70+ Pumpkin Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

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Are You Searching for Gourd Fun? Look No Further: Our Pumpkin Puns Are Here To Squash Boredom! From hilarious pumpkin jokes and humorous one-liners, our hilarious pumpkin puns will brighten up any dull day!

Whether or not pumpkin spice is part of your routine, our funny pumpkin lines will bring joyous laughs into any patch – guaranteed.

Come with us as we unravel some of the cleverest gourd jokes – get ready to laugh out loud like when a runaway pumpkin crashes onto its path… it’s time for our pumpkin humor to bring smiles instead!

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Funny Pumpkin Puns

Pumpkin Puns
  •  What would you call a pumpkin that constantly attempts to be humorous? A fun-kin.
  •  What do you call a pumpkin that always manages to find itself at the center of an argument? A gourd-acious pain in the neck.
  •  Pumpkin parties are where all the cool gourds come to hang out!
  •  What movie genre would a pumpkin enjoy watching most often? Romantic gourd-ventures!
  •  Pumpkins always bring excitement and vibrance to any gathering!
  •  What do you call a pumpkin that keeps getting lost? A gourd-acious mystery!
  •  Why did a pumpkin go to see its doctor? Because it had an infestation with squash.
  •  Why was the pumpkin kicked out of the bar? He caused too much disruption.
  •  What would make an ideal job for a pumpkin? Anything which allows it to crush its competition!
  •  Pumpkin pie lovers tend to be quite diverse individuals.
  •  If pumpkins could speak, their stories would surely entangle themselves around yours and mine.
  •  These pumpkin puns have really taken hold in my mind! I find myself enjoying each and every one.
  •  What song would a pumpkin sing along to at Halloween time? Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Baste”.
  •  Pumpkin trivia: They’re always working hard to make ends meet!
  •  Do not get involved in an argument with a pumpkin; otherwise it might escalate into a fight between gourds!
  •  What can we call a pumpkin that seems to always cause trouble? A gourd-acious pain.
  •  Pumpkin decoratorss possess expert skill at embellishing their surroundings with gourds.
  •  What do you call a pumpkin comedian? A pun-kin!
  •  What do pumpkins say at the conclusion of an event? “I’ve had enough and am vine-ding down!”
  •  Pumpkins make great companions – always there to lend an ear (or an earlobe!).
  •  Pumpkin smoothies are truly soul-refreshing beverages.
  •  Pumpkin dreams: One day I will become vine!
  •  Pumpkin spice and everything nice! That is my motto.
  •  Pumpkin puns are amaze-ing!
  •  What can you call a pumpkin that always seems to get itself into trouble? A gourd-acious problem.
  •  Why did the pumpkin go to the park? For an airborne pathogen walk.
  •  Why did the pumpkin go to the zoo? In order to see all its mushroom-phants!
  •  Why was the pumpkin such an outstanding athlete? Because its competitive gourd fueled it.
  •  What do you call a pumpkin that keeps getting into fights? A “gourd-acious bully”.
  •  What can you call a pumpkin that always seems to find itself misplaced? A gourd-acious mystery.

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Funny Pumpkin Jokes

  •  What dance move do pumpkins like best? The squash-and-slide!
  •  Why did the pumpkin go to the movies? He wanted to watch an exciting film-ungy!
  •  Pumpkin Wisdom: Accept your curves as part of what makes you unique! Embrace them for they make up who you are today!
  •  Why did the pumpkin visit the gym? In order to change his shape.
  •  Pumpkin Therapy: Affordable Solutions Available Now
  •  What do you call a pumpkin that always turns up late for Halloween? A gourd-acious dawdler.
  •  Why did the Pumpkin become a Waiter? He wanted to offer excellent service!
  •  Why did the pumpkin go to the library? In order to borrow some gourds.
  •  Why did the pumpkin go to hospital? He suffered from acute mycotoxins poisoning.
  •  What would you call a pumpkin that keeps on disappearing? A gourd-acious mystery.
  •  Pumpkin lovers add zest and style to life!
  •  Pumpkin puns – the secret sauce to laugh-out-loud fun!
  •  Why did he visit the doctor? Due to suffering from severe mushroom poisoning.
  •  Pumpkin puzzles provide fun gourd-teaser.
  •  Pumpkin patches – where dreams become gourds!
  •  Pumpkin whispers: “You are amaizing exactly as you are.
  •  Why did Jack-o’-lantern make an effective leader? Because of its strong presence.
  •  How do pumpkins maintain their physiques? Through squash-ercise!
  •  What do you call a pumpkin that keeps going missing? A gourd-acious mystery.
  •  What would you call a pumpkin that keeps getting into brawls? A gourd-acious menace.
  •  What would you call a pumpkin who constantly engages in argument? A gourd-acious debater.
  •  What sport are pumpkins fond of playing? Squash!
  •  Pumpkin Motivation: Be your own individual – everyone else has been written for.
  •  Pumpkins and their friends make for the ideal autumn pairing!
  •  My pumpkin jokes may be corny, but they’re absolutely glorious.
  •  Why did the pumpkin go to the police station? He wanted to report a case of theft.
  •  What would you call a pumpkin that constantly causes disagreements? A gourd-acious pain.
  •  Happiness lies within an abundance of pumpkins and puns!
  •  Pumpkin pick-up line: “Hello…are you a pumpkin spice latte because I think we could become quite close!”
  •  Why was the pumpkin sitting alone in its corner? Because it was rather startled!

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Funny Pumpkin One-Liners

  •  Why did the pumpkin go to the library? In order to check out gourds.
  •  Why did the pumpkin become a teacher? He wanted to spread some knowledge.
  •  Pumpkins make ideal Halloween party companions; their lantern-holding abilities cover any issues!
  •  Pumpkin puns have my heart! I just can’t resist!
  •  Pumpkin puns: Your ticket to an enjoyable evening!
  •  Pumpkin Philosophy: Accept and embrace change – what matters is what’s inside!
  •  Why did the pumpkin blush? Because its peel was beginning to flake off.
  •  Pumpkin carving can be an artful yet therapeutic hobby that helps release tension.
  •  Why don’t pumpkins make great actors? Because their emotions cannot be concealed – they are too transparent!
  •  Why did he decide to become a teacher? Because he wanted to spread some wisdom.
  •  How do pumpkins listen to music? With their stemphones!
  •  Pumpkin parties bring joyous festivities and unforgettable laughs! Join in and experience this fun holiday tradition today.
  •  Why did the pumpkin cross the road? In order to reach another pie!
  •  What do you call a pumpkin that always finds itself involved in disputes? A gourd-acious menace!
  •  What do pumpkins do on sunny days? Engage in photosynthesis!
  •  What would you call a pumpkin that keeps finding itself in trouble? A gourd-acious nuisance.
  •  Pumpkin lovers never need to ask, “What’s the point?” – pumpkins have stems!
  •  Never been one to shy away from pumpkin humor!
  •  What would you call a pumpkin that keeps getting into trouble? A “gourd-eous mistake.”
  •  Why did the pumpkin get divorced? Because he had become fed up with being outwitted by squash-eating spouse.
  •  Why did the pumpkin go to the bank? For clarity of vision.
  •  What would you call a pumpkin that keeps getting into trouble? A gourd-acious troublemaker!
  • Aren’t we lucky that pumpkins possess such an irreverent sense of humor?
  •  Pumpkin fashion tip: Showcase the stem with pride!
  •  Pumpkin picnics offer delicious squash-centric delights.

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