100 Funny Boxing Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

Unleash your humor with our best collection of boxing puns that’ll knock you out. Guaranteed giggles! Be the champ of your next social event!

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your seats because you’re about to witness an epic bout of wit and humor. Welcome to the boxing ring of laughter, where each punchline delivers a knockout blow! We’re taking you on an exhilarating journey through the world of boxing puns, where the jabs might be lighter than you’re used to, but they pack laugh-out-loud uppercuts that will truly knock you out. Trust us, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill boxing wisecracks. These are carefully crafted, hard-hitting puns that are guaranteed to make you crack a rib laughing. Fasten your metaphorical belts, it’s time to raise the humor stakes! Are you ready to rumble with these outrageously hilarious boxing puns?

Best Knockout Boxing Puns Collection

Boxing Puns
  1. Why do boxers drink so much water? They want to stay well-hydrated for when they have to throw in the towel!
  2. Why don’t boxes ever get time off? Because they’re always fighting the clock!
  3. My wife said she was leaving me because I am too obsessed with boxing. I was floored.
  4. If a bakery starts boxing, can we call it a “roll with the punches?”
  5. What’s a boxer’s favourite part of a joke? The punchline, of course!
  6. Why don’t boxers have bookmarks? Because when they get to a good point, they just hit it!
  7. Whenever I see boxing, it reminds me of my laundry, it’s just loads of the same sock.
  8. After boxing, I always see stars… but my manager said I need to quit aiming for Hollywood!
  9. I told my girlfriend that I wanted to start boxing and she said, “over my dead body!” I said, “Great, two fights in one night!”
  10. A friend asked: “You into boxing?” I said: “Sure, as long as the box contains donuts!”
  11. My boxing opponent said, “I’m going to mop the floor with you!” I said, “Great, you can start in the kitchen.”
  12. Why was the boxer an excellent gardener? He was always planting left hooks.
  13. A boxer in a seafood restaurant: “Waiter, will my crab be hard or soft-shelled?” “Well, that’ll depend on its training.”
  14. What’s a light bulb’s favorite boxing move? The light weight jab, of course!
  15. A friend challenged me to a boxing match. He said he would play dead and I would play punching bag. I guess we both have our roles.
  16. Why do boxers go to school? To improve their right and left hooks on grammars.
  17. What’s the hardest part about dating a boxer? They always bring their guard up!
  18. Heard about the bakery that launched its boxing club? They really know how to roll with the punches… and the pastries.
  19. A boxer visiting the zoo: “The kangaroo’s technique is good, but the panda has a better defensive stance.”
  20. My boxing trainer told me to take my dog to training. I said, “But it’s a boxer!”
  21. What do boxers do when they get an itch? They punch it!
  22. Why did the boxer always take an extra pair of underwear to the ring? Just in case he got the shorts knocked out of him!
  23. Why don’t boxers like bad puns? They prefer a good punch.
  24. Two crisps were talking. One said it was feeling a bit punched, the other said why? Did you just come out of a boxing match?
  25. What do you call a boxer who can play piano? A hitmaker!
  26. Do you know why Mike Tyson doesn’t own a computer? He has trouble with Windows.
  27. Who was the world’s wittiest boxer? That’d be Socrateeves…
  28. Why didn’t the boxer go to the pizza party? He couldn’t face the slices!
  29. A boxing referee doesn’t need to study, they already know the count!
  30. Everyone’s talking about gender equality these days. Even my local boxing ring started offering free punches for all, regardless of gender!
  31. Wanted to start boxing, my wife said I couldn’t because I am a vegetarian. I said, “No, you are thinking of beef boxing.”
  32. Never get into a boxing match with a pirate. They always have a killer hook!
  33. The only animal that loves boxing more than a Kangaroo is a punch-drunk elephant.
  34. Why did the tomato turn red in the boxing match? Because it saw the salad dressing!
  35. I asked my food-fighter friend why he quit boxing. He said, “There wasn’t enough dough in it.”
  36. My boxer friend has an amazing cornerman; it’s his tailor – when things get tough, he says, “Sew, you can do it!”
  37. I don’t understand boxing. When I get hit hard, the first I do is to ring the bell.
  38. I played a boxing game in VR last night. Today I woke up with a black eye!
  39. I asked my friend why he loves boxing. He said, “It’s the only sport where you can Rob and Weave at the same time!”
  40. As a boxer, I have a very close relationship with pain. We touched gloves yesterday.
  41. In boxing, everyone has a plan to hit you in the nose. Some plans are just more straightforward.
  42. At a boxing match, my wife asked if we could leave after this round. I said, “Sure, I’m almost out of corners!”
  43. My friend asked me why I kept receiving left hooks in my boxing matches. I told her, “It’s because I can’t quite get the right swing of it.”
  44. My boxing coach say my best move is my wit. I guess that’s why I leave my opponents in stitches.
  45. Took up boxing at age 60. Doctors say it was reverse-engineered to knock decades off my life!
