100+ Funny Cycling Puns And One-Liners

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Get ready to pedal into the world of jest, because we have geared up an unbeatable collection of cycling puns that will have your sides aching with laughter. Truly, our punning prowess knows no bounds; we daresay it’s on a “roll”. These puns are no ordinary, run-of-the-mill jokes; they are the cream of the crop, the Tour de France of whimsical wordplay. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just an amusement aficionado, these clever quips will engage you, entertain you, and keep your mental wheels spinning with fun and laughter. Get ready to mount your sense of humor, because this is an uphill ride of hilarity you don’t want to miss! So let’s keep the intro short and shift our gears to these laugh-out-loud cycling puns!

Most Funniest Bicycle Puns of All Time

Bicycle Puns
  1. Why did the bicycle break up with the unicycle? Because it was tired of going around in circles!
  2. What do cycling enthusiasts say to reassure one another? “Don’t worry, it’s all downhill from here!”
  3. Why did the cycling team go to the bakery? Because they kneaded a good roll!
  4. I was going to join the cycling team, but I couldn’t handle it.
  5. Why was the bicycle always left out in the cold? Because its owner was tired of hearing it whine.
  6. Why was the racing bike so light? It had been light on its wheels, it barely ate anything!
  7. When it comes to risks, the wheel world is dangerous for cyclists!
  8. Why did the bike apply to the circus? Because it wanted to be a pedal pusher!
  9. Why did the bicycle go to therapy? It couldn’t get over its cycle of abandonment issues!
  10. How does a bike catch a ride? With its thumb-screws!
  11. Why don’t bikes ever get lonely? Because they travel in cycles!
  12. What’s a cycling enthusiast’s favorite type of math? Geometry, specifically, learning all about angles!
  13. How do cycling shorts communicate? They use cycle-logical words!
  14. I used to dislike cycling, but then it grew on me. Now I’m two-tired!
  15. My friend quit his job at the bike assembly line. He said it was just too many cycles.
  16. I met a biking vampire, he preferred his neck tires over neck ties!
  17. Olympics should include a comedic event for cyclists. Call it Stand-up-and-cycling.
  18. Good bike maintenance means facing the chain music.
  19. Why was the bike leaning against the house? It didn’t have a stand, and it couldn’t handle the pressure.
  20. Biking: Never met a hill that wasn’t worth the downhill.
  21. Lost your way cycling? Be SPOKE-n to, not about.
  22. What is a bike’s favorite song? “Wheel Always Love You!”
  23. I bought a bike for moving on, now everywhere I go, I’m chain-ging.
  24. Why did the bike join a dating app? It was looking for a partner in crime-fighting!
  25. Why couldn’t the bike stand up by itself? It was two-tired.
  26. I suggested biking to my friend. He asked, “Isn’t it cycle-logical?”
  27. Why are bank tellers like bicycles? They both always work on balance.
  28. Told my friend I’m breaking up with my bike, he asked “why?” I said “it’s creating too many chain reactions.”
  29. Why was the bike always falling over? It had a flat tire.
  30. My bike must be psyched, it’s been going in circles around the block!
  31. Why did the bike join a book club? It was looking for some novel ways to pass the time.
  32. Want to keep your bike from getting stolen? Try camouflage, it makes it harder to handle.
  33. How do athletes stay cool during cycling races? They keep near the fans.
  34. What do you call a super fast bike? A hot wheel.
  35. Bike in love: it’ll take you for a spin!
  36. “I’ve been biking a lot lately. Can’t handle stationary life.”
