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Top Ten Gymnastics Puns

Gymnastics Puns
  • Why did the gymnast bring a ladder into her gym class? She heard she needed to “vault” to greater heights!
  • How did a gymnast become such an adept balance beam player? She simply couldn’t ignore its challenge!
  • How did a gymnast become such an adept narrator? She always left audiences guessing with something unexpected at the end!
  • How did the gymnast react when she saw her crush in the crowd? By performing a “heart” handstand!
  • Peace. Love. Gymnastics.
  • How did a gymnast respond to stressful situations? She always “sprung” into action!
  • Why do gymnasts enjoy math class so much? Because they excel at “counting” all their flips and twists!
  • a man walks into a bar he’s a terrible gymnast
  • What did the gymnast tell her teammates after an especially trying practice session? “Don’t give up! Together we can reach our goals!”
  • Why did the gymnast become an astronaut? She wanted to challenge herself by reaching for new heights!

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Funny Gymnastics Jokes

  • Keep smiling and point your toes.
  • Why did the gymnast bring a ladder to her party? So she could “beam” with confidence!
  •  The answer may have something to do with why she joined a rock band: she loved being at the “center”!
  • What was their advice before their competition began? “Let’s “stick” together and nail this routine!”
  • How did the gymnast stay relaxed during competitions? She always reminded herself to “breathe” and “tumble!”
  • What do you call A Scottish gymnast? A tumbling tumble-tweed.
  • Why Don’t Gymnasts Use Towels? Cause they tumble dry…
  • Gymnasts make really accomodating girlfriends. They’ll bend over backwards.
  • Did you hear about that poor gymnast’s bank account? Her balance was outstanding.
  • What do you call a dumb gymnast? A flippin idiot
  • Why was that gymnast so good at cracking jokes? She had incredible comic timing!
  • Don’t wish upon a star. Reach for one.
  • What did the gymnast say after performing an impeccable routine? “Nailed it without touching!!”
  • Press-ups make you pretty!
  • How did the gymnast banana injure itself? By doing the splits.
  • What happened to the alcoholic gymnast? They were prone to rolling blackouts.
  • Did you hear about the professional bowler who was also a gymnast? She did splits well!
  • Why do you need to know gymnastics to invade Russia? Because you need to be able to make a summerassult.
  • Why did the gymnast refuse to eat on the balance beam? She didn’t want a “table” belly!
  • Why did the gymnast turn down dating a circus performer? She didn’t want her relationship “rolled around”.
  • What Disney princess do gymnasts all love? Ariel
  • Was the gymnast born loose and limber? No, he was taut.
  • What’s a gymnast’s go-to dessert? “Cart-wheel” cake!
  • How could a gymnast ensure she always landed perfectly? By keeping a “stick”tionary!
  • What kind of music do gymnasts enjoy listening to? Baroque!
  • Why didn’t the gymnast ever engage in any arguments? She didn’t want to “tumble” into conflict!
  • Why did the gymnast join the circus? She wanted to expand her talents beyond gymnastics!
  • What kind of pizza do gymnasts like best? Certainly one with lots of extra cheese!
  • How did a gymnast become such an expert at uneven bars? She simply couldn’t compare any other sport! 
  • Why did the gymnast always carry a parachute? For an emergency dismount!

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Funny Gymnastics One-Liners

  • Sometimes it’s not how good you are but how bad you want it.
  • Why did the gymnast start her own business? She wanted to use “flipping” as an entryway into success!
  • What did the gymnast think when she learned a new skill? “This one really “floor”ed me!”
  • What did the gymnast say to her overly enthusiastic coach? “Oh no! You’re really “floor”cing me to new levels!”
  • What did the gymnast reply when asked about her favorite snack? “I love sandwiches!”
  • Why didn’t the gymnast join a band? She already knew how to land successfully!
  • Why did a gymnast become a fashion designer? She had many ideas!
  • What was the gymnast’s response when she got injured?
  • I’m dating a gymnast. She’s head over heels.
  • When I was young I wanted to be a Gymnast But you had to practically bend over backwards for the class instructor
  • You can take a gymnast out of gymnastics, but you can’t take gymnastics out of a gymnast.
  • A gymnast goes into a bar Medic!!!
  • Why was the gymnast having difficulty focusing on her routine? She kept having conflicting thoughts!
  • What did the gymnast say upon winning her gold medal? “It’s time to “flip” out with joy!”
  • Why did the cannibal eat the gymnast? Because they wanted a well balanced diet.
  • What kind of phone does an Olympic Gymnast use? A flip phone!
  • What do you call a gymnast who does not share their secrets? A “vault keeper!”
  • How did the gymnast handle the pressures of competition? She simply kept “flipping out with joy!”
  • What do you call a gymnast who enjoys gambling? A “high-roller”.
  • Did you hear about the gymnast with narcolepsy He’s slept on
  • And which fruit do gymnasts prefer most often when competing? Pear-allel bars!
  • What did the gymnast say when she saw a spider on the mat? “I can “vault” over it!”
  • Why did the gymnast bring a map to practice? So she wouldn’t get lost among all those flips and turns!
  • Why was the gymnast having difficulty sleeping? She kept having “tuck-mares!”
  • Seven days without gymnastics makes one weak.

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