75+ Corn Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Get ready to crack up with hilarious corn puns and jokes that’ll leave you in stitches. Corny never felt so good!

Are you on the search for some irresistibly amusing content? Look no further – we are diving deep into corn puns! From hilarious corn jokes that will have you rolling, to cheeky one-liners sure to leave you smiling, our collection of humorous corn lines are ready for the picking – whether you love wordplay or need a good belly laugh, we have just what you’re looking for – join us as we peel back layers of humor surrounding everyone’s favorite golden crop and experience corny laughter together!

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Funny Corn Puns

Corn Puns
  • Why was the corn stalk feeling lonely? Because its ears had gone missing!
  • Corn was very anxious prior to speaking; there were butterflies (flys), or pollen flies!, in its stomach!
  • Why was corn going to see the doctor? Due to corn stalk poisoning.
  • What game are corns’ favorite to play? Husker-duck!
  • What time of the year do corn farmers look forward to most? Popcorn season!
  • How did corn react after its workout? Absolutely amazing!
  • What happens when corn meets bicycle? Corn Tour de France!
  • Why did the corn blush? Because it was maizing.
  • Why did the corn decide to become a teacher? He wanted to build corn-fidence in his students.
  • What do you call a corn who always causes trouble? A Corny-ous Troublemaker.
  • Cornfields love socializing – always ready for an entertaining chat about anything and everything under the sun!
  • How do cornstalks greet each other? “Ear’s up!”
  • Why did corn go to see the doctor? Because of an infestation by cobwebs.
  • Why was the corn so assured? Because it possessed enough internal strength!
  • What do you call a group of musical corn stalks? A-corn-pella singers!
  • Why was corn always polite? Because its “maize-ers” had great social skills.
  • Corn is fond of repeating his motto: ‘Be positive and keep shucking!
  • Why did corn go to the police station? In order to report a corn-related conspiracy.
  • Why did the corn start its own band? Because it wanted to become an “pop” sensation.
  • Corn stalks make excellent listeners! All ears!
  • What can you call corn that keeps going missing? A corny-ous mystery.
  • What do you call a corn who always attempts to be humorous? A fun-corn.
  • Why did the corn visit the hospital? He suffered from corn-stipation.
  • Did you hear about the corn’s party? It was absolutely splendid!
  • How can one make cornflake cookies? By telling an awful joke!
  • What did the corn say to its farmer? “Where’s Pop?”
  • What do you call a corn that keeps getting into difficulty? A “Corny-ous Pain.”
  • Cornfields offer stunning panoramic vistas. Don’t you agree?
  • Was their meeting an “ear-resistible” affair?
  • Corn and salsa make great dance partners – always having something exciting ready.

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Funny Corn Jokes

  • Corn’s motto: ‘Remain stalky and continue expanding.”
  • What would you call someone who constantly gets involved in arguments? A corny pain.
  • Corn’s favorite mode of transport? A popcorn-veyor belt!
  • What do you call someone who gets involved in many arguments? A corny debater.
  • My computer attempted to understand a corny joke I told it but could not appreciate the humor in it.
  • How should one compliment a chef for creating an outstanding corn dish? “Your dish truly earned my applause!”
  • Why did the Corn take up waiting services? He wanted to offer his customer some corny service!
  • Why did corn go to the library? In order to borrow some corn-aments.
  • Why don’t corn stalks ever get lost? Because they always follow where their kernel points them.
  • Corn is either inexplicably confusing, or disconcertingly mind-boggling! I can’t decide.
  • Why did Corn come to the library? In order to check out some corn-aments.
  • Why did the corn go to the movies? In order to catch a film-corn.
  • Why did he go to the gym? In order to change its shape.
  • What do you call corn that always arrives late? A “corny-ous dawdler”.
  • Have you heard the amazing tale about the corn that won the lottery and became immeasurably wealthy?!?
  • What would you call an irritating corn that keeps creating problems? A corny-ous problem.
  • Why was the corn talking to the tomato? To see if they could “ketchup.”
  • Why did corn win such an honorable mention? Because its performance in its field was extraordinary!
  • Corn’s advice for solving difficult puzzles: “Just keep kerning.”
  • What should you say if corn makes an error in its handling of crops? “Oh well!”, that would be appropriate!
  • What would you call an overgrown corn stalk that always seems to get into mischief? A corny nuisance.
  • What would you call an individual who often gets involved in fights, yet continues to do so regardless of the potential danger? A corny-ous bully.
  • Did you catch wind of Corn’s Talent Show? There were impressive performances all around!
  • What do you call corn that keeps disappearing from its spot on a field? A corny-ous mystery!
  • Why did the corn cross the road? In order to reach its counterpart!
  • Cornfields provide an ideal setting for an enjoyable stroll through nature.
  • Why did a scarecrow win an award? Because its creation was exceptional in its field!
  • Why was corn attracted to the park? For an enjoyable corn walk.
  • How can you catch an unruly corn? With corn traps!
  • Why did the Corn take up teaching as a profession? He wanted to instil confidence among his pupils.

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Funny Corn One-Liners

  • What do you call someone who always finds themselves getting involved in arguments? A corny-ous pain in the neck.
  • Why did the corn file for divorce? He had grown tired of his wife’s accumulated cobwebs.
  • Corny humor can easily replace one’s hearing!
  • Why did the scarecrow flinch when seeing its corn stalks reveal itself as undergarment?
  • What would you call an unruly corn who constantly gets involved in fights? A corny menace.
  • How can one describe an impressive cornfield? With three words – ‘it’s maize-ing!
  • Corn’s favorite music genre? Pop!
  • Does corn turn to popcorn when subjected to stress?
  • Why did the corn refuse to leave its home farm? Because it had already found an ideal growing environment!
  • What do you call an annoying corn that always ends up getting involved in fights? A corny menace.
  • Cornfields were full of drama; ears were always talking among themselves.
  • Why did corn go to the zoo? In order to see its corny-lopes.
  • What do corns love best as exercise? Husk-ups!
  • Corn’s advice in difficult circumstances: “Just keep on going; everything will work itself out eventually.
  • Why did the corn go to the bank? For an inspiring view.
  • What can you call a discolored piece of corn? De-corn-structed.
  • Corn stalk was having an extremely tough day; no one seemed interested in connecting.
  • What dance does a scarecrow enjoy doing most often? The straw shuffle!
  • What would you call corn that keeps disappearing from its homestead? A corny-ous mystery.
  • What would you call an accidental corn? A corny mistake.
  • Why was the corn kicked out of the bar? Because he was such an annoying mess!
  • Corny jokes can add tons of laughter.
  • What did the corn say after winning an award? “I am amazed and I am MAIZE-ing!”
  • What did one ear of corn say to its fellow? “We are all ears!”

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