60+ Trolley Puns: Jokes And One-Liners

Trolley Puns: Find the coolest snowmobile one-liners and jokes that will make you sled over with laughter.

Roll in laughter! Explore a world of wittiness with our whimsical trolley puns sure to brighten your day, from laughable jokes and clever one-liners that’ll have you smiling down the aisle, we have collected only the funniest trolley lines just for you. Whether shopping is part of your everyday or you simply enjoy grocery giggles, our collection of trolley-themed humor is here to lighten the load – hop aboard as we navigate amusing aisles full of amusement and fill your cart full of laughter – get ready to laugh yourself silly with us for an ultimate trolley-tickling experience!

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Funny Trolley Puns

Trolley Puns
  • Did you hear about the trolley’s Spa Day? It received an undoubtedly-deserving massage!
  • Have you heard about the trolley’s cooking show? It is an exceptional event!
  • Have you heard about the trolley’s love life? Well it looks promising! It seems to be going strong!
  • Have you heard the latest update regarding our trolley’s job in the “check-out” line? It has taken on this mission as its latest assignment!
  • Have you seen about the trolley’s art exhibit? It was filled with cart-themed masterpieces!
  • How does a trolley stay fit? By being placed on cart-wheels!
  • Trolleys are amazing examples of fashion – always dressing for success with care!
  • Trolleys are eco-friendly – their aim is to reduce their “carbon” footprint!
  • Trolleys are famous musicians; their musical talent knows no bounds! No other instrument can produce such memorable melodies than these metal carriages can.
  • Trolleys are masterful at organizing. From keeping everything neatly on their carts to managing inventory and picking orders accurately – trolleys have it covered!
  • Trolleys are natural philosophers – always thinking deeply about life’s “cart-essential” questions!
  • Trolleys are wise philosophers – they embrace cart-ain truths!
  • Trolleys can be amazing problem solvers – they have the capacity to “cart-alyze” almost any situation!
  • Trolleys can do amazing feats of math – they can quickly calculate discounts!
  • Trolleys can make excellent companions – always ready and willing to lend a “helping cart!”!
  • Trolleys can provide invaluable advice; they always lead in the right direction!
  • Trolleys can serve as powerful motivational speakers – they’ll always push you to do your best!
  • Trolleys can tell a powerful narrative – they know just the way to “wheel” in their audience!
  • Trolleys know how to meditate: they’re experts at operating in “cart-zen” mode!
  • Trolleys love getting in their daily exercise – they’re often on an “cart-io” kick!

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Funny Trolley Jokes

  • Trolleys love history – they’re always up for an “artful” journey!
  • Trolleys love music; you’ll often catch them jamming out to some favorite “cart tunes!”
  • Trolleys love playing hide and seek, especially around aisle-ing spots! They’re experts at finding hidden “aisle-ing” spots!
  • Trolleys love space exploration – their fondest wish is to become “cart-stronauts”.
  • Trolleys make for great poets – always conveying meaningful ideas!
  • Trolleys make great additions to parties – always providing some wheelie good times!
  • Trolleys make great comedic figures; they always know when it’s the appropriate time to “wheel out” some laughs!
  • Trolleys make great detective tools – they’re capable of “cart-alyzing” any mystery!
  • Trolleys make incredible dance partners – these rolling wheels boast some serious “cart wheels”.
  • Trolleys never get lost; they possess an exceptional cart-ographic memory!
  • Trolleys take great delight in gardening; they’re often in “cart-bloom” mode!
  • What dance does a trolley prefer to dance to? The “cart-wheel” shuffle!
  • What did one trolley say to another trolley? “I really dig your style!”
  • What did the trolley say to its cart? “Please loan me one of your handles; time’s running out!”
  • What do trolleys like playing? “Cart-dinal” directions!
  • What do we refer to a trolley used in racing competition as? A speed cart.
  • What do we refer to abandoned trolleys as? A “wayward cart”.
  • What do you call a cart that has been involved in an argument? A bruised cart.
  • What do you call a trolley that has experienced multiple accidents? A crash cart.
  • What movie genre are trolleys partial to watching? “Roll” comedies!

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Funny Trolley One-Liners

  • What song would a trolley enjoy listening to? “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Cart Journey would likely top their playlist!
  • What term best describes an accident-prone trolley which never seems to learn its lesson? A hardheaded cart.
  • What term best describes an accident-scarred trolley cart? A “mangled cart.”
  • What term would describe an automobile involved in an extensive collision? A totaled cart.
  • What would you call a trolley involved in numerous accidents yet has avoided injury? A lucky cart.
  • What would you call a trolley that has seen many accidents but always seemed to survive them all? A “lucky cart.”
  • What would you call a trolley that has seen numerous accidents yet always manages to return intact? A tough cart.
  • What would you call a trolley that has seen several accidents yet still seems in good condition? A well-traveled cart.
  • What would you call an international trolley that has made its journey around the globe? A globe-trotter!
  • Why did a trolley and train get into an altercation? Both were trying to be the sole motorized vehicle on their respective tracks.
  • Why did the trolley attend school? In order to advance its cartography skills!
  • Why did the trolley blush when it saw produce section prices!?
  • Why did the trolley bring its ladder with them to the store? Because its prices were “sky high!”!
  • Why did the trolley cross the road? In order to access its destination on the other side of the track.
  • Why did the trolley establish a band? They wanted to create some “wheel-y” great tunes!
  • Why did the trolley get lost? Because it didn’t know which way was up.
  • Why did the trolley go to the gym? Because it wanted to improve its “cart-dio” fitness!
  • Why did the trolley part company with the shopping basket? Because it longed for more “wheel” romance!
  • Why did the trolley receive a ticket? It was caught speeding along aisle four.
  • Why did the trolley visit the beach? Intent on taking advantage of some “cart-ibbean” sun, of course!
  • Why did the trolley visit the comedy club? Because it wanted a dose of entertainment!
  • Why do trolleys make for such inept thieves? Because they always end up “red-carted”.
  • Why do trolleys make great companions? Because they are always there to “wheely support you!”
  • Why was the trolley awarded with a standing ovation? Because its performance was wheely good!
  • Why was the trolley terminated from its assignment? Because it kept deviating off course.

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