100 Wrestling Puns And One-Liners

Punch up your humor with our list of boxing puns! Lock in laughter; it’s a knockout collection of tongue-in-cheek humor perfect for all boxing enthusiasts!

Step into the humor ring, ladies and gentlemen, and get ready to rumble with the best wrestling puns on the internet! I promise you’re about to get pinned to your seats with laughter. A body slam of wit and a headlock of hilarity await, as these top-rope jokes aren’t here to wrestle with your time, they aim to make you laugh out loud. Expect grapples of guffaws; even if you’ve never entered the ring, these puns are a real knockout. So, let’s tumble into fun and dive into the wrestling puns that will have you wrestling with unstoppable giggles. Prepare for the ultimate WrestleMania of laughter!

Most Funniest Wresting Puns Get Ready For Laughter Slam

Wrestling Puns
  1. Why don’t wrestlers use umbrellas? They prefer to get their soak down off the ropes!
  2. How do wrestlers spice up their vegetables? With a suplex of flavor.
  3. What do you call a wrestler who rearranges garden furniture? Table Turner.
  4. Why did the wrestler bring his ladder to a meeting? To reach his career’s top rope.
  5. Why did the wrestler make terrible sandwiches? They always end up in a squash match.
  6. What did the overly dramatic wrestler say to his opponent? I can’t pin-point how I feel about you.
  7. Why are wrestlers bad at poker? Because they always show their hand before a match.
  8. Why do wrestlers always carry a tape measure? So, they can size each other up in and out of the ring.
  9. Why could the wrestler double as a gardener? He’s an expert at plant-based offense.
  10. What do you call a muscular wrestler’s denial? Bicep-tion.
  11. How come wrestlers are good with puzzles? Because they’re always trying to get a break.
  12. What kind of jokes do wrestlers indulge in? Tailor “muzzle”-ed ones.
  13. Why do wrestlers make terrible bakers? Their finishers always result in smashed cakes.
  14. What’s a wrestler’s favorite part of a joke? The punch-line, obviously.
  15. Why shouldn’t wrestlers be mechanics? They’re known for breaking down parts.
  16. Why are wrestlers so good at geometry? They spend a lot of time studying angles.
  17. Why don’t wrestlers play cricket? There is too much padding involved.
  18. Why aren’t wrestlers good poets? Their verses always end in holds.
  19. What happens when a wrestler gets tired of vegetables? They turn heel on broccoli.
  20. Why does the wrestler carry a mop? He likes to mop the floor with his opponents.
  21. What’s a wrestler’s biggest fear? Being completely pinned down by work.
  22. Why did the wrestler retire? He couldn’t deal with the piledrivers during rush hour anymore.
  23. Why was the wrestler’s music so loud? It was his body slamming beat.
  24. Why did the wrestler become a chef? He couldn’t kick his habit of folding eggs.
  25. How do mother wrestlers wake up their children? With a gentle bodyslam.
  26. Did you hear about the wrestling baker? His move is the doughnut hole.
  27. Why did the wrestler become an accountant? His specialty is pin-pointing discrepancies.
  28. Why don’t wrestlers mind being at the bottom? Push-ups start from there.
  29. Why did the wrestler bring a padlock to the match? To secure a win.
  30. How do wrestlers prepare for a spelling bee? With a lot of vowel movements.
  31. Why are wrestlers great stars? They carry the whole spotlight on their backs.
  32. Why do wrestlers love studying history? They get to examine ancient holds.
  33. Why did the wrestler start an art class? He knows all about body sketching.
  34. Why did the wrestler never listen to his coach’s advice? He trusted his gut-wrench holding instincts.
  35. Why was the wrestler fired by his boss? Instead of business expansion, he focused on ring expansions.
  36. What’s a wrestler’s favorite part of a movie? The climax where they pin the villain.
  37. How did the wrestler react to the new cola flavor? He was completely un-pinned.
  38. How does a wrestler control his dog? With a choke chain.
  39. Why don’t wrestlers make good lawyers? They only know how to corner the jury, not win them.
  40. Why aren’t wrestlers allowed to open pickle jars? Once it pops, they can’t stop!
  41. Why do wrestlers like clock-watching? To perfect their timing in case somebody needs clocking.
  42. Did you hear about the wrestling librarian? His finisher is the book end.
  43. Why should you never trust a wrestling chef? If you turn your back, they’ll flip the pancake over your head.
  44. How does a wrestler cutting a pizza? With plenty of slices and dices.
  45. Why did the wrestler carry a hammer to the ring? To get the upper hand, literally!
  46. Did you hear about the wrestler who joined the circus? He was a real high-flyer.
  47. Can a wrestler write a mystery novel? Only if they don’t give away the final grappling hook.
  48. Why do wrestlers love beaches? They love close contact with flowing bodies, water, and sand.
  49. What’s a wrestler’s idea of global warming? Overheating opponents.
  50. Why did the wrestler bring a torch to the ring? To throw light on the dark match.
  51. Why do wrestlers hate board games? When they hear “checkmate”, they start grappling.
  52. What’s a wrestler’s favorite dish? Elbow Mac n’ Cheese.
  53. What’s a wrestler’s favorite literary genre? A plot with a lot of twists and turns.
  54. What’s a wrestler’s favorite circus act? The Flying Elbow-us.
  55. How does a wrestler enter a building? By leaping over the ropes.
  56. Did you hear about the wrestling dentist? His finishing move is the cavity search.
  57. What’s a wrestler’s favorite part of a salad? The crisp head lettuce.
  58. What did the wrestler say to the earring? I’m just here to stud up.
  59. Why did the wrestler bring a compass to the ring? To keep his bearings right during submission holds.
  60. What did the fridge say to the wrestler? Chill, dude. We both know how to keep things cool.
  61. How does a wrestler punch a timecard? With a “bodyslam” botton.
  62. How do wrestlers sign their emails? With Pile-driving sincerity.
  63. What’s a wrestler’s favorite ingredient in stew? Meat that requires a good grapple.
  64. Why did the wrestler install a ceiling fan? To practice his overhead forearm swings.
  65. What did the wrestler say to the photo? Let’s see who develops first!
  66. Why do wrestlers love balloons? They know all about impressive pop.
  67. What did the wrestler say after a hard workout? “That was a re-pressed memory.”
  68. Why shouldn’t a wrestler babysit? They may mistake “pinning down” for settling the baby.
  69. Why don’t wrestlers play the guitar? They’re better at stringing opponents along.
  70. What do you call a wrestler’s kitchen? A “suplex” cooking arena.
  71. What did the wrestler say to the shirt? “I’m going to stretch you good!”
  72. How do wrestlers do karaoke? By hitting high notes with body slams.
  73. Why do wrestlers love space movies? They enjoy the zero gravity flips.
  74. What’s a wrestler’s favorite type of dance? Anything involving plenty of throws.
  75. How do wrestlers enjoy a roller coaster? By practicing dropkicks.
  76. What’s a wrestler’s favorite type of bread? Anything they can loaf around with.
  77. Why did the wrestler become a farmer? They’re great at tilling the soil.
  78. How does a wrestler eat noodles? With a body slam pack of flavor.
  79. What’s a wrestler’s favorite game? Anything where they are the live wire.
  80. What’s a wrestler’s pet peeve? Having someone else in the driver’s seat.
  81. How does a wrestler ask for a date? By saying, “Do you mind if we tangle?”
  82. How does a wrestler cook meat? By giving it a good sear ‘n’ slam!
  83. What do you call a wrestler’s teddy bear? A “cuddle-grapple” companion.
  84. How does a wrestler do their taxes? They divide and conquer!
  85. What’s a wrestler’s favorite scenic view? A vista that has a good grip on nature.
  86. What did the wrestler say to the curtain? “Pull yourself together!”
  87. How does a wrestler enter a conversation? By taking the lead and not letting go.
  88. What’s a wrestler’s favorite plant? One that can handle a good rooting.
  89. What’s a wrestler’s favorite sandwich? A double decker he can put a clamp.
  90. What do wrestlers put in their coffee? A spoonful of muscularity.
  91. How does a wrestler deal with a roadblock? By flipping it over!
  92. What did the wrestler say to the ice cream? “You’re in a meltdown!”
  93. Why do wrestlers carry a pen? To keep a hold on any situation!
  94. What’s a wrestler’s favorite workout? One where they can really push themselves.
  95. What do you call a wrestler’s mechanic? A master of twists and turns.
  96. What’s a wrestler’s favorite cocktail? An elbow-tini.
  97. How does a wrestler fix a flat tire? With a “double underhook” air pump.
  98. What did the wrestler get at the bakery? A buns of steel sandwich.
  99. What’s a wrestler’s favorite weather? When it’s raining punches!
  100. And finally, how does a wrestling comedian make his audience laugh? By keeping them in stitches with his punch lines!

Thus, we reach the final round in our tournament of wrestling puns. Whether they grappled you with laughter or pinned you with groans, we hope you enjoyed this humorous altercation. Did they summon a chuckle, or perhaps even a full-on belly laugh? Share these puns with your family, friends, anyone who needs a good laugh. A simple pun can brighten a day, spark a conversation. We appreciate your time and attention, thank you for joining us. Remember, laughter is a powerful slam, landing perfectly in the heart’s wrestling ring.

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