70 Funny Labor Day Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

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Funny Labor Day Puns

Labor Day Puns
  • “Can you guess who works even on Labor Day? A volcano – always lava-ing its arse off!”
  • “How are computers celebrating Labor Day?” “Well,” replied my dad, “they probably just take an extra byte!”
  • “Even on Labor Day, music notes continue their hard work of spreading joy through their tunes! Their melody always creates some sort of tension or upsurge.”
  • “Do not speak Spanish in your workplace after Labor Day because this day of rest does not count!”
  • Why won’t eggs work on Labor Day? Because they’re tired of being “beaten and “whisked!”!”
  • “Why was a shovel worker the most respected on Labor Day? Because he truly enjoyed his role!”
  • “Because of my labors, I am winded.
  • “Couches love Labor Day because it is one of the few times when they won’t get taken for a ride!
  • “I have always found it interesting why birds do not celebrate Labor Day; perhaps it’s too high up?!”
  • “When I used to clean mirrors professionally, it was something I enjoyed doing even on Labor Day!”
  • “On Labor Day I told my wife: ‘Honey, I refuse to perform any chores!’ She gave me a list and encouraged me to start refusing now.”
  • “So, I made an error at work; but, on Labor Day it all paid off! Talk about flip-flopping fortunes!”
  • “IT professionals usually celebrate Labor Day by turning off their monitoring mode!”
  • Why don’t employees reveal any secrets on Labor Day? Because it would never be wise to spill any beans during coffee breaks!
  • “To the guy who stole my antidepressants: Happy Labor Day!”
  • Why was the math book disappointed on Labor Day? Because of all its problems.
  • “What made the tomato turn red on Labor Day? When they saw salad dressing they realized they still have work to do!”
  • “Work allows me to spend my money, while Labor Day means no work!”
  • “Even on Labor Day morning, my alarm clock goes off – must be the perfect ‘time’!”
  • Even on Labor Day, skyscrapers stand tall. Even during times of high stress they remain resilient.”
  • What did one hammer say to another on Labor Day? “Let’s all relax; today is our day!”
  • “What was wrong with my computer on Labor Day? It had its windows wide open!”
  • “My job entails drilling holes into things; though sometimes tedious, someone must do it!”
  • “Why did the coffee file a police report on Labor Day? Because it had been mugged and forced into work!”
  • “On Labor Day, I told my problems to take a vacation. Now they seem to be working overtime!”

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Best Labor Day Puns And Jokes

  • “Gardening remains one of the purest forms of labour! Even on Labor Day!”
  • “I used to work at a calendar factory, but was let go after taking time off on Labor Day!
  • Labor Day marks that special moment when doing nothing becomes patriotic!
  • “Now that Labor Day has come and gone, chefs can finally enjoy some down time! With Labor Day off on their side of the table, slacking may finally pay dividends!
  • On Labor Day, many people host barbecues – I don’t have that luxury as a vegetarian; therefore I host what’s known as a vegequeue.”
  • “Everyone loves a Labor Day BBQ…until the following Monday comes around, when work becomes your only focus!
  • “Jelly keeps busy even on Labor Day with work! Her responsibilities always keep her “preserved”.”
  • “Dentists know to avoid working on Labor Day!”
  • Why did he pick up a ladder on Labor Day? In pursuit of relaxation!
  • “Labor Day marks an unmissable holiday where workaholics become holidayaholics!”
  • “Baristas don’t take Labor Day lightly! On Labor Day they were out there “espressoing” themselves!”
  • “On Labor Day my watch reminded me to relax. Perhaps it was simply signalling for some rest and relaxation!”
  • “Cupcakes make for great Labor Day treats; they always rise to the occasion!”
  • “Shoes typically score the best deals during Labor Day sales; after all, these shoes work ‘heel to toe’ each and every day!
  • “Scientists make the atoms laugh on Labor Day!”
  • “I would make an appropriate Labor Day joke about the beach, but don’t want to venture too deep!”
  • “Labor Day gives us all a day off without obligations!”
  • Why did a scarecrow win an award on Labor Day? He excelled in his field!
  • What do you call a locomotive which takes advantage of Labor Day to rest up and relax for the holiday? A “Tranquility.”
  • Don’t disturb a professor on Labor Day; otherwise it might ‘lecture’ you!
  • “On Labor Day I asked my boss for an increase; however, they told me not to push too hard!!”
  • What did Labor Day weekend reveal about Friday? “Long time no C’!”
  • “On Labor Day, no job can top that of being a baker kneading dough and beating eggs to produce delicious loaves!”
  • “I could make an inappropriately cheesey pun here – especially on Labor Day!”
  • “I had planned to work at an orange juice factory this Labor Day but was let go after I couldn’t ‘concentrate.’!”

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Best Labor Day Puns And One-Liners

  • Lifeguards love Labor Day’s No Swimming Sign!
  • “No matter if it’s Labor Day; my laundry won’t wash itself!”
  • “The grape was in no mood to celebrate Labor Day by working – she explained she had pressing raisins matters!!”
  • “After spending hours devising the ideal Labor Day pun, inspiration came flooding in: irony!”
  • “On Labor Day I told my hat an amusing joke which fully engaged it!
  • “On Labor Day, everyone takes a vacation – except Kit-Kat bars!”
  • “Can a day off work as a soda can crusher be seen as de-can-structive holiday?”
  • “When I asked my computer what its Labor Day plans were, it told me it planned a byte with some chips!”
  • “Why was the ghost the best worker? Because of his exceptional ‘ghoul’!!”
  • “On Labor Day I attempted to start dieting again but doughnuts provided plenty of excuses not to!”
  • “Why does Labor Day sales get such an unfavorable rep? Because they offer great bargains!”
  • “Want a Labor Day pun? Nah… they’re all over-worked!”
  • “Working Labor Day was so electrifying for me that my career as an electrician came tumbling down.
  • “Road workers are one of the only occupations who never stop working during Labor Day! Construction projects never cease!!”
  • “Labor Day is the only holiday which pays interest with no effort!”
  • Labor Day should know better. Your intention was never meant for it to become another excuse for ineffective labor practices and overtime pay, not another celebration for hard-working men and women to celebrate an extra day off work.
  • “On Labor Day I am making concrete my dreams by building one! Unfortunately for me it takes all day due to being such an analytical thinker!
  • “Even on Labor Day, scissors have had difficulty alleviating stress!
  • “Teachers use chalk therapy on Labor Day!”
  • “Once, on Labor Day I used an ingenious trick to coax my uncooperative roommate into cleaning our house. She did an admirable job!”

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Final Word

At its heart, Labor Day puns, jokes and one-liners provide a fun-filled way of acknowledging and appreciating the hard work and dedication of millions of workers around the country. From barbeques to relaxing at home – puns add a light-hearted element that unifies everyone! Hope these Labor Day jokes, puns, one-liners brought some added laughter into your celebrations this Labor Day; though labouring itself might not be easy (but that doesn’t stop us laughing about it). Happy Labor Day and keep making puns about laboring! Happy Labor Day (puns rule!)!

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