  46. In boxing, you never get a one-sided fight, there’s always a left and a right!
  47. Boxers make terrible hair stylists. They part your hair with uppercuts.
  48. My boxing trainer says I have a glass jaw. At least I’m transparent about my flaws.
  49. As a stand-up comedian, if I don’t like the audience, I can make them laugh, but if a boxer doesn’t like the crowd…it’s a total knockout.
  50. If you’ve got a problem with weight, try boxing. It’s the surest way to lighten up with a punch.
  51. My advice to aspiring boxers: If all else fails, remember the training of Rocky Balboa – beat meat!
  52. Boxing was like my wife at times, it knocked me out.
  53. The best thing about boxing is that you can hit people legally, and not only that, but you get a belt for it.
  54. Why do boxers love soda? The fizz helps them with their punch.
  55. What’s a boxer’s favorite drink? Punch.
  56. Why don’t boxers have secrets? Because they punch it out.
  57. Why do boxers go to therapy? To learn how to roll with the punches.
  58. Why do boxers avoid fast food? It can deliver a real knockout punch.
  59. Why don’t boxers use fabric softeners? They don’t like anything that softens their punches.
  60. How do you know when a boxer is flirting with you? When they start jab-bering away!
  61. Boxers should become multi-taskers. After all, they are always told to “keep their hands up and guard themselves.”
  62. Did you hear about the punch bag who became a boxer? He was tired of being hit and wanted to have a crack at it.
  63. Who makes the most truthful boxers? They never pull their punches.
  64. Boxing: The only job where you can be knocked out and still think you’re winning!
  65. Why should you always give a boxer the benefit of the doubt? They usually have a good counter.
  66. What’s a boxer’s favorite book genre? Crime, because it has the most punches!
  67. My friend asked me why I like boxing, I told him it’s the only time I can hit someone legally.
  68. Why do boxers get new gloves every fight? They didn’t want their fists to feel left out of new beginnings.
  69. A friend asked me why I was such a bad boxer. I told him I didn’t have the right hooks.
  70. I lost my first boxing match. It was a hard-hitting reality.
  71. Why didn’t the boxer get the pasta at the Italian restaurant? He was afraid it would be too much to pasta-fist!
  72. Why don’t boxers use calculators? They prefer to add punches manually.
  73. What’s a boxer’s favorite pet? A heavy-weight bunny.
  74. Why are boxers so good at chess? Because every fight is a check-mate.
  75. What’s a boxer’s favorite type of bread? Pumpernickel because it sounds like a punch.
  76. In my neighborhood, you’re not a real boxer unless you can punch above your weight and below the belt.
  77. As a boxer, I can tell you that love is a lot like boxing. You’re always on the ropes.
  78. Why did the boxer get arrested? For a severe case of assault and battery.
  79. The problem with sports jokes is that once you’ve seen one round, you’ve seen them all.
  80. What did the boxer tell his kid’s bedtime story? Once upon a punch…
  81. Why do boxers always know the score? Because it’s in their best interest to count their punches.
  82. Jokes about boxers are always a hit… or a miss.
  83. How do you know when a boxer likes a band? They’ll always jab along to the beat!
  84. My first boxing match was like the first day at school. Both required name-tags so your body could be identified.
  85. Why aren’t boxers good at poetry? They always punch up the rhythm.
  86. Why are boxers always up before dawn? To get a few punches in before breakfast.
  87. What do boxers and comedians have in common? Both will always leave you split sides.
  88. Why does a boxer never start a fight? Because they prefer to finish them.
  89. The difference between boxing and my day job… at least boxing is honest about the punches.
  90. Why did the boxer bring a pencil to his match? So he could draw a punch!
  91. As a comedian, I have never been a fan of boxing. I find its humor quite punchy.
  92. What do you call a cat that boxes? A heavy-pawter!
  93. If a boxer fights in his dreams, is he beating around the bush?
  94. I thought my first boxing match would be a piece of cake. But it was a punch in the gut!
  95. Why was the photo a good boxer? It always had a good focus.
  96. Why did the boxer bring a ladder to the ring? He heard that the stakes were high!
  97. Monday is like a boxing ring; you never know when a right hook is coming.
  98. Why don’t boxers tell time? Because time flies when you’re having a punch!
  99. Some people like fish and chips, boxers like duck and weave.
  100. Why are most boxers horrible cooks? Because their meat always ends up punch-drunk!

In the end, the artistry of boxing puns is a testament to human creativity. They simultaneously provoke laughs and incite intrigue into the thrilling world of boxing. Expressing emotion, intensity, humor, and love for the sport, these puns are beautiful expressions of wit and passion. I hope you’ve warmheartedly enjoyed the journey, felt a surge of amusement, and connected deeply with every swing, every jab and every knockout punch encased in these puns. If you did, consider sharing this joy with your family and friends, thereby spreading the laughter and love. Thank you for carving out time to dive into the playful brilliance of this article – it truly means the world.

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