100 Funny Cricket Puns: Jokes & One-Liners

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Looking for some hearty laugh out loud moments? Brace yourself, because we’re bringing out the big guns — or should we say, the big runs? We’ve got a plethora of cricket puns that’ll make even the sternest umpire crack a smile. From wicket jokes to hilarious sledges, you’re in for a knock-out innings of our cricket humor. Satisfyingly clever, irresistibly funny, and aimed straight at your funny bone, these puns are bound to make you ‘catch’ a giggle, all in the spirit of the great game of cricket. So pull up a seat and join us on this joyous journey through humor for an unforgettable innings of cricket puns. It’s time to face the bowler, and we assure you it’s not a daunting pacer, but a spinner of wicked wit!

Most Funniest Cricket Puns

Cricket Puns
  1. What’s a cricketer’s favorite type of music? Swing!
  2. Why don’t cricketers ever get sunburned? They always have plenty of shade from the covers.
  3. How come cricketers make terrible bakers? They’re always losing their wickets.
  4. Do you know what a cricket umpire’s favorite type of cheese is? Bries…as in LBW – leg Brie’s wicket.
  5. Ever noticed that cricketers are great at laundry? They always remove creases!
  6. Why was the cricket ball bad at making decisions? It always went with the seam.
  7. I knew a cricketer who got a job as a gardener. Now, he’s an expert at mowing the pitch!
  8. My friend is a cricket ball. We don’t talk much because he’s always getting caught.
  9. Why do cricketers prefer to bat at night? Because that’s when they’re saved by the moonlight when they miss the catches.
  10. Why was the cricket stadium incredibly cool? It was packed with fans!
  11. Why don’t crickets have secrets? Because the wicket always tells the tale.
  12. Why don’t cricket balls date? They’re afraid of getting caught or being bowled over.
  13. What’s a cricket player’s favorite vegetable? Runner beans.
  14. What do you call an insect that’s a cricket player? A cricket-er!
  15. What is a cricketer’s favorite type of bread? A bouncer.
  16. Cricket is a risky game, even the balls turn around.
  17. Why should you never marry a cricket player? Because love means nothing to them, scores do.
  18. All my cricket gear was stolen, now I am feeling quite ‘run’ down.
  19. Why was the cricket ball a great detective? It had all the catches.
  20. What’s a cricket player’s least favorite bit of punctuation? The semi-colon – they’d much rather the full run!
  21. What’s a cricket player’s favorite subject at school? Geography, because they love to cover drives.
  22. What do you get when you cross a cricket player with a monster? A pitch invader.
  23. What’s a cricket player’s favorite type of footwear? Runner-up shoes.
  24. What do cricket players put in their drinks? Square cubes.
  25. Why do cricketers always carry a screwdriver? Because they love turning screws.
  26. Why did the cricketer join the circus? He was a master juggler.
  27. I tried turning in cricket, but it wasn’t really my cup of T, 20.
  28. A cricketer went camping, only to pitch a tent on the field.
  29. My cricket ball broke up with me – they said I was on a sticky wicket.
  30. Why did the cricket player go to jail? He tried to steal a run.
  31. What’s the difference between a cricketer and a baby? One cries when it’s out; the other just walks off.
  32. I always thought cricket is a lot like an opera…it’s not over until the fat batsman swings.
  33. What do you call a cricket ball that’s a computer programmer? A code bowler.
  34. How does a cricket player make his tea? By adding a good length of sugar.
  35. What did the cricket ball tell the bat? You’ve got a great swing!
  36. What do cricket players put on their pasta? Bats-cchetti sauce.
  37. What do you call a cricketer who tells bad jokes? A run-out comedian.
  38. My cricket team is so bad, even our tears can’t save the match.
  39. My cricket gear once got stolen, I was left stumped.
  40. The weather conditions in cricket are harsh, there was a slip and it was raining men.
  41. I don’t trust cricketers, they bowl from both ends.
  42. Why did the cricket player bring string to the game? He wanted to tie the match.
  43. What does a cricket player and a Martian have in common? They both throw little green men.
  44. Where do cricketers go for a holiday? The off-side of the field.
