyages? Because he never lost his “Pacific-ness.”
  • Columbus and his men enjoyed celebrating, they never joined forces against one another to fight or commit any forms of conflict.
  • My friend didn’t quite get my Columbus Day joke. Perhaps my words didn’t land properly?
  • What was Columbus’ favorite genre of music? He preferred maritime-related tunes.
  • Why did Columbus make a good investor? He always ventured into new territories.
  • Why was Columbus such an excellent firefighter? He knew where the water could be found.

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Funny Columbus Puns And Jokes

  • What was Christopher Columbus’ favorite type of pasta? Sea-shells.
  • Why did Columbus choose comedy as his profession? Because of his talent for creating catchy phrases!
  • Why did Columbus never catch a cold? He avoided joining the draft.
  • Why did Columbus never tire on his journeys? Because he was always seasick.
  • Columbus never lost at chess; rather he simply allowed his opponent to find victory themselves.
  • Columbus’ discovery of America marked such a momentous event that it eclipsed all others by comparison.
  • How did Columbus communicate his findings to Queen Isabella? He sent a chart via facsimile.
  • What did Columbus tell his men before embarking upon the ships? “Join me; together we will make history!”
  • What connects Columbus and an encounter? Both lead to discoveries.
  • Why did Columbus choose comedy as his profession? Because his jokes always hit their target!
  • How did Columbus’ ships communicate? By Sea-Mail!
  • Christopher Columbus Day marks a day when we toast “To the man who found an art form out of being lost!”
  • Why Columbus never missed his breakfast is because his journey was absolutely egg-cellent!
  • What exercise was Columbus’ favorite? “Sea-t-ups”.
  • Columbus preferred geometry because of the use of “pi”plotting techniques.
  • Why did Columbus excel as a comedian? Because he knew exactly how to “land” jokes!
  • Why celebrate Columbus Day? Because his journey wasn’t always smooth-sailing.
  • Columbus Day marks a unique day on our calendars that officially commemorates Columbus.
  • What did Columbus say after landing? “That certainly made a good landing!”
  • Christopher Columbus was an expert sea navigator. He successfully traversed the Atlantic!

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Funny Columbus Puns And One-Liners

  • Why didn’t Columbus become a cop? He didn’t wish to navigate “legal” waters.
  • Why didn’t Columbus reveal any secrets aboard his ship? Because he knew the sea would quickly reveal them all.
  • Columbus Day receives lots of recognition.
  • Did you hear Columbus’ favorite musical selection? Oh yes he loved his Sea-shanties!
  • Columbus brought flat earthers the devastating news they needed. Their displeasure was profound and their day a ruinous waste.
  • What did the Atlantic Ocean tell Columbus when he set sail for America? Nothing; all it did was wave.
  • What would we refer to Columbus on his diet as? A Lean Explorer.
  • What would you call a Columbus who tells jokes? A Christo-funny Columbus.
  • Columbus greatly appreciated Italian cuisine; his favorite dish being Spa-get-me to the New World!
  • One could argue that Columbus discovered America by accident!
  • Have you heard about Columbus’ basketball team, the Ocean Liners? It was formed under his direction!
  • What do you call Columbus when he feels anxious or afraid? A Navi-gator!
  • Truth be told, my previous Uber driver provided even worse directions than Columbus did.
  • Columbus wasn’t fond of playing hide and seek, preferring instead to look for things.
  • Did Christopher Columbus ever tire during his journeys? Nope; he always found ways to push through.
  • Why shouldn’t we share secrets on Columbus Day? Because everyone in the ocean already knows.
  • Why did Columbus not bring any writers with him on his voyages? Because he didn’t want anyone “spilling the beans” about their routes.
  • Why didn’t Columbus play hide and seek with his crew? Because hiding when sailing across oceans to discover new worlds would likely prove futile!
  • Why was Columbus poor at cricket? He preferred pitching over hitting.
  • Why didn’t Columbus wear shorts? His knee was always bent as an act of courage.
  • Columbus was an innovator. He discovered America before it even existed!
  • Why didn’t Columbus play hide and seek? Because good navigators seldom “Misses”.
  • Columbus had a soft side. Every time he saw a boat he’d become emotionally attached.
  • Columbus knew from experience that coffee already existed across the Atlantic Ocean and so didn’t bring his own stash with him on his journey.
  • My first experience using a compass on Columbus Day proved highly illuminating.
  • Why did Christopher Columbus bring so much soap on his journey? Because his crew could become smelly.
  • What type of exercise does Columbus prefer? Row-tine workouts.
  • Who was Columbus’ favorite superhero? Cap-Tain America.

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