  37. I took my bike to a bar. It got too “wheeled”.
  38. I stopped to let my bike catch its breath. It thanked me for the “brake”.
  39. When do cyclists turn to junk food? When they’re on a roll!
  40. Why do ghosts make the best cyclists? No weight to carry!
  41. My jokes are like my biking – they’re always going downhill.
  42. Mountain Biker: “I can handle any terrain.”
  43. My bike is my therapist. Our sessions are quite ‘in-gear-ing’.
  44. What does a bike call its best friend? Its ‘handlebro’.
  45. What’s the bike’s favorite type of tree? The cycle-more!
  46. Asked my bike to stop making dad jokes. It said, “I cycle-n’t help it!”
  47. What do you call a bicycle that influences people? A pedalphile.
  48. Why don’t cycles go to college? Because they’re always getting schooled on the road.
  49. Why do bikes make terrible comedians? They always get stuck on the same joke cycle.
  50. What do you call a bike that can’t stand on its own? A ‘cycle’-path!
  51. Why couldn’t the bicycle find its way home? It lost its bearings!
  52. What did the bicycle say to the taxi? “Rev your engine all you want, but I’m two-tired to race!”
  53. Why don’t bicycles ever feel judged? Because they only care about their own spokes.
  54. The problem with cycle races? Too exhausted to handle, especially the last lap-se.
  55. My bike is my best friend, it’s always been very ‘support-spoke’.
  56. Why did the bike visit its therapist? It felt its life was in a vicious cycle.
  57. What’s a bike’s favorite place? The handle ‘bar’.
  58. Why don’t bicycles fall over? They carry a good bal-‘an-sle’
  59. Always wear your helmet and paddle! Biking advice or managing life, it’s hard to tell.
  60. What’s a bike’s idea of a perfect date? A round trip.
  61. What do you call a multilingual bicycle? Spoke-n in many languages.
  62. I am considering starting a cycling club. I’d run it by the handlebar of commotion.
  63. Why did the cyclist wear a top hat? To add a little extra cycle-chic!
  64. Why did the bike break up with the car? It was tired of waiting in traffic!
  65. How do cyclists decorate their house? With plenty of cycle accessories.
  66. Biking in the rain? That’s how you ‘pedalpool’.
  67. What was the bike’s advice to its rider? “Have a wheely good day!”
  68. What do you call a bike that doesn’t need pedaling? A free-wheeler.
  69. Never argue with your bike. It will leave you flat.
  70. What’s the bike’s favorite type of wood? Ash… it’s good for the spokes.
  71. Bikes: “Spokes-people” of beat-the-traffic campaign.
  72. What’s the bike’s life motto? “Stay balanced and keep moving”.
  73. How do bikes catch up on the news? They go through the cycle of reading.
  74. A weary bike laments, “I’m so tired.”
  75. My bike thinks it is a stand-up comedian, keeps cracking handle-bar jokes!
  76. Want to be fit? Follow your bike, it’s always on the run.
  77. Asked my bike why it loves the ground so much. It replied, “I just can’t resist the ‘grav-el-ity’ of the situation.”
  78. The bike was sad. It was tired… of being left in the garage.
  79. My bike called me out for not riding well. It said: “You need to get your act in ‘gear’!”
  80. Why did the bike join the gym? It wanted to work on its ‘abs-orbers’.
  81. My bike thinks it’s a magician. Every time I ride, it gives me a disappearing act.
  82. Did you hear about the bicycle that went on a diet? It lost a lot of ‘inflate’.
  83. Why did the bike refuse to date the faucet? It heard that she was a ‘drip’.
  84. The bike ran the marathon to show it could also compete on foot!
  85. Why was the bike studying hard? It wanted to pass the ‘cycle-ogy’ exam.
  86. What does a bike call its sweetheart? Wheelie dear.
  87. What’s the leading cause of dry humor in bikes? Brake failure.
  88. Dating a bike? Take it slow, don’t hurry it on the ‘cycle’-path of love!
  89. Goals in life: Have as many stories as my bike has ‘miles’.
  90. Why don’t bikes ever get lost? They always follow the right path.
  91. Life’s like a bike – it’s all about balance and moving forward.
  92. My bike believes in making the world a better place; one pedal at a time.
