60+ Funny Thanksgiving Day Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Discover hilarious Thanksgiving puns and one-liners to add a side of laughter to your holiday feast. Gobble up the fun!

Are you hungry for laughter this Thanksgiving Day? Our Thanksgiving Day puns make the ideal accompaniment to any Thanksgiving feast! Thanksgiving doesn’t just involve sumptuous feast, but also having plenty of laughs with family and friends! Don’t stop with puns though: Our selection includes hilarious jokes, quick one-liners and humorous lines sure to leave your guests asking for more! Add humor into your festivities this festive season by using Thanksgiving Day puns; laughing is often considered the perfect seasoning! Celebrate festivity even further by adding our side-splitting puns!

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Funny Thanksgiving Day Puns

Thanksgiving Day Puns
  • Why did the stuffing require therapy? Because of too many complex carbs.
  • Why did an Apple Pie File a Police Report? Because It Was Robbed!
  • What typically marks the conclusion of Thanksgiving celebrations is the letter G.
  • Why can’t green beans open the Thanksgiving parade? They lost their energy and freshness over time.
  • Why did the Pun-kin Pie seek professional therapy? Due to a series of filling issues.
  • What fruit do turkeys like best? Cran-berries!
  • Why can’t turkeys fly? Being flightless birds themselves, this may come as no great shock!
  • What dessert does a turkey favor most often? Peach gobbler.
  • Your nose. At Thanksgiving dinners, your nose has the best scent.
  • What was so impressive about Thanksgiving salad was how its appearance had been decorated to perfection.
  • What goes best into pumpkin pie? Your teeth.
  • Why don’t turkeys eat on Thanksgiving? They are already full.
  • What award was won by Pumpkin Pie? For in-crust excellence we trust.
  • How will your hands feel after enjoying Thanksgiving lunch or dinner? Stuffed!
  • Why did the turkey refuse dessert? Because he or she had already consumed enough.
  • How are Thanksgiving Angels greeting each other? “Halo!”, is their standard greeting.
  • What did potatoes wear to Thanksgiving dinner? A jacket!
  • How can you secure the ideal viewing location of the parade? By using a parade-key!
  • Why was the turkey sitting on its tomahawk? Because it wanted to rest its drumsticks.
  • What did the turkey say to the computer? “Search, search and more search!”
  • Why was that turkey at Thanksgiving table so proud to boast its full belly? Because it had just been filled!
  • Why did the Pilgrim refuse to upgrade his phone? Because he disliked change.
  • What did the turkey say to Thanksgiving leftovers? “See you on the other slice!”
  • What do April showers bring with them, then? Pilgrims!
  • Why didn’t the potato chips believe the turkey? Because its tales were full of gibber-dee-goop!

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Funny Thanksgiving Day Puns And Jokes

  • Why did the pumpkin pie blush when it saw turkey dressing!?
  • Why are turkeys so arrogant? Because they puff out their chest and parade around as though boastful.
  • Why did my turkey break with its cornbread? He found the mixture too crumbly.
  • What did the sweet potatoes say to the butter? “You make for one helluva spread.
  • What did the Pilgrim tell the computer? “Myspace, your space.”
  • Why did Scarecrow win so many Awards? Because he excelled in his field.
  • Why did the hipster burn his mouth while eating pumpkin pie? Because he consumed it before it had reached peak taste.
  • What type of key can’t open doors? A turkey.
  • Why did the cranberries turn red? Because they saw turkey dressing.
  • Who wouldn’t be hiding on Thanksgiving? Even the turkey!
  • What would you call Thanksgiving for snowman? A melt feast!
  • What dance do turkeys enjoy performing most frequently? The flam-gobble-enco.
  • What song does a turkey’s phone play when it rings? Wing, wing!
  • Why do turkeys always agree? Perhaps their goal is not to cause any scandalous moments and upset anybody’s feathers?
  • Why didn’t the yam leave Thanksgiving’s table? It had its roots deep within.
  • Why did Thanksgiving dinner get a speeding ticket? Because its stuffing ran away too fast!
  • Why did the turkey attend our club? Because it had all of its stuffing moves.
  • Why wouldn’t my Brussels sprouts leave their plates? They had an obsession for stalk-ing me!
  • Why can’t turkeys play baseball effectively? They always seem to strike out.
  • Why did the turkey cross the playground? In order to reach another slide.
  • What dance should we perform on Thanksgiving? A turkey trot.
  • Why did Santa attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade? He wanted an exciting, Claus-terilic experience!
  • Why don’t turkeys ever attend sports events? After all, they seem to always end up gobbling up whatever balls come their way!
  • What kind of math do turkeys enjoy most? Gobblemetry.
  • What happened when the turkey got involved in a fight? His stuffing got knocked right out!

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Funny Thanksgiving Day Puns And One-Liners

  • Why was football invited to the Thanksgiving party? Because its energy would bring excitement.
  • How can a pirate become an ideal Thanksgiving guest? Simply swap his parrot out for one shaped like a turkey!
  • Who could resist feasting on Thanksgiving turkey?! Not this guy; its stomach has already been fully satisfied!
  • Why did the turkey cross the road twice? To show that it wasn’t chicken!
  • Why was there a time limit at Thanksgiving tables? Because feast or famine!
  • What did the Turkey say to the wheat? “I can’t eat you.
  • What can we call an evil turkey? Poultry-geist.
  • Why did the turkey visit a cinema? In order to watch the latest movie.
  • Why doesn’t the turkey ever win at poker? Because it always throws away its hand with its gobble.
  • Why don’t you try placing the turkey near a dessert? Who knows… maybe he or she will gobble right up!
  • Why did the turkey dial 911? Because it became stuck inside of Cranberry sauce and couldn’t escape!
  • Why couldn’t the Thanksgiving vegetable band play, when they had leeks available for use?
  • How can one keep a turkey suspenseful until Christmas day arrives? “Let me reveal my strategy at that time!”
  • Why did the turkey decide to join a band? Because he possessed two sturdy drumsticks!
  • What should you wear while cooking Thanksgiving dinner? An apron full of gratitude is ideal!
  • Why did a potato go to the bar on Thanksgiving? He heard his friends were getting drunk.
  • What will he name his new sitcom? “The Young and Vest-less.”
  • Why was the turkey float banned from participating in the parade? Because of an altercation with a cornbread float.
  • Why did Uncle Scrooge love Thanksgiving so much? Because it gave him an excuse to exclaim: “Great gravy!”
  • What did the corn say to the butter? “Spread out!”
  • Why did the marching band refuse to leave the parade? Because they had taken a stand.
  • Why don’t pilgrims let their pants fall down? Because they wear a belt around their hat!
  • What shirt would a turkey love wearing? One that reads, “Eat Ham.”
  • What song should be played at Thanksgiving dinner? “All About That Baste!”
  • Why can’t turkeys live peacefully together? Because they each possess individual dominance systems.

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Best Puns About Thanksgiving Puns

  • What do we call scarred cranberries? Cranberry Sauce!
  • What did an autumn leaf say to another? “I’m falling for you!
  • Why didn’t my turkey bake correctly? Because its temperature wasn’t ideal.
  • Why don’t pancakes ever appear at tennis matches? Because they fear getting served.
  • What do you call an on the run turkey? Fast food.
  • What musical is a turkey’s favorite? Fowl-ty Towers!
  • What did the celery tell the carrot at Thanksgiving Dinner? “Quit following me!”
  • Why did the roll attend Thanksgiving football game? They heard of its quarterback’s impressive arm strength.
  • Why did Mrs. Potato start an argument at Thanksgiving Dinner? Because she harbored some animosity towards her.
  • Why can’t inflatable parade balloons make great companions? After all, they are constantly floating away!
  • Why did the boneless turkey cross the road? Because it had no guts.
  • Why did the pilgrim’s pants always fall down? Because they wore their belt buckle on their hat!
  • Why doesn’t bread ever take a holiday during Thanksgiving? After all, it is part of your home loaf-ing machine.
  • Why was Thanksgiving soup so costly? It contained 24 carrots.
  • What would result if Turkey and an octopus joined forces? Lots of drumsticks!
  • At Thanksgiving, why shouldn’t the turkey be placed near a cornstalk or two? Otherwise it might become prey for birds looking for lunch! This would prevent pecks at its seedlings.
  • What could possibly go wrong on Thanksgiving with regard to vegetables? By cutting it too fine.
  • Hipster pilgrims’ Thanksgiving hunt includes organic, free-range turkeys.
  • What term refers to tickling of a turkey feathers? Feather dusting.
  • How did they fix Thanksgiving dinner? By using gobbler glue.
  • What would you call a turkey who fears the dark? A chicken!
  • Why didn’t Cranberry Sauce Cross the Road? Because It Was in Such Trouble!
  • Why would a turkey refuse to play cards with a jungle cat? Because of cheetahs!
  • Why did he join a gym? In order to strengthen his Plymouth Rocks.
  • Why couldn’t Thanksgiving join the choir of dinners that mark its presence each year? Unfortunately, no gravy note could be hit.

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Final Words

As we conclude, remember it’s okay to enjoy some corny humor at Thanksgiving this year. Don’t forget your own unique take on Thanksgiving day puns as part of your festive feast; after all, what would a holiday be without some hilariously spicy humor?
Though Thanksgiving jokes and one-liners might seem lame, they add life and laughter to this momentous holiday event! Ruffle your own feathers over Thanksgiving meals while sharing Thanksgiving Day puns to express how grateful your hearts truly are – happy Thanksgiving everyone and keep on making memories that include laughter!

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