70+ Celery Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Discover a bunch of rib-tickling celery puns and jokes that’ll bring a smile to your face and add some veggie humor to your life!

Are you craving some laughter-inducing celery puns to brighten up your day? Well look no further. Our celery jokes will surely delight and bring an added dose of laugher into your daily grind – from eyerolling jokes that leave you rolling your eyes to one-liners that pack a powerful punch, we have collected an exciting assortment of veggie-related humor for any situation – be it an avid salad eater or someone just beginning their exploration into greens – these hilarious celery lines will leave you smiling from start to finish – get ready to crunch on laughter with our celery puns!

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Funny Celery Puns

Celery Puns
  • Why did the lettuce stalk celery? Because it was an expert stalker.
  • Celery knows love at first crunch.
  • Why did Celery go to the Gym? In search of her perfect body!
  • What do you call celery that has been exposed to wind for too long? Whispery.
  • Blind is what one could label celery that’s been exposed to darkness too long, yet remains uneaten.
  • Celery is one of the unsung heroes in snack world – always crunchy when crunch time rolls around!
  • Always dependable and deliciously reliable is celery.
  • Celery can boast of being multilingual! Her ability is truly impressive!
  • Why did the celery part ways with carrot? Because she found someone whose stalk-er level could match up perfectly.
  • What do you call celery that has been frozen too long in your freezer? Frozen.
  • Celery loves an adventure; it is always willing to travel long and far for its next stalk excursion.
  • If celery were to write a book, it would likely become one of the bestsellers on its topic.
  • Be wary when concealing pieces of celery; otherwise it might come back and haunt you indefinitely!
  • What do you call celery that has been exposed to air too long? Wilted.
  • What did the celery tell the chef today? “I feel particularly stalk-ish!”
  • What do you call celery that has been sitting around too long in the fridge? Stalky.
  • Celery loves “Stalk Like an Egyptian.”
  • Celery never divulges sensitive information – it understands the value of maintaining discreet stalk-rets.
  • Celery can make for quite the uncomfortable dinner companion!
  • Why did the celery turn red? Seeing its tomato colleague blush!
  • What results when grapes and celery combine? A wine celer.
  • What term best defines celery that has spent too long in your trashcan? “Rotten.”
  • What vegetables would we likely discover in our basements? Cellar-y.
  • Why were celery stalks so tranquil during a storm? Due to their impressive inner stalk-itude.
  • Why did the gardener decide to abandon his project? Because his celery didn’t grow high enough.

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Funny Celery Jokes

  • Celery loves giving advice – she makes for an invaluable sounding board!
  • What do you call celery that has been immersed too long in water? Waterlogged.
  • What term describes celery that has been exposed to too much sun for too long? “Shimmery.”
  • Celery may look young, but it has plenty of stalk experience!
  • Why did Celery Form a Band? To strengthen stalk-ar power!
  • What game do celerys love to play? Stalk and Seek!
  • What do you call celery that has been submerged for too long in water? Soggy.
  • What did one celery stalk say to another celery stalk? “Lettuce be friends!”
  • What can you call celery that has been exposed to snow for too long? Frozen.
  • Celery jokes can be amusing! Although their subject matter might seem creepy or inappropriate at times, their humor still manages to bring smiles of laughter!
  • What would you call celery that has been cooked too long in an overheated oven? Burnt.
  • Why did celery join a band? Because it wanted to play stalk-trombone.
  • Let’s celebrate! Today is your birthday; so let’s do something extra-special to mark this special momentous event. Let’s celery-brate it together!
  • Celery prefers an afternoon stroll in the park as her perfect spa day activity.
  • What would you call an anxious celery stalk? An unpredictable vegetable!
  • What exercise does celery enjoy most? Stalk-king!
  • Celery offers her advice for success: Remain stalk-humble!
  • Why can’t celery stalk leaves ever be found alone? Because they always seem to come in groups.
  • What do you call celery that has spent too long in a compost pile? Dissolved.
  • Celery knows all about taking good care of itself – every day she practices self-awareness.
  • Have you heard the tale about the celery which sought therapy? Due to too many stalkers, its stalkers tried to force it into therapy sessions.
  • Celery believes in living life to its fullest and not having regrets!
  • Celery always remains calm – its personality can only be described as relaxed.
  • What would you call celery that has been sitting too long in the microwave? “Steamy”.
  • My celery wasn’t amused with my humor – they have an inflexible group!

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Funny Celery One-Liners

  • What do you call celery that has been cooked too long in a microwave? Steamy.
  • What’s Celery’s guilty pleasure? Reading stalk-erazzi magazines!
  • Celery offers this dating advice: Look for partners who appreciate and can understand your inner stalker.
  • Celery longs to become a comedian – she’s tired of living an ordinary existence!
  • Celery loves documentaries as her go-to movie genre!
  • Celery is like an undercover vegetable superhero – unassuming until it comes time to stop crime!
  • What social media platform is Celery most inclined towards using? Stalk-r!
  • What do we call celery with fame and recognition? A celerity.
  • Why did the chef leave his position? Celery was cut.
  • Celery suggests dressing to express oneself confidently.
  • Celery can do a mean stalk and roll!
  • If celery was to play music as an instrument, its name would be Celery-flute.
  • Should one consume Nessie the Scottish lake monster’s vegetables? Of course not her celery.
  • Are You A Celery Farmer? A man thought he should receive more celery when asking his boss for more salad, thinking they owed an increase.
  • Why did celery attend school? In order to further its stalk education!
  • What do you call celery that has been subjected to rain for too long? Soaking.
  • What do you call celery that has spent too long in the desert? Dry.
  • Celery knows how to apologize – always ready and eager to start over on its path of enlightenment.
  • What differentiates celery and snot? Kids don’t eat celery.
  • Celery and I share an intriguing relationship. We often flirt and exchange texts.
  • What time of the day does celery most relish crunching up their snacks? Crunch Time!
  • My celery took my joke well but didn’t raise its stalk even once!
  • Why did the tomato blush? Because they saw celery switch their clothing!
  • What is celery’s motto? Remain calm and continue stalking ahead.
  • What dance move does celery prefer to perform? The celery shake!
  • How is celery celebrating its success? With an engaging stalk party!
  • What do you call celery that has been exposed to too much sun for too long? Bleachy.
  • Don’t underestimate celery! Its ribbed design ensures maximum enjoyment!
  • Celery loves Stalk-man as her superhero of choice!

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