  93. Why was the bicycle in the courtroom? It was drawn in for a sketchy ‘case’.
  94. What’s a bicycle’s favorite kind of music? Chain gang!
  95. My bike asked me: “Why ride when you can glide!”
  96. What did the bike say to its rider? “Can we ‘spoke’ about my tires?”
  97. The bike never brags, but I heard it claim to have beaten the clock.
  98. Bikes: the only things in the world that are too-tire-d to be tire-d!
  99. That moment when your bike is your wingman and a diplomat, helping you handle the road and the ladies!
  100. Don’t ride a bike to add days to your life. Ride a bike to add life to your days!
  101. I tried to cycle with a broken spoke, but it was a wheely bad idea.
  102. My friend’s a terrible cyclist – he keeps falling off the spokes-ial occasion.
  103. I used to be bad at mountain biking, but I got over it.
  104. Cyclists hate Mondays because it’s the start of the workweek. They prefer Shun-days.
  105. I asked a cyclist why they were scared of the chicken coop. They said, “Because I don’t want to get yolked!”
  106. My mountain bike is named Cliff. He’s always hanging off a ledge.
  107. I went to a cycling conference, but it was derailed.
  108. My cycling instructor is so intense, he yells “Shift yourself!” all the time.
  109. I once saw a cyclist with twenty water bottles. He must have been feeling a little hydro-seated.
  110. My cycling team motto? We’re chain-ging the game!
  111. I tried to explain the Tour de France to my goldfish, but it went over his head.
  112. I went to a bike repair shop, but they were spokes-en for the day.
  113. I told my cycling buddy, “You’re looking a little chain-ged today.” He replied, “It’s been a wheely stressful week.”
  114. I hate it when my bike helmet messes up my hair. It gives me a real spoke-y look.
  115. I tried to teach my dog to ride a bike, but he just kept chasing his tail – a real chain reaction!
  116. I never trust cyclists who wear sandals. They’re always clipless.
  117. My cycling group is so close, we’re practically a spokes-system.
  118. I only date cyclists who are my type – they have to be good at shifting gears.
  119. I tried to join a cycling gang, but they said my jokes were too derailleur-ious.
  120. I once saw a cyclist with a flat tire. He looked completely deflated.
  121. Cyclists are always bragging about their commutes. They’re such show-offs!
  122. I went to a cycling bar, but everyone was chain-smoking. I left in a handlebar hurry.
  123. I tried a new cycling diet – it was wheely restrictive.
  124. I once saw a cyclist get chased by a goose. It was a fowl situation.
  125. I love cycling because it gets me pumped – literally, for my tires.
  126. My cycling shorts are so tight, they give me saddle-sores just thinking about it.
  127. I can’t believe I used to cycle without a helmet. Now I’m head over pedals for safety.
  128. I tried to start a cycling cult, but nobody joined. I guess it wasn’t very wheely appealing.
  129. I hate it when cyclists steal my parking spot. They’re such rack-eteers!
  130. I tried to write a song about cycling, but I couldn’ find the right cadence.
  131. I went to a cycling competition, but it was a velodrome bore.
  132. I once saw a cyclist with a tiny bike. It must have been for kids – a real pedal-estrian crossing.
  133. My cycling playlist is full of 80s music – pure retro-shift.
  134. Cyclists are always talking about their KOMs. They need to chill out, it’s not the Tour de France!
  135. I tried to impress a girl with my cycling skills, but I wiped out. It was a real crank-case scenario.
  136. I can’t believe how much cyclists spend on their gear. They’re such chain-spenders!
  137. I tried to meditate while cycling, but I kept falling off. Maybe Zen and the art of bicycle maintenance isn’t for me.
  138. I dated a cyclist who was obsessed with their bike. It was a real love triangle.
  139. I once saw a cyclist with a broken chain. He looked completely derailed.
  140. Cyclists are always talking about their watts. They need to turn down the wattage!
  141. I went on a cycling trip to France, but I got lost in the Alps. It was a real Tour de Force

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