50+ Funny Good Friday Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Good Friday Puns: Explore the most Funny Good Friday puns that are guaranteed to make your day! Easter humor for everyone.

Start off your Good Friday festivities right with laughter with our selection of Good Friday Puns! Packed full of Good Friday jokes your friends and family will adore, this collection ensures Easter holidays ring with laughter – not your average run-of-the-mill puns. Packed full of hilarious one-liners and funny lines created specifically to bring laughter, our puns are universally enjoyed so hop aboard now – let’s experience some eggciting humor together!

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Funny Good Friday Puns

Good Friday Puns
  • Good Friday’s theme song? “I Will Survive… Til Easter Monday”.
  • Bunnies love Good Friday because of all of its church visits!
  • What type of music does Good Friday enjoy listening to? Crossover!
  • Good Friday is the only day when it is acceptable to tell someone: ‘Don’t be so cross! Don’t get angry!”
  • Why does Good Friday exist? Because Holy Moly Thursday had already been taken!
  • What message does Good Friday convey on Saturday when it meets up with it? “I crucified you!”
  • Good Friday has long been revered as an auspicious occasion; after all, its celebration is filled with blessings!
  • Good Friday can sometimes play hard to find; but at the Cross-roads you are bound to encounter its presence!
  • What is Good Friday’s motto? “Turn the other cheek, then up the beat!”
  • Why can’t we celebrate Good Friday? Because Jesus told everyone to put aside partying!
  • Good Friday – the one Friday where it is acceptable to feel downhearted – marks an annual tradition when some may choose to express themselves negatively in mood or temper.
  • Sir Good Friday used to be a knight! That is why we now refer to it as Sir Good Friday!
  • Why did the priest lock himself out on Good Friday? Because he forgot his keys in his vestment-ry!
  • Why did the cross go to an Easter party? Because he heard it’d be an enjoyable Friday evening!
  • On Good Friday, a tuna asked those around it not to judge its existence: “Allow me just be one more fish – can’t everyone stop being so mean-spirited?”
  • What song best represents Good Friday? “Can’t Cross Me” by Post Malone.
  • What was Holy Friday telling everyone? “I am the yeast you could use!”
  • Who else finds Good Friday exciting and engaging? Eggs! They get all dressed up with brightly-hued dye and have great fun decorating them before taking part in this year’s hunt for Easter baskets!
  • If Good Friday were released as an album, it would certainly reach platinum status!
  • Why did Good Friday visit the dentist? In order to have its root removed!
  • What was the angel’s response when Good Friday finally arrived? “This is about divine timing!”
  • Why did Good Friday decide to join the circus? He wanted to become an artist!
  • Why did the wine refuse to ferment on Good Friday? Perhaps its spirit had too much respect for such an auspicious day!
  • Why was the lamb so cheerful on Good Friday? Because he or she felt an extra spring in its step!
  • What can we say about rock music’s passion for Good Friday? It has gone absolutely bonkers!
  • What dance step does Good Friday prefer most often? Undoubtedly it must be the cross-step!
  • As far as Easter Bunny is concerned, today was truly great Friday!
  • What was wrong with Good Friday? Too much confusion!
  • God put the ‘Good’ into Good Friday; I can take no credit for that one!
  • Why did Good Friday shine brighter? So that even our most trying times may find light.

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Funny Good Friday Puns And One-Liners

  • Good Friday has long been celebrated by Hollywood as it featured prominently in ‘Passion of Christ.’
  • “Friday I Love!” Well, The Cure must’ve truly enjoyed Good Friday.
  • What clothing style do people traditionally wear on Good Friday? Sacred sweaters.
  • What kind of Friday can never be bad? A Good Friday!
  • What do you call a choir that only sings on Good Friday? The Cross-tones!
  • Why did Good Friday receive a ticket? For transgressing!
  • An essential ingredients of a good Friday: grace, love and hot cross buns!
  • Good Friday demands to have its features transformed to remove “my crown of lines”.
  • Why do bakers enjoy Good Friday so much? Because they are on an exciting spree!
  • Good Friday and Monday were once best buddies; but today Monday has become too intense of an enemy!
  • What day of the week do fishes prefer most to swim away from shore? Good Friday.
  • What happened when Good Friday met Monday? Monday became angry!
  • Cruci-fudge! That is Good Friday’s must-have dessert choice!
  • Good Friday and Mother Nature had quite an intense bond that caused quite the upheaval in my garden!
  • My joke made Good Friday laugh! It made him giggle.
  • What was Easter egg telling Good Friday? ‘Shell we dance?
  • Why was Friday such a Good Day for Eggs? Because they escaped unscathed from being scrambled!
  • Good Friday prefers driving around in his trusty Crossfire!

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Funny Good Friday Puns And One-Liners

  • What do you call an unreasonable Good Friday? A Cross’terous Friday!
  • Why shouldn’t pickles celebrate Good Friday? After all, they already live in brine which contains our sins!
  • What did the Easter Bunny do after an exhausting Good Friday? He took a restorative bunny nap!
  • How can you make Good Friday even sweeter? Simply add extra goodness!
  • Why did the egg celebrate Good Friday so much? Because it wasn’t poached!
  • What drink is associated with Good Friday? Cross-berry juice.
  • Do you want to know how you can celebrate Good Friday in space? Through astrological cross-tellation!
  • Good Friday: an opportunity for Christians of all faiths and backgrounds to let off steam without getting frustrated by one another.
  • How should Good Friday answer those who say thank God it’s Friday? With an unassuming but polite response such as, “Thank you and you are welcome. “?
  • Who supplies alcohol on Good Friday? Our Spir(it) distributor!
  • Good Friday can only get more delicious with hot buns on board!
  • Why did Good Friday become known as Boxing Friday? Because even though the day may offer absolution for any transgressions committed against it, its champion won’t back away from a challenge!
  • What would a priest say at an auction? “Good buy, it’s Friday!”
  • Chocolate eggs love Good Friday as it marks their release from eggsecution!
  • Every Good Friday dinner I bring up the subject of the Crucifix but always leave people confused by this joke.
  • Birthdays don’t only happen on special dates like Good Friday; sometimes birthdays even fall outside this calendar!
  • Why did the baker love Good Friday so much? Because he kneaded blessings into dough!
  • Why did the egg crack with Good Friday? Because it was simply too good!
  • Today is Good Friday; so smile, or else people might mistake you for a hot cross bun!
  • Please don’t forget about Good Friday being also known as Crossiant Day!
  • Why did Good Friday bring with it a ladder? Because it wanted to reach the pinnacle of its weekend!
  • Why did the bun cross the road today? Because it is Good Friday!

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