100 Funny Veterans Day Puns, Jokes, And One-Liners

Discover the best Veterans day puns and jokes to honor our heroes. Make this day special with humor and laughter!

Are You Searching For Veterans Day Puns to Spice Up Your Holiday? Look No Further! Our collection is perfect for anyone wanting to honor this significant day with humor. Here, you will find hilarious Veterans Day jokes, clever one-liners, and amusing veterans day quotes to keep the spirit of this eventful holiday alive and bring some laughs in between the deep respect for veterans on Memorial Day. So read up now – don’t miss the joy that laughter adds into a day filled with deep respect and thanksgiving.

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Funny Veterans Day Puns

Veterans Day Puns
  • Do you know the military’s favorite bakery item? Marine-garine pie!
  • Why did the soldier join an orchestra? He could make any trom-bullet sound good!
  • Why did the soldier become a farmer? Using “straw-at-gy.”
  • What’s the name of a soldier who survived cheese and crackers during combat operations? They have survived snack attacks.
  • Why do soldiers prefer eating in cafeterias over eating on base? Because there’s less of an environment filled with minefields!
  • Why did the veteran get a cat? For purr-military company!
  • Why did the veteran bring a compass with them to the party? So they would always know where all of the action was taking place!
  • How do soldiers communicate on Veterans Day? Ghillie-mail!
  • How does an army eat its eggs? Marched!
  • Veteran baristas typically favor decaf because they believe there should be no room for contention!
  • What vehicles do soldiers drive when not inside a tank? Sub-missile-ans.
  • Why was Sergeant Johnson such an exceptional painter? Because of his proficiency with camouflage brushes.
  • Why do soldiers dislike fast food? Ketchuping it takes too much work!
  • What did the pacifist soldier reply? War, in his view, serves no good whatsoever! It does nothing and offers nothing back in return!
  • Why did a soldier turn architect? His intent was to design plans that could contribute to peace.
  • What’s an army officer’s favorite exercise? Lieu-tenants!
  • Why did the soldier refuse to play basketball? He was fearful of gunfire!
  • Why did he start sewing? With each stitch he goes forward. “Stitch by stitch” was his motto.
  • Why are soldiers always exhausted on Veterans Day? Because they begin the day in the army!
  • Why was there no room for rebellion on his soldier? He did not like being restricted.

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Funny Veterans Day Puns And Jokes

  • Why did the soldier bring a map into the bar? In order to avoid going off track.
  • What does a soldier sound like when sneezing? At-choo-tion!
  • Why was the soldier’s mixtape so well received? Because he was an expert at laying tracks!
  • Why did the soldier start baking? He wanted a piece of the pie!
  • Why don’t veterans use bookmarks? Because they always remember where duty calls.
  • What city would a soldier consider their favorite place in? Comment-dree City.
  • Why do soldiers make terrible comedians? Because they always deliver what is promised without much fuss or delay.
  • Why don’t soldiers use doorbells? Rather, they opt to breach the door to gain entry.
  • What do soldiers do on farms? Crop and roll!
  • What kind of tea do soldiers prefer? Liber-tea!
  • Why can’t he become a chess player? He was always thinking about check-mate!
  • Why did the military launch a cooking show? Because they wanted more people to learn about their secret saute-missions!
  • Why did a soldier become a baker? By creating an efficient process to produce delicious treats.
  • Why did the veteran decide to attend music school? He wanted to compose himself!
  • Have you heard about the combat boot diet? It is an invaluable way to promote fitness.
  • Why do military people love zebras so much? Because they always wear uniform!
  • Why did the veteran become a baker? Because he knew everything there is to know about rolls!
  • Why shouldn’t you play hide and seek with soldiers? They usually blend right in.
  • Why was Veteran’s Day parade such a success? Because its participants felt united!
  • Why did the soldier always carry a pencil? Because he wanted to start fires!

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Funny Veterans Day Puns And One-Liners

  • Why did the soldier turn teacher? He wanted to more efficiently map out his territory.
  • Why don’t soldiers use paper towels for drying their hands? Rather than depend upon paper towels alone to do this job properly! Instead they prefer air-force drying methods!
  • Why did the soldier invest in a map company? He saw vast territories to conquer.
  • Why did the soldier make such an outstanding gardener? Because he excelled in this area!
  • Why do soldiers dislike onions? Because it causes peeling!
  • Why did the soldier go to a cookout? In order to create some tender-foots!
  • What military rank enjoys celebrating Thanksgiving? – Colonel Sanders.
  • What did the soldier purchase at the gardening store? Lawn care supplies and ordnance.
  • Why didn’t the soldier play cards? He was feeling dazed!
  • Why do soldiers make great DJs? Because they always come prepared with some bass!

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