  45. All cricketers are like fathers to their balls, always running after them.
  46. Why do crickets love geometry? They find the lines and lengths fascinating.
  47. My favorite cricketer was a wizard, always casting spells.
  48. Why are cricketers terrible musicians? They always drop the bat.
  49. What’s a cricket player’s favorite soft drink? A pep’s-eye.
  50. Have you heard about the cricket team that got relegated to the zoo? They only play against the animal teams – the ducks and the rabbits.
  51. What’s a cricketer’s favorite day of the week? WICKET Wednesday.
  52. What did the cricket ball say to the bat? Let’s have a hit run.
  53. Cricketer as real estate agents, always after good locations.
  54. Why did the cricket player lose his job? He kept dropping his catches.
  55. A cricketer got promoted at work, they made him the catch of the day.
  56. Cricket is a fascinating sport, especially when the bowler goes for maiden overs.
  57. What do you call a cricket player who is an artist? A stroke player.
  58. Why do crickets never play hide and seek? Because good fielders never miss a catch.
  59. A friend once asked me if I enjoyed playing cricket. I said, “It hits me for a six every time!”
  60. Why are cricket players great detectives? They can always catch the culprit.
  61. Why did the cricket ball go to school? It wanted to be a bit brighter.
  62. How do cricket players stay cool? By chilling near the stumps.
  63. Why do cricket players love golf? Because of all the fine strokes.
  64. Why are vampire bats good cricket players? Their bit always has a tremendous bite.
  65. Cricket jokes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they can easily stump you.
  66. Why do cricketers never sweat? They always have plenty of runs.
  67. What do cricket players do when they’re cold? They rub their hands on the ball.
  68. When asked why do you love cricket so much? A friend said, “I’m just bowled over by it.”
  69. A cricket bat went to therapy, it felt a lot of strokes.
  70. What’s a cricketer’s favorite type of story? A Catch-Tale.
  71. Why are cricket players good at math? Because of all the runs and overs.
  72. Why are cricketers like magicians? They can turn the game around.
  73. Why do cricketers love baking? They’re great at rolling the dough when they’re in the crease.
  74. Why do cricketers love to bathe? Because they love the duck in the bath.
  75. Why do cricket players make terrible poets? They can’t find a good rhyme for wicket.
  76. Cricket and relationships are alike, different innings but the same partners.
  77. Why do cricket players love nightfall? They can finally see the stumps.
  78. What’s a cricket player’s favorite type of fish? A slipstream trout!
  79. Why was the cricket ball always unhappy? It was seem-seamed.
  80. Pigeons love cricket, they are always cooing between overs.
  81. Why do cricket players make terrible police officers? They can’t stand a catch.
  82. What’s a cricket player’s favorite candy? A catch bar.
  83. Why did the cricket ball go to the theater? It wanted to catch a show.
  84. The cricket field is like a circus, the juggler is always ready.
  85. What do you call a cricket player in a rock band? A bassman.
  86. Why do cricketers hate thunderstorms? They don’t like when the pitch gets rolling.
  87. Why do cricket players make good farmers? They are proficient in fielding.
  88. Why was the cricket bat a ballet sensation? It had great balance and a perfect swing.
  89. What do you call a cricket player with a high voice? A TREBLE hitman.
  90. What do you call a cricket player who loves to read? A bookie bowler.
  91. What’s a cricket player’s favorite kitchen appliance? A mixer-grinder to sharpen skills.
  92. Why do cricketers love mountain climbing? They love the high catches.
  93. Why do cricket players love bubble wrap? They love the popping crease.
  94. Why do cricketers make bad bank robbers? They don’t like to run.
  95. What do cricket players love about horses? Galloping runs.
  96. What chocolate do cricket players love? Reeses pieces, it reminds them of that perfect pitch.
  97. Why do cricket players prefer winters? Because they love the chilling crease.
  98. Why are cricketers so cool? They always perform under pressure.
  99. What do cricket players use to stay fresh? Fast Bowling gum.
  100. What’s a cricketer’s favorite movie genre? A run-